26 March 2010

Things I'm Loving Today ...

Fluttering violas ...

GHD hair straighteners (without which my future would be curly and unkempt) ...

Having time to titivate ...

Wearing my own-made earrings and adoring them ...

(and shamelessly promoting the fact that I've just listed a pair on Folksy!)

Blousy tulips ...

Sunshine ...

Having an easy supper planned ...

Watching my children's outgrown clothes creeping up in price on ...

And most of all ...

My baby boy coming home from France tonight!!!



  1. Ah a lovely post Heather! Your earrings are totally gorgeous! There is something nice about making your own pieces and wearing them! Food looks yummy, flowers look cheery and bright and love, love, love the pic of your son! Hope he had a great trip away and that you have a fabby weekend! hugs Vanessa xxx

  2. No wonder you are loving those things Heather, gorgeous!
    I still want that quilt kit, it's my birthday next weekend but it costs ninety pounds, lots you'll agree? I am hoping Hubby spreads the word and my lovely friends might all chip in for some of it. I cannae spend that much, it's too much.
    Cross your fingers for me.
    Have a fabby weekend lovely lady!!

  3. It's good to think about the things we love - it makes us feel happy. I tend to go for the curly and unkempt look myself and on days of drizzly rain like today the frizzy look is definately in too!

  4. oo lovely earrings ! oh i bet your glad to get your son home :-)
    where is the rose (clip?) from in your hair ? it looks lovely X

  5. So many lovely things to be happy with!!
    Your earrings are fab!!

  6. I love violas, and those earrings!!!! Happy homecomings!!!

  7. Lovely earrings. Have fun with your son.
    There's an award for you on my blog.
    Have a great weekend,
    Rachael xx

  8. Heather, beautiful pictures. Your earrings are so pretty!

  9. Lovely post, the second i have read today counting blessings. Thank you so much for sharing it
    Louise x

  10. Just love the earrings...and the tulips. Mine are no where to be seen yet in the garden, we are always a few degrees colder on our hill.

    My radishes are coming up though! Yummy.

    alison x


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