2 April 2010

Ta Da!

I've only gone and crocheted something ...

It's slightly wobbly with the odd iffy bit here and there and it serves absolutely no purpose but I'm thrilled to bits!  It's the first thing I have ever crocheted!  I shall keep practising and practising as I'm well and truly 'hooked' so watch this space!

So, from me and my wonky heart, have a truly wonderful Easter!



  1. Well done you - not sure I would be able to do one of those.

  2. That's brilliant!! Well done!!!
    Have a happy Easter.

  3. Well done from a fellow beginner.

  4. Well done it's brilliant! I've just taught myself too. My obsession at the moment is crochet flowers, although I'm thinking flowers and hearts...
    Jille x

  5. Oh well done you!! I am also a beginer to the old hook and have been truely surprised at how tricky it is. I think I have just about mastered a chain and double crochet but thats about it. I dream of making a lovely blanket one day!!

    Happy Easter too.


  6. I think it's fab - well done you! Have a lovely Easter x

  7. Well done you!
    I want to learn to crochet, after seeing everyone's wonderful creations on their blogs...x

  8. That looks pretty good for a beginner :)

    Crochet is still on my To Learn in 2010 list.

  9. No wonder you're thrilled! It's lovely. I've left a thank you on my blog but I want to say it again....thanks so much for sending me a card. I loved it, lots of inspiring cupcake designs. You are a star!
    Have a fabby weekend with D and Blondies.

  10. I think it's lovely!
    Happy Easter to you and your family too :)

  11. Happy Easter to you!! well done on your crochet it looks super xx

  12. Oh well done you! It is soooo addictive isn't it?!!!!! I'm sure there will be plenty more that will be made by your fair hands! Have a lovely Easter! xxxx

  13. very well done and you will be completely addicted very soon I imagine!! i did a few hearts and then a long crochet string to attach them too and made them into bunting for my daughters room :-)
    Lesley x

  14. Happy Easter
    i hope your crochet heart is the first of many crochet projects!happy hooking
    Louise x

  15. Oh well done you. It is lovely.
    Hope you had a great easter
    Rachael xx

  16. well done you ..it is pretty...i'd love to learn to crochet...is it really hard...or ok once you get the hang of it??

  17. I'm SO glad you've done it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am sure you will find it absolutely addictive!!! Well done!!! xx


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