28 April 2010


No pictures because I can't bloomin' load any.

When I select 'add image' a different screen comes up with the options to load from 'This Blog', 'Picasa Web Album' or 'URL'.


Is this a Pink Milk problem or is it more widespread?

Please help!


  1. I found that but if you click on the 'this blog' then click on choose file box you can add pics from your desk top or other files. Hope this helps! x

  2. I hit on that problems this morning.

    I added the pics to 'This Blog' and then added them to the blog that way - very slow & cumbersome - hope its just a blip & not a new feature - I don't like it :(

  3. Thanks so much for responding girls. x

    I've tried that but it would seem to only let me load the photos I had in my blog file up until first thing this morning. The new photos I have just uploaded from my camera won't load onto my blog at all. :-{

    Aah well, let's hope it's a temporary glitch and resolves very soon.

    Have a lovely day! Hx

  4. I have been having the problem on and off, I thought it was me!!! Kx

  5. The whole internet seems to be grinding to a halt. FB and twitter are the same :(
    Hope it sorts itself out quickly.

  6. I had problems with the internet in general all day Monday!!!! Can't help with you problem though!! Sorry!

  7. Heather when I posted today, the 'this blog' section had an 'upload' icon to click (as well as my blog photos) on it which I clicked and it took me to my usual photos to 'browse' so it worked OK for me.
    Keep trying!

  8. Hmmmm mine is still ok ......so far!

  9. I think they are messing with it again - keeps us all on our toes! Love all your pink in the last post, Kate xxx

  10. I am useless with it all when it goes wrong ... i spent most of Saturday afternoon breaking facebook and then twitter trying to update things ;)

    Sara x


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