21 November 2010

Trying To Be More Brazen ...

Hello all.

How are you this dreary and chilly Sunday?  I won't tell you that I've just had a message from my little brother (he who's emigrated to Sydney) who took great pleasure in telling me that he has been sunbathing in temperatures of 25 degrees and over.  You can go off people you know ...

Well, I've spent the last few days making felt flower brooches, partly to satisfy my thirst for colour, partly to sell on my stall at the school's Christmas Fayre.  In fact, I've gone a bit 'felt flower crazy' and made so many that I've listed a few in my poor, neglected Folksy shop just in case there are any lapels out there gagging for some cheer!

The novelty has worn off a little and I now feel the need for a lie down in a darkened room!!!

By the way, I was tickled pink with your response to my cheeky toilet picture so I've popped one of those in my Folksy shop too.  I feel a little bit of a fraud as it didn't exactly take much crafting but I've decided I've got to be more brazen and prolific otherwise I'll never make any money doing the things I love.

Isn't it funny?  I'm actually an outgoing and self-confident person but when it comes to selling things, I turn into a bit of a heap and HATE talking money.  Love spending it, just hate talking about it!!!

Anyway, this week I shall be having a break from sewing and putting my jools head back on - I've had some lovely necklace ideas.

I'm off now to catch up on a few of your blogs and then to browse the White Stuff website - handsome hubby has asked me to earmark a few things as ideas for my birthday in a couple of weeks ... wheehee!


15 November 2010

Keep Calm

The dishwasher is making a strange grinding sound.
My car keeps slipping out of gear.
I've lost my 4mm crochet hook.
My dear little house is festooned with chocolate spaniel hair.
There are more clothes in the wash basket than in the wardrobes.
Meals are unimaginative and, frankly, a pain in the way they keep coming round so quickly.
Blondie daughter has exams all this week.
My little blog is gathering dust.
My family has five birthdays in December (including mine).
Mum and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary.
Not to mention Christmas.
I am organising a 50 stall craft fair.

So what do I do?

I sign up for a stall at the school's Christmas Fair.

Note to self ... keep calm and make stuff.



Normal service will be resumed soon.  Hope you're all well. x

4 November 2010

Shameless Promotion And A Little Gentle Begging

Good morning!  I hope you're all well.

I have been a busy bee.

If I may, first the shameless promotion ...

In just over three weeks time, my pal noodleBubble and I will be hosting our second ever Christmas Craft Fair!

It's a big old 'do' and takes a lot of organising (and diplomacy) but it is something dear to both our hearts.  We have fifty stalls booked with crafty-types selling almost everything you can think of!

If you're localish and fancy a one-stop Christmas craft shop, then we'd love to see you.  Mention 'pinkmilk' and you'll get in free!  :-)

Secondly, the gentle begging ...

I will be heading up the tombola and our chosen charity this year is the NSPCC.  I had my own stall selling jewellery last year but want to have some freedom to wander about doing event-organisery type things with my clipboard this time!  Most of our stallholders have kindly offered to donate items as prizes.  There is, however, always room for more.  That's where you come in!  If you have a little handmade something you would like to donate - all proceeds going directly to the NSPCC - it would be received with a huge whoop and cyber hug from me.

Dear friends, you are obviously under absolutely no obligation but I should hate to regret not asking.  If it is something you think you'd like to do, please send me a quick message to pinkmilk@btconnect.com and I will let you have my address.

Bless you and thank you.

♥ Hx ♥