29 June 2010

Works In Progress!

Good morning, good morning.

Normal chirpy chicken service is resumed!  ;-)

Thanks so much to you all for your wonderfully encouraging and empathetic responses to my last post.  It would seem that the men folk in our lives have a lot to learn about romance and definitely need a little coercing!  I have also come to the conclusion that I frankly don't like men very much when there is a World Cup on.  They seem to go all alpha male and one-track minded.  So I, for one, am glad the England team are on their way home.  Sad but true.

Also, a big "hello" to my lovely, lovely followers.  I had a bit of a start when I realised the number of people interested in my blog had jumped since I last looked.  When time allows I shall be coming to visit you all and, if you lurk, well, "hello to you too".


It's my niece's 11th birthday tomorrow and, since she has shown an interest in art, I have bought her some 'proper' watercolour paints, brushes and paper.  She is going to come round in the school holidays and, together with blondie daughter, we're going to have a 'painting day'.

Well, of course, simply going to the shop, smelling the paints and fingering the brushes got me well and truly in the mood for painting myself.  So, last night, I bribed Bertie with a treat so I could paint him!  He, however was certainly not in the mood to stay still and was being totally insubordinate.  Hmmm, note to self, work from a photo next time!

Do you paint?

I thoroughly enjoyed it but ended up feeling frustrated that I couldn't put onto the paper what I saw in my head.  Because I am a sporadic painter, it takes me a while to get back into it again.  Anyway, I don't like it - not only have I made him boss-eyed (!) and furious-looking, but it's too tight and overworked.  I'm going to try again tonight so I'll let you know how I get on.

I think it can be the same with any craft though, don't you?  I guess part of the fun is trying again and again until you're happy with what you've produced.

One thing I am happy with is my latest crochet project ...

I've photographed it on my bed so you can see how I've picked out the colours from the duvet cover.  Lovely aren't they?  It's going to be a simply striped huge snuggly cushion.

 When you're a creative sausage, there always seems to be a never ending list of works in progress but, let's face it, we none of us would have it any other way would we?!



  1. Glad you are back to self! Love the painting, wish I had your talent Heather! The crochet is looking really rather yummy! Love your colour choice. You are right, I think creative people always have a a never ending list in their heads. Life can be very inspiring! Have a great rest of a day! xxx

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better Heather. I love the crochet. Gorgeous colours! xxx

  3. You see the flaws when I am in awe, not artistic in that way at all!
    I have watched more World Cup games than Hubby, he's not remotely interested in football, besides we're Scottish. Whilst out on Sunday at The Royal Highland Show we could tell Germany had scored when we heard an almighty cheer go up, says it all really!
    Talking of w.i.p's better get back to my sewing which needs to be finished today, I may well be burning the midnight oil tonight, last day of school tomorrow and I've still got baking to do for teachers!

  4. Your painting is great, I can't paint for the life of me - well apart from walls etc. Wish I could. Love the colours in your crochet too. x

  5. I must say I think you are seeing another dog from what we are in your painting, he looks really cute and not boss eyed at all :-)

  6. Is there no end to your talents Heather. You can paint and make and crochet!!!

    I think your doggy painting is about 100000% better than anything I could do - so well done you!

    Love the colours of your crochet cushion cover, its going to look FAB when its done.

    I must have missed your previous post, I didn't realise you were feeling off.

    Take care


  7. I rather like your painting, even if he is boss-eyed!
    Love the crochet, too. Icecream colours.

  8. Heather this watercolour is fab!
    But I can completely identify with that feeling of not liking a piece of your own work - regardless of how many people tell you it's great.

    Having said that, it IS great :)
    Kayleigh x

  9. Am very impressed with the painting, even if you think it's not quite right. Love the colours in the cushion, a perfect match for the duvet.

  10. oooh crotchet envy! Wish I could crotchet!

  11. Lovey painting...what an expression.I don't think he's boss eyed, he works a treat. I paint, and we are always our own harshest critics! I think we ladies are a wonderful bunch even if our menfolk don't always appreciate us and take our ability to do everything for granted!! x

  12. I like your painting, but I do the same only go back to painting now and again and sometimes it seems like my hand has forgotten how to paint. My mind is saying to one thing and bam!! my hand does something of it's own chosing!
    Loving the colors of the crochet. Wish I could crochet but with all my other crafts just haven't time just now, and I think OH may just move me onto the balcony if there was anymore arty stuff in the house.


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