30 June 2010

Where One Vents One's Spleen

Dear To School Mother,

The school holidays cannot come soon enough. If I have to look at your self-righteous, smarmy face one more time, I think I might have to grab that pole that lives up your backside and beat you with it.

Jealousy oozes from your every pore.

You small-minded pathetic, misguided woman.

You bore me.

However, as I am sure you are now aware, I don't suffer fools gladly.  Cross me again at your peril.  I may be a fraction of your size but I will wipe the freakin' floor with you.

(Up) Yours,

Me xxx

Phew, that's better!




  1. OMG...Hun...Whats that all about? But it sounds like you needed to get that off your chest!
    I hope your ok???
    Hugs Clare x Weekend Crafter x

  2. Sounds like you needed to vent, great rant!!!
    Hope your ok and that your feeling better now.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  3. Bloody school playgrounds and up their own arse Mothers drove me nuts.
    Dread having to do it all again with the little man.
    Hope you feel better now lol.

    B xxx

  4. Oh joy... all this to come.... not looking forward to it at all... I will however make it my mission to "mess with their heads!" lol

    hope your felling better now
    X Alex

  5. Laughing! I bet it was good to get that out! Know what you mean! xxx

  6. Ooops!

    Glad I don't do school gates anymore - when I have picked my niece up I realised how glad I was I didn't have to do it everyday!!

    Hope you're more chilled now :)

  7. My money's on you. You can take her. lol

  8. HeHe! Can I be in your gang, please? Glad I don't do school gates too!

  9. Feeling better scary Heather?
    Much better than beating her to a pulp in front of the children and scar the little dears for life!
    You could, next time one of your Blondies is sick, have them vomit on her shoes or better still projectile onto her bag. She'd lose that smarmy look for sure!
    Glad to say no-one in my playground annoys me so!
    We all want to be in your gang!

  10. xxxx Go Girl! Go Girl! Go Girl! xxxx

  11. Glad you got that off your chest!! I no longer have to endure the school playground waiting for my kids anymore, but I can certainly remember this feeling!!!

  12. Love it, isn't the school gate sometimes like being back at school! Luckily I have a lot of lovely friends at school and avoid them ones with poles up the backsides lol

  13. Heather you are ace! I want some of that there ballsyness you have. Thank you so much for your kind words and support you gave me, you are such an inspiration.
    Deborah {Fondnatkiss} XxX

  14. So pleased to have left all that behind. Hoope you feel better.

  15. Hi Heather,

    Nice to meet my swap partner. I love your blog!

    If it's any consolation I know exactly how you feel - I tend to keep myself to myself these days - only 2 years to go with the primary school run - I'm counting the days!!

    Please email me with your address - I'll leave it up to you to choose a date, as I don't think there is a deadline.

    Love Jayne xxxx


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