26 April 2010

In The Pink!

I was definitely in the pink yesterday ...

We had such a wonderful day.

The blondies and I went to Leicester Market's Artisan Festival.  Believe it or not, Leicester has one of Europe's largest undercover markets and yesterday it was crammed with stall after stall of art, crafts and food.  A few of the market regulars selling plastic ephemera had obviously slipped through the net; 'artisan' they were not.  However, I spent a lovely couple of hours browsing.

My purchases?

Well, together with the obligatory Melton Mowbray pork pie and some handmade Baileys fudge for handsome hubby, I bought this beautifully hand embroidered brooch ...

The lovely lady, Julia, who made it sells on Folksy as Bodkin And Bead.  Do go and peek at her wares if you can, they're gorgeous.

My other favourite stall was a paper and ceramics stall by a very talented lady called Katie Almond.  Her handcrafted 'high tea' decorative ceramics are stunning.  I didn't have enough money with me to buy one of her beautiful jugs with which I fell utterly in love, so I purchased a pack of her cards ...

Mention too of my pal noodleBubble who had a fabulous stall - hope you had a fruitful day! x

Little soapbox bit now ... I always get a bit deflated, as a jewellery maker, when I see so many jewellery stalls selling mass produced stuff or crap.  As a craft fair organiser, I know only too well that there are about a dozen jewellery makers to every one other craft and they are ALWAYS the first stalls to go at any event. 

There were loads of jewellery stalls at the market yesterday and, in my opinion, only about three were worth a proper look.  One was handmade glass - truly an art, another used recycled paper (gorgeous - a lot more skilled and decorative than it sounds) and the last, sterling silver very similar to my own style.  None of them were particularly cheap but we simply can't compete with plastic beads strung on elastic for £1.50.  I just wish more people would get the 'handmade' quality thing.  Please please please, next time you buy some handmade jewellery, pay special attention to how neatly the beads are wire wrapped, how secure the clasps are and examine the quality and combination of the materials used.  Ask the seller whether it is sterling or silver plate, (plated silver only has a certain life whereas sterling or Thai silver can last forever), what type of glass the beads are and how many they have made of any one style.  It'll be very telling.


Anyway, after our morning's shopping we went to join Handsome Hubby at the Golf Club where he had been playing in a charity competition and had a scrumpilicious lunch of roast chicken and trimmings!  Shopping always makes me peckish!

Before I go, I should like to thank the lovely Jille for this award ...

I get so very flattered when people find my blog interesting enough to follow, not to mention pass an award on to me!  I shall fulfill it's requirements when I've had a wee think!

In the meantime, with my bickering blondies back at school today, my first priority is this ...

Lucky, lucky me!



  1. Very Pinkilicious :)
    Love the brooch, will follow your link in a minute and take a little look.
    There is definitely an art to making jewellery, I've tried and not been very successful at it. To wrap that wire neatly is near on impossible for me so you have my total admiration for doing what you do.
    There are plenty of people out there who get the handmade thing but sadly just as many who don't.

    B xxx

  2. What a pretty brooch, and how lovely to have your toes out!

  3. Sounds like a perfect day, and I love the colour of the brooch!

  4. Sounds as though you had a lovely day. I love the brooch - and my ironing pile looks a bit like that too! x

  5. I love those sandals - pink and flowers - wonderful. What a fab day you had, and picked up dome goodies along the way! Karen xx

  6. Pink is good! Your pictures made me smile :)

    What a fabulous lot of pretties you found :)

  7. Morning! If you have a mo, pop on over to my blog as I have an award waiting for you! Hope you have a great day! xxx

  8. Oh very nice, I love your sandals and yu have bought some lovely things at the fair.
    Well done on your award and you are allowed a grump as your jewellery is gorgeous.
    Have a lovely week,
    Rachael xx

  9. Love pink!! Love your sandals!!!

  10. Hello!

    Just found your delicious blog and totally enjoyed every minute Ive spent browsing!
    Your shoes...Oh my goodness, they are the nicest shoes Ive seen in a long time!! And as for having a grump about the jewellery thing, I totally agree with you - there is nothing worse than cheap mass produced rubbish and Id much rather spend a bit more on something that is handmade with love and good materials.
    Nice to find you today, will pop back again soon!

    Love Julia x x x

  11. Hey there....I just stopped by after seeing you on Coco Rose's award. I love all your pinks! Those sandals are super cute! It was fun to stop by & I really hope your loading pics proablem clears up fast! That can be a big prob!!!


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