21 June 2010

Me And My New Top!

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you all thoroughly enjoyed your weekend and greet this new week all refreshed and recharged.

I want to show you my new top ...

There's a lovely (read expensive) little shopping area less than half a mile from where I live.  Nestled among the designer boutiques, wine bars, delis and beauty salons are two of my favourite shops - Artifact, a gorgeous gift shop (which now sells a few CK bits) ...

 and Polly's (no piccie I'm afraid), a mother and daughter-run clothes boutique, which sells the likes of Noa Noa, Avoca, Fransa and Sandwich etc.

My willpower always seems to desert me when I'm in Polly's so, unless particularly looking for something, I try and avoid the area!  In fact, I've not been there for quite a few months.

Friday, however, having picked the children up from school, I decided to take a little detour home past Polly's, telling the children I'd just have a quick glance as we drove by.  I don't know why, it was almost instinctive.

Well, my top was in the window!  It was love at first sight!  It's a one way street and parking spaces are like gold dust so I had no choice but to carry on going past.  But I needed that top.

Pause, deep breaths.  Get a grip girl, it was only a top ...

... a really, really pretty, floaty top that I could already picture myself in and, quite frankly, wasn't prepared to face the summer without!  Oh bloomin' eck!

"Right children, I'll just drive past one more time and only if there is a parking space will we stop and go inside."  Cue very loud blondie sighs.

You know what I'm going to say next, don't you?

Yup, there was a perfect space right outside!  Please remember, parking in this area is normally an absolute nightmare.  It was meant to be!

So I bought my top (£40) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! :-)

There's only one teeny tiny problem ...

The same top was also available in pale blue with pink roses which I might actually have to go and buy too!!!  Aaagh!!!

Do you ever have similar 'meant to be' purchase experiences?

At this point, just in case Handsome Hubby is reading, it's 11:00am and, since getting up five hours ago, I have done the following:-

Showered and washed my hair.
Ironed school uniform.
Fed and despatched two blondies to school.
Done a week's shopping.
Hoovered the entire downstairs.
Mopped the kitchen floor.
Stripped my bed and put the covers in the wash.
Filled and emptied the dishwasher.
Watered my garden.
Planted some Sweet Williams.
Sprayed weedkiller on the front drive.
Roasted a chicken.
Drank two cups of tea and one cup of coffee.

Only now am I sitting down at my laptop with cup of coffee number two to catch up on emails and blogs.

Little bit of self-justification! ;-)



  1. I'm laughing because I sooooo know that feeling! If I see a top that I love and don't buy, I cannot stop thinking about it. It consumes my whole being and then I HAVE to go back and get it. If something is not excessivly expensive and I LOVE it, I sometimes buy two, that way if I rip it, stain it, my life isn't over! I saw a gorgeous summer top last year from Cabbages and Roses which I loved but it wasn't cheap. I could not stop thinking about it and thought it would go with sooo much (ha ha!) that I had to go and get it. The problem was that I loved it soooo much on and they did it in two other colours, so I got those too! Don't regret it, though my bank balance did! Have a lovely week! xxxxx

  2. Sometimes things are meant to be and that top is meant to be owned by you :)

    If it makes you feel that good then definately get the blue one too.

    I love that style so I was you I'd have gone for it as well :)

  3. lol !!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE your top.....maybe a blue one as well would be a good idea????....mmmmmmm?
    Go for it!
    It's summer....what can I say...mad dogs and English men???
    Need I say more?
    Karen x x x

  4. Love the top - and you mus completely absolutely most definitely get the other one (note the Charlie and Lola pink milk stylie!!) xx

  5. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!!!
    I'd say you've earned at least another top for being such a good housewife/"show off!!!!" today. Tell that to Handsome Hubby!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous top Heather!! Really pretty. I bought one with a similar print last week but it doesn't have the fancy edging. Your's is far nicer! Lynda xxxx

  7. Ooh you're all such naughty girls ... but I love you!!! :-)


    Tee hee Ali, you're right, shamelessly showing off! Am sure he wonders how I fill my day. Think may print out and stick to fridge!! x

  8. You go girl! (all work and no play )"well clothes buying anyway" ha! you deserve the other top with all that work that you have done .... have you gone to get it yet....you have..good.xx

  9. oh yes it was meant to be, you are a match made in heaven :-) I got a dress on Saturday and it just all fell into place so it had to be, my sis took the sweetpeas to another shop whilst I could try on dresses (that is very rare indeed) and then I fell upon a book of cupcake recipes that was a bargain price - obviously I came home with the book and a dress :-)

  10. Oooooh great top.It really suits you.
    Love the list of finnished jobs too, LOL.
    Jacquie x

  11. Nice top, just out of interest what make is it?

    A girl needs a treat every so often especially one as busy as you!


  12. The top is gorgeous and as for the parking space, well it was obviously meant to be! Wow what a busy morning you had.

  13. Lovely top!
    Just to let you know that you are part of my PIF Giveaway! If you could email me your address - hello(at)meplusmolly.co.uk and any other likes/dislikes you may have, thanks ;0

  14. Love the top!

    I used to live near Leicester and shop at Polly's! It's the only place that I found the Gotham Angels label. Still have lots in my wardrobe. Miss shopping there :o(

    Alison x

  15. I just had a peep in your shop and it is a delight! xx Love the layout too xx


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