17 June 2010

A Rambling Recap On The Week's Events!

Hello girls!

I can't believe it's over a week since I last posted.  Echoing the lovely Ali's comments, it's just such a busy time of the school year - there seem to be a squillion things to either remember or attend every day.  How all you 'go-out-to-work-mummies' cope with it, I have no idea.

Last night I went to blondie daughter's summer concert - she sings in the choir.  It was very sweet and the children sang beautifully.  I have to be honest though, I always squirm my way through the recorder recitals.  I'm sorry but, in my honest opinion, recorders are never anything but painful to listen to unless played by a professional.  :-}

With three weeks of term left, we still have a swimming gala, Sports Day, Speech Day, a Pinafore Pirates play, School Fete and the Year 6 Leavers' Party to shoehorn in ... phew!

Today, however, I can afford myself a little blogging time!  Blondie son has gone on a Latin day trip and blondie daughter has an afterschool club which means I have 'til 4:30pm!!!  Yay!!!  Ooh plus, we have a huge bag of fresh mussels for supper so very little to do!

Since we last spoke I have ...

*  Been on my future sister-in-law's hen night where we drank wine through pink willy straws and danced on tables to a Take That tribute band!

*  Had a lovely boozy alfresco lunch at my Mum and Dad's.

*  Hired a carpet cleaner and nearly broke my back cleaning most of our carpets and upholstery.  Ashamed I tell you - I emptied out seven buckets of what looked like coffee down the sink!  The carpets look so pristine I have gone all anal and fashioned us each footwear out of tie-handle food bags!  It won't last.

*  Had an ickle charity shop foray.  Not extremely fruitful - I'm convinced that most people take things to car boot sales at this time of year and then dump the tat that doesn't sell at the poor old charity shops.  I did manage to find three Anthony Horowitz books for blondie son and a huge pack of coloured paper strips for paper chains for blondie daughter (definite mummy bonus points), this vase which I am utterly in love with ...

and something equally as pretty which I can't show you as I'm including it in my Boudoir Swap parcel to Alison.

*  Been pottering in the garden and tending to my vast veggie patch!

You know, I don't think I have ever seen broad bean flowers before ...

*  Been ploughing my way through 1500 photos to select 100 or so to include in the Year 6 Yearbook which a couple of us parents have offered to create!  Hmm, I wonder if that's why my poor little laptop is a bit slow at the mo?

Frustratingly, crafting has taken a bit of a back seat.  I ordered a variety of fabric gorgeousness from eBay last week, from which I'm itching to make some cushions and bunting.

I did make this practise envelope style cushion last weekend which I am really pleased with ...

At this point, I will confess - I'm not the most adept sewer.  I am a raving perfectionist so sew very neatly but extremely slooooowly.  It's a bugger really because I'd love to make my own clothes.  I have all the ideas but not enough ability to create them.

As for teachers' pressies, I'm afraid they'll be bought this year!  So, courtesy of Ms Kidston, Mr F, you're getting this ...

and Mrs W, this is for you ...

Well, bless you and a big cuddle if you've stuck with me and reached this point!

I'm going to leave you with my absolute favourite quote of this week ...

"Don't you just hate it when there is too much month left at the end of the money?"

No truer word ...

Love Hx


  1. Oooo what did you get for my swap pressie? Really can't wait now


    And I love the cushion cover x

  2. Wow what a busy week, the hen night sounded really fun lol. eeekk must get teachers pressies, forgot about that with eveything else going on - aaahhh!

  3. Right so my week has been decidedly snail paced then, you have been one busy lady!
    Heather, pink willy straws?????????
    p.s my mouth is a little less sore today, back on solids, sort of, but I'll keep up the liquid consumption with wine this evening!
    Thanks for your words of support Mrs!

  4. Ooh, what a busy week you have had.
    Hope you enjoy your mussels for tea (of which I am totally jealous as my OH will NOT eat seafood)
    Like that little vase and I agree with your philosophy on boot sales and tat being dumped on charity shops

  5. What a busy bee youve been.
    Sounds like fun though apart from the recorder!!!
    Lovely cushion & the teachers treats are beautiful, lucky teachers.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  6. Sooo jealous of your mussels Heather, and I too couldn't agree more with the quote at the end of your post!
    I can also identify with the lack of decent bits and bobs in charity shops lately.. Makes it all the more exciting when you do get a real 'find' though :)
    Kayleigh x

  7. Spare a thought for us teachers who have to attend all those end of term events plus those of our own children !! Wish I was teaching your children and getting a preesie from Ms Kidston ;) Roll on the end of term I say

    Louise x


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