15 March 2010

My Kind Of Mothers' Day x

Hello you.  Are you well and smiley this Monday?

I hope you had a lovely Mothers' Day.

After my 'mummy treat' of a Mexican meal out on Saturday night, we had my Mum, Dad and Mum In Law for lunch yesterday which was simply lovely.  It was a bit of a squeeze with the blondies having 'their own table' next to ours, lunch overran by nearly an hour and much wine was consumed - it was perfick!

My dear Mum is having her hip replaced on Tuesday so I particularly wanted to fuss over and spoil her.

I so enjoy entertaining but, when it ended and the last visitor had been waved off, the sheer joy that was turning my back on the debris of dirty plates and pans, scrunched up serviettes and sticky wine rings and heading upstairs for a couple of hours where pyjamas, Come Dine With Me and bed awaited was immeasurable!

See these lines, they're full of mummy love!

Seriously though, anyone recommend some anti-ageing cream?! ;-)

Happy day.



  1. What a wonderful day!! Perfect gifts, flowers and food!!!
    On another note - tell your mum not to be too worried about her hip op. I had a hip replacement in September '08. When I woke up after the op I was in NO pain. I did not need any morphine. Obviously the wound hurts, but the op was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. Sending good wishes to your mum.

  2. Lovely day, mine has been posponed due to an ill child...

    Good wishes to your mum, my mum flew through a knee replacement and they are apprently worse than hips so I am sure she'll be fine..

    x Alex

  3. Glad had Fab day -they're SMILE LINES- who wouldn't want them - shows plenty of happiness.

    If seriously bothered - Being photographed with a Princess doesn't help and when you get the cream save half the jar for me!

    Kisses to all X

  4. Happy belated mothers day! what a gorgeous card. I got one with a knitting monkey on (I think Em's dad chose it...) Kate x

  5. It all Sounds lovely :) and if you get a good cream then please share as I'm in desperate need. !

  6. Ah you look lovely. Should you find any though let me know.
    Hope all goes well with your mum,
    Have fun,
    Rachael XX

  7. How come I ended up with the dishes too?.......ten o'clock and a bit tipsy trying REALLY hard not to break the glasses and china teacups....you had the right idea.
    Hope your mum is doing OK!

  8. Glad your mothers day went well. Good luck to your mum I hope the op went well.

    You don't need cream, you really don't have anything to worry about. Anyway a few laughter lines has got to be better than being a total misery.


    PS please feel free to check out my blog if you get a moment, I'm new to all that is blogland.

  9. Ah Heather, those flowers look heavenly, and your table looked beautiful...I want to be at your house! The piccy of you and your daughter is fantastic! Have a great day! Vanessa xxx

  10. Lovely post, hope your mums opp goes well.
    Thanks for entering my giveaway and popping my button on your blog.
    I have to say I really look forward to my 4 hours in the shop on a saturday, doing somthing compleatly different to my office job.
    And the finds are a real bonus,lol.
    Have a great rest of the week.
    Luv Sophie xxx


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