19 March 2010

Warning ... Crafting Can Be Bad For Your Health!

Happy Friday!

The blondies have been delivered to school, the washing is on the line and the dishwasher is humming; time for a quickish posting before I crack on!

Thanks for your kind comments re my Mum's hip replacement op - she's doing extremely well and hopes to be home tomorrow.  I was quite moved by how tiny she looked sitting in the hospital bed.  A lovely friend described it to perfection when she recalled seeing her own Mum in hospital and was shocked to see 'this little sparrow in a nightie'.

Anyway, having spent the morning visiting her yesterday, I thought I would indulge in a little crafting for a couple of hours before the school run.  OMG.  I started by kneeling on the floor cutting felt shapes until my feet went to sleep rendering me completely and very unattractively lame with backache for good measure.  Then, a session at the sewing machine resulted in pains across my shoulder blades.  I may have felt mentally serene but I was as stiff as a bloody board!  Do you think perhaps, possibly, maybe, crafting should come with a health warning?!

I made a couple of pretty lavender-filled cushions ...

I've chopped a branch from the lilac tree in my garden, put it in a jug of water and have started making felt pretties to hang on it ...

Could any gardeners among you tell me if the lilac will continue to grow or even flower while in the water?  I swear the buds have grown.

So, back to the crafting-inflicted ailments of yesterday afternoon, was it worth the physical temporary discomfort?

Yeah, of course it was! ;-)

Before I go, this week's purchases (heaven forbid a week should pass by with no money exchanging hands!).  First items courtesy of Age Concern; these dear little Flower Fairy herb jars ...

and this gorgeous little jug ...

I couldn't resist this planter (from BHS of all places) and can't wait to fill it with pansies ...

Finally, I nearly stood on this little chap last night as he was perched right outside our back door ...

I'm off to my first indoor car boot sale of the year on Sunday (yippee) and blondie son is off on a school trip to France next week (sniff) so my weekend will include a lot more ironing than I'd actually like!  Hey ho.

Have a super weekend all!



  1. Lovely crafting.
    Glad to hear your Mum's Opp went well.
    Wish I had some sun so I could hang out the washing but all we have today is Rain, boo.
    Have alovely weekend, hope your back is better today.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  2. You've been a busy lady Heather, love the ickle cushions and the tree in the jug is inspired....you could do that Easter thing of hanging painted eggs on it.
    Glad your mum is on the mend.
    Have a lovely weekend, how are you feeling about biggest Blondie going away?
    p.s the pain is punishment for being just too good at crafting!!

  3. Just discovered my big vase of Pussy Willow has sprouted roots and come into bud whilst in house...Not sure about Lilac...be lovely if it does.

    Kisses to all, especially your little Sparrow.

    Bon Voyage Monsieur le Blond. Do pop over if fancy! ♥

  4. Truth beknown, I'm not as mumsyish and weepy as last year (his first time away for a week) possibly because I've been preoccupied with Mum but HATE waving him off, HATE the fact that it's a different country and will HATE locking the front door at night time! Am just pondering over whether I can squirrel some mummy love notes in his suitcase without his friends seeing them! x

  5. Thank you for your sweet comment. That cheered me up a bit. :) And thank you for entering the giveaway too. :)
    I love your felt lavender cushions. SO pretty! And your findings are lovely too! I just don't like the last picture!! I don't like frogs, toads or anything like that. LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Glad your Mum is recovering. Your felt pretties look gorgeous, they've inspired me!
    Jille x

  7. I am so glad to hear that your mum's recovery is going well. I know what you mean about them looking frail all of a sudden. It is scary isn't it?
    Well I think your crafting pains were definitely worth it. I love, love love your now creations and I am really hoping that the lilac does blossom in your house. That would be a lovely sight.
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Rachael XX

  8. Your felt hearts look lovely - I hope your lilac lives - I have found it to be indestructible in my garden so it may be OK.

  9. oh my eldest is about to go on her first school trip in a few weeks so am feeling a bit wobbly about it all :-(
    some lovely bits you have there - i really like the little jug and the planters and the lovely "tree" which is far better than the man made one Ive just bought from Tesco ;-)
    ive just blogged about my giveaway goodies from you as well :-)
    Lesley x

  10. Good news about your mum!! Hope she is not in pain as I promised!!!
    I love everything that you made - sorry about the pain though!!!

  11. So glad your mum is recovering well :0) My MIL fell down the stairs a little while ago and it has been a long road to recovery for hert but is now doing well. i adore your blog and creations, I especial like the Daisy cushion, I have a daughter named after the special flower, I think I have fallen love with it :0)



  12. Hello Heather
    What lovely little cushions, worth a little sewing machine ache! I'm putting up my branch for Easter things soon, can't wait .
    Louise x

  13. So pleased your Mum's op went well, it will be worth it in the end!
    Love all the little makes! The felt decorations are great and the cushions are gorgeous!

  14. I love the flat warm colour of felt. Your flowers are so neat! I am glad your Mum is doing OK, it is such a big op, but will hopefully make a huge dufference,

    Sarah x

  15. Your frog picture made me laugh, there was one outside our front door the other night, jeez did I scream and run lol.
    Yes, crafting should come with a warning, I get the same problems, love your cushions though, worth the pain i'd say ;)

    Beki xxx

  16. Hi, just found your gorgeous blog (how have i not seen it before?, loads of people i follow, follow you!!)

    Looking forward to reading through xxx


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