19 October 2010

Pay It Forward Giveaway

A little while ago I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of Me Plus Molly's Pay It Forward giveaway.  I've often lusted after Kirsty's beautifully embellished 'textile treasures' so you can imagine my unrestrained delight when her parcel came in the post ...

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous purse (which is simply perfect Kirsty) ...

and this lavender heart ...

They are absolutely gorgeous!

Kirsty, thank you soooooo much, I am delighted and an even bigger fan than I was before! ♥

Now it is my turn to Pay It Forward.  I will send something handmade by me to three people, who should then go on to give something handmade to another three people.  That's the only 'rule' but you've got twelve months in which to do it.

As you know I'm a bit of a crafty butterfly but I suspect it will either be a painting or a piece of my jewellery or maybe both.  If you'd like to take part, please leave a comment saying so and give me an idea of the theme you'd like your gift to take (green, butterflies, summer, vintage, etc.) and I will randomly-ish select three. :-)

Love Hx


  1. I'd love to be chosen and as I'm very into green at the moment I'd have to go with a green theme!
    That purse is gorgeous!

    B xxx

  2. What a lovely idea!
    as to a theme? I love flowers and I also love your paintings - you are very talented....so anything you do would be great! x

  3. Ooh yes please Heather - thank you for the chance! Anything pink, cupcakey or girly for me xx

  4. I won't enter if that is OK as I already have so don't want to hog the Pay it Forwards :-) oohh by the way there is a thanks to you and giveaway at mine :-)

  5. Sounds fun, of course my theme would be anything campervan/beach/outdoors! :)
    That little purse is so cute, now you have to decide what to use it for!

  6. This sounds like great fun! I did a giveaway one time on my blog that featured something I made, and I really enjoyed it. Sign me up please! I love all things vintage, purple, dangly earrings, and anything to do with sewing!

  7. thats a really lovely idea x
    And the details in your treat of the purse n heart were sooo sweet- beautiful x
    im just catching up on blogs ive been really bad at commenting sorry- thank you for the kind words on my blog x

  8. * Jumps up and down at the Back *

    Me please ! Me please !

    WHAT an utterly fab idea - Hope all well!


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