17 October 2010

Bed Etc!

I ♥ my bed!

It looked so cosy and inviting last night bathed in the warm glow from the lamp, I leapt gazelle-like(!) up the stairs in my pyjamas and got my camera so that I might show you.

When I've had enough of the day, good or bad, there is nothing on earth as desirable as waiting pyjamas and the bliss of bed.

I love sleeping too!  I am a great believer in the healing/recharging power of sleep and am lucky enough to sleep very easily, quite deeply.

Other than sleep, I crochet in bed, internet shop and browse your blogs, do my crosswords, write lists and watch television or films.

This all-consuming stressful life we lead these days needs to be countered with a relaxing pyjamas/duvet day from time to time. I insist on them. The blondies love it when I declare one.  It now being half term (yay), we will naturally be holed up for at least one day this week, pottering in our comfies.

Back to my bed.  May I introduce you to my bears, Rummage (on the left) and Valentine (on the right)?

I rescued Rummage from a jumble sale about twenty years ago (I spent a lot of my youth in fusty-smelling church halls picking through other people's cast-offs - hmm, nothing changes).

Valentine was a gift to me from Mum and Dad on the eve of my wedding day.  Handsome hubby and I got married on Valentines' Day in 1998.

I love to have flowers on my bedside table.  Whenever I buy a bunch of flowers, I always carefully select a couple of stems for my thrifted bedside jug.

My bedside table is unstaged owing to my spontaneous photo shoot but I think it sums me up pretty well!  Slightly dusty and a nice cluttered mix of the necessary and unnecessary!

There's normally also a cold half-drunk cup of tea there too (if you look closely you can see the ring)!

Anyway, I may show you the rest of my bedroom in another post.  I love to nose around other people's homes so you might hopefully be inspired to do the same!! :-)

Before I pootle off, totally unrelated, I've found this brilliant website I thought I'd share.  If, like us, you or your little ones love colouring, Doodle Art has the most brilliant free doodle colouring pages to print out.  Perfect for rainy half term afternoons!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend ... yippee, Downton Abbey tonight!



  1. Ooh that does look inviting. I too LOVE my bed. Like you I sleep long and deep. I just can't function without enough sleep.

  2. Lovely post, your bed looks so inviting. I too love to relax in bed at the end of a stressful day, with my bedside lamp on . I generally use it as an escape from all the male oriented TV and games downstairs. I watch a nature or cooking programme and do some crochet in my PJ's Bliss :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. I love bed too!

    You've been tagged over on my blog :) Please check it out http://www.love2illustrate.blogspot.com


  4. Oh your bed looks really comfy and cosy, mine was so nice and warm last night :) I have my favourite bedspread on it which I bought in Aldi and it was cheap too, but it is the softest cotton I have ever slept on :)

    All things nice...

  5. Oh your bed looks very very comfy indeed! At this moment in time, I am soooo sleepy but can't bring myself to drag the old bod up to bed and chuck off a mahoosive load of laundry piles I havn't yet put away. They will get thrown off and have to be re-done again tomorrow! ha ha! I'm sooooo bad! xxxxxxxx

  6. Nowhere beats bed - sometimes I sneak up to mine in the middle of the day with a book and a cuppa.

  7. oohh you lucky monkey, we don't have half term until next week. I also love pottering around the internet whilst in bed - it is like the modern book except you can buy stuff in bed instead of just reading - bonus :-)

  8. Your bed looks soooo gorgeous!
    You are lucky to be allowed pink and floral!!
    Makes me feel sleepy just looking!
    Thanks for the doodle link - my daughter will be very pleased! xx

  9. ooooh that bed looks simply divine. I've just had a really long day in the city and am dying to get back to mine :o) Lovely blog too - just stumbled across it xx


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