30 April 2010

A Moment For Madeleine x

Every now and again I think of Madeleine McCann and a wave of what I can only describe as sheer horror washes over me.

Horror that there is such evil in the world that someone would steal a sleeping child from her bed.

Horror that, not too many miles away from where I live, there is a family sentenced to the purgatory which is carrying on with their lives without knowing where their baby girl is.

It's almost exactly three years since Gerry and Kate McCann last saw their beautiful daughter.

Are you going abroad this summer?  I just wondered if perhaps you could print out a small version of the poster above, which includes the all important telephone number, and pop it in your holiday purse?  Just in case.

For more ways to help, visit http://www.findmadeleine.com/ where you will also find a picture of how Madeleine might look now.

Little Madeleine is out there, somewhere, and if as many people as possible are vigilant, one day she will be found.  And she will be.

We cannot do great things, only little things with great love.


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  1. I agree this is terrible - who wouldn't!! I really feel for the poor child, she must be terrified! But my only question is why was she not with her parents!! I never ever left my kids alone!


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