24 June 2010

A Few Random Self Indulgent Sad Thoughts At The End Of A Thursday

I feel a bit sad.

It's probably hormones.

Do you ever get a 'poor me' thought in your head and then can't let it go?

My sad thought ... I can't remember the last time HH and I went out, on our own, for a simple pub meal.

Seriously, I can't remember.  Was it for his birthday in April?  Aaah, possibly our wedding anniversary in February?

I love the time we spend together in the evenings, especially drawn out summer ones with a bottle of wine. 

There's lots of stuff.  We entertain friends, we go to 'dos'.  But, just once, I'd really, really love him to say "Guess what, I've arranged for your Mum to babysit and we're off out for a romantic meal."

Don't get me wrong, we have a wonderful marriage and fancy each other like mad but does the courting have to stop after 12 years of marriage and two babies?

I still want him to woo me a little bit.  Is that naive?



  1. Not at all, Wooing is always needed.
    You could have a date night??
    My Mum said exactly the same as you, and tonight after 36 years of marrage they have gone to a nice pub for dinner on a date!!!
    Sure you will go out soon, don't you just hate those hormonal moments.
    Big hugs, Luv Sophie xxx

  2. Pre Jack, OH and I always used to go for pub lunch on a Friday afternoon once he'd finished work, I really do miss that.
    No, the courting shouldn't stop!

    B xxx

  3. A friend of mine went a step further and started meeting her husband at bars and pubs and pretending that they were just meeting... a little too far for me but yes it would be nice to be woo'd... over here it is my job to organise the babysitter and decide where we are going... no wooing going on over here either...lol
    Relationships need constant courting... otherwise they become like my parents marriage... a chore, a job, an expectation...
    To be honest I think its also the hope that the male of the species will consider it important enough to surprise you with a display of love... I know these men do exist but sadly my man is not one of them... so I think its up to you to organise that babysitter and grab your man and find that pub... make it a regular monthly thing and take it in turns to organise... he'll possibly get the idea...
    I want to go bowling, or to the cinema or perhaps drive down to the beach and walk along the seafront like we use to 14 years ago... thats my goal...
    big hugs to you
    and grab your man and go for it!
    live for the moment
    x Alex

  4. I know where you're coming from. The last time we were 'just us' and out somewhere...October 2008! Not having family to babysit doesn't help, but really - almost two years, I'm feeling seriously unloved!xx

  5. OMG I thought it was just me! Do we all feel like this? Pink Feather Paradise hit the nail on the head...it's the hope that the other half might just realise how important it is to have a surprise of a night out and babysitter booked, or a bunch of flowers now and then to say thanks for being the mother to my children, I love you, I appreciate you....blah blah blah. Sadly, most of them just don't get it. Years ago I mentioned something to hubby about wooing and I got..."you got a ring on your finger didn't you?". Like that was enough and how grateful I should be! He said it in jest but it's really what men think. I read a great book once about the secret to a good, healthy, lasting relationship. Men and women are completely different on their views of what being 'loved' means. We all know what they are! The problems come when women think that because they want romance and talkies etc, that's what the man needs, so thats what he gets and he's never satisfied....and vice versa. The key is to realise that to both be happy in a relationship, you have to give each other a bit of what makes each other feel most loved and secure. I guess it's not rocket science, It's not always what we want to hear, but makes sense. Trouble is, women realise it and put the effort in more than men!!!!!! Well, Maybe hubby might read your post and the comments and take it on board! Here's to all men making a bit more of a romantic effort......(if only they realised it would really pay off for them!!!!!!!ha ha)....xxx

  6. in answer to your question....yes!!

    i think thats just men for you hun....i do some lovely things with my hubbie but its normally me that suggests it or heavily hints xx

  7. Bless you ♥ Sending Hearts

    You got me thinking - last time we went for a pub meal...was with you on Christmas Eve...

    Pop over if need hug...

  8. Men aren't great at organising things are they? It will get easier as your kids get bigger - my eldest is old enough to babysit now :)

  9. {{HUGS}} xx Men have a one track mind - THE WORLD CUP!!!! Sometimes it is hard and we feel taken for granted - I don't think men realise that - men seem to think it is enough that they adore us!!! xxx

  10. Love the top,have to it's got roses on it!Lovely colours too.
    Pop over to my blog and leave a comment to be in to win somethings from me as a celebration of my 200th blog posting, before midnight on June 30th.
    I hope you cheer up soon and have a lovely weekend.

    Sandie xx

  11. Just found your Blog. Totally agree with you about the man thing. BUT it does get easier as the children get older. We actually managed lunch last week, helped by me cutting my hours a bit at work after being "not well" for the last year. Much better now but realised that work aint everything and a date is great

  12. so long as you are both mad in love still! - Mr Juicy has just read this with me, and just said "It's about time I took you out somewhere!"

    Love your blog - and your new top!


  13. Just found you while browsing.You make me feel really guilty as my OH and I are always going out to the pub...but then we don't have any children! He always expects me to do all the arranging though...holidays,weekend trips,friends round..it IS a man 'thing'.
    I think you are going to have to start dropping some not so subtle hints! Good Luck!

    Bellaboo ;0)

  14. I found your blog over at the English Writer and your blog title had intrigued, Pink Milk must be visited!!!

    Every girl needs wooing, and every man needs to be reminded. I tell the hubs that a girl still likes flowers (even $4 bouquets at Kroger), it's important to keep the fire burning inside each of us as a couple, the minute it starts to die it needs to once again be ignited, flowers, dinner, a movie, or a simple glass of wine goes a long way!

    I hope you get your date night :)

  15. Have you been reading Twilight?? I always seemed dissatisfied with my husband's lack of romance after reading about Edward!!!!

  16. You sound how I feel sometimes.

    Wooing was top notch in the pre-children days, sadly not so much anymore.

    We had our weekend on our own decorating and it really reminded me of the "good old days" when it was just the two of us. I sort of hadn't realsied just how much I miss that quality time together on our own.

    I think a meal out for just the two of you is long overdue - get him to read your blog, he will soon get the message.



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