7 April 2010

A Pile Of Books And A Pile Of Pants

Hello all!

Hope you had a super relaxy Easter.

On Saturday the blondies and I went for a lovely browse at our local library.  If you don't utilise your library, do make the effort and go.  After all, it's where a chunk of your council tax goes!

We came home with two of my Cath Kidston/Tesco shopping bags full of books and dvds!  Gone are the days of a four book limit.  Blondie son was thrilled with his Transformers dvd and pile of boyish fiction and Blondie daughter with her Jacqueline Wilsons and a fabulous 'Making Cards' book.  (One of her cutie pie creations above!)

Bearing in mind my new crochet addiction, I naturally gravitated towards the hobbies section ...

Some of the books are very dated but there are some great projects which are timeless.  I love this rug ...

I daresay though, IF I ever managed to create one similar (!), I should absolutely not allow anyone to tread anywhere near it!!!

I so want to be able to make this top.  I had a very similar Noa Noa one once and literally wore it to bits!

A granny square dog coat anyone?!

Sorry this photo is a bit blurry but my hands were shaking with desire ...


Ha ha!  I think handsome hubby would divorce me if I even threatened to make him that cardi!!!

I also rented two dvds ...

Quickie review for you - Love Happens is easy to watch and simply charming.  The leading man doesn't do anything for me personally but Jennifer Aniston plays a slightly bohemian florist and is gorgeous.  I really enjoyed it (one for the girls really) and recommend it.

Handsome hubby and I are big Ricky Gervais fans - I think The Office was nothing short of genius.  However, in my opinion, The Invention Of Lying was a pile of ...

We couldn't watch it to the end, it was too completely and utterly banal.  Have you ever seen it?

I'm still crocheting madly (when I close my eyes to go to sleep at night, I am actually visualising the stitches - is that normal?).  Lissy Lou, you asked if crochet was difficult.  I say 'yes' but if you stick with it and keep practising something does actually 'click' and patterns suddenly start making sense!  Do try it.

I'm getting faster and neater but there remains heaps of room for improvement!  I got so utterly bored of the raspberry pink wool I had that I ordered some more which, oh joy, came in today's post ...

Guess what I'm off to do now!

Hugs and hooks,



  1. I love that top - it's gorgeous!!!
    I watched Love Happens, I thought it was really boring!!! I was looking forward to the Ricky Gervais film too, but I don't think I'll bother now then!!! Lovely yarn!!!!

  2. Loving the crochet books! Ooooh I am all hot under the collar having seen the cardigan man! Laughing! It is very addictive isn't it! There is wool everywhere in my house, driving everyone mad, and just another thing to add to all the clutter and mess....ah well I am having fun! Have a great day! xxx

  3. Those crochet books look so tempting. I'm only a beginner... but love looking at the more advanced patterns. **Someday**

  4. If you want to watch a really pants film , Motherhood is a safe bet, what a pile of poo!

  5. I need to get some crochet lessons - everyone seems to be learning at the moment.

    I have a hook so theres no excuse really.

  6. LOL at your pile of pants and your hunky man in the cardi. Blimey, your crochet is coming along a treat.
    I have only just realised you make jewellery. I am off to look at your site now. You clever thing.
    Rachael xx

  7. OO I think that man in that cardi may be too much for my tired little mind to cope with hehe.
    Although Diddy Dude is only 11 months old he loves the library. He even sits in the buggy and giggles when i take him from kids bit to adults bit?? Strange kid.

  8. Nice patterns, I think I'll give the cardi a miss too!
    Jille x

  9. Thank you for the giggle, that piccy of the man with the cardi (I wonder how old he is now and is he still wearing that cardi) and the pant piccy made me laugh.

  10. Hi hun...I love looking thro vintage patterns...although they may be old they still have some fab ideas!
    i make loads of the roses..they are fab for dressing up cardis and jackets.
    karen x x x

  11. I have serious crochet and yarn envy. Those colours are just divine. Was it the guy or the cardi that got you hot under the collar?! I'd also love to know how you made that beautiful flower - could you give us a tutorial? xx

  12. I love the library! It's like amazon without paying!
    I wish I could crochet but I'm left handed and just can't get the hang of it!

  13. Your crochet is looking great - its funny how the penny suddenly drops, isn't it?
    I love my local library too - I can order books online from anywhere in the county. Just a shame they have to go back!

  14. Just thought I'd stop by to say hello! - Libraries are a wonderful free resource.

  15. I'm waiting for the penny to drop with my crochet - it's taking far too long!

  16. oooh crochet is so addictive isn't it?


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