18 February 2011

I Should Like To Thank ...

It being award season, I should like to add a few of my own 'thank yous' if I may ...

♥  To all of you for your really kind comments and good wishes on my wedding anniversary post.  (D and I have since acquired a few more grey hairs, lines and pounds I hasten to add!)

♥  To the wonderfully talented Tanya of TeaPea for my gorgeous pink cow print.  As soon as I found out Tanya had made prints from her beautiful embroidered creation, I wanted needed one ...

♥  To Marion of Colour Couture for my Valentine Swap goodies (I'm so glad you liked yours) and, of course, the lovely Jackie of Sew Special Bears for organising said swap ...

(one lolly missing - it didn't quite make it to the photo shoot!)

♥  To the incredibly sweet (and scarily TIDY it has to be said) Lissy Lou for not only awarding me another ...

but also for her fantastic '2nd Birthday Giveaway' prize ...

I love it all.  Thank you so much. x

♥  And finally, but by no means least, to my very own Blondie Son for leaving this in the middle of his bedroom floor yesterday ...

So that I might end up with a lump on my head and this on my underarm ...

It's so sore :-(

I shall be back shortly with some WIPs including my very first attempts at patchworking!

In the meantime, have a simply lovely (and safe) weekend.



  1. Ouch - that looks really sore Heather. :-( Hope you made Blondie son pick it all up again! Glad you enjoyed the swap - am organising another for Spring if you fancy it - details over on the blog.

    The cow print is really lovely.

    Have a super weekend and look after that arm. Ouch! xxx

  2. Oh Heather that looks very painful . You are going to have some intesting colours developing there :0(
    That giveaway pize looks so pretty .
    Jacquie x

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. What the heck is the above comment about? Oooh, Heather that look painful, sweetie! Ouch! I will email you later. Lynda xxx

  5. oh no!! what horrors these boys are!!

    Glad you liked your giveaway prize xx

  6. Ouch!!!!!!
    Poor you, there is Harry Potter lego all over the sitting room floor as I write. I will be extra careful where I tread now.
    You say lego was the cause but I'm wondering if that's the clean version you are giving out, you and Mr D did have an anniversary this week! Hee hee.
    Very jealous of your Tanya print, isn't she soooooooo talented?

  7. Thank you thank you for your lovely words - so glad you like it!!!
    That bruise looks so painful, poor you - I bet your son feels really guilty now. You should take a photo and stick it in his room so he tidies up every day!! haha!!
    Have a lovely weekend! xx

  8. Lovely speech of thanks! Your poor arm - I'm so glad Lego is outgrown in my house. Many is the time I have trodden on a piece.

  9. OHH SORE!....we have just sold a lego set like that on ebay .....reason for sale was i was sick of loads of lego around the house some had to go!son had been warned not to leave it on the floor.. happy belated anniversary,glad you had a good one .xx

  10. Oh poor you... don't you just love it when the children boobie trap the place! not!

    Loving all your swap goodies and parcels... and belated happy anniversary...

    x ALex

  11. I know it was acolour splash month but that is going too far. It looks really sore, I shouldn't joke. Hope he helps with all the tidying for that one.

  12. Ouch at your arm - lego can be so evil :(

    Yes I did make the russian doll applique myself - can have great fun with felt/fabric & bondeweb.

    I think Blondie son owes you a weekend of being waited on hand & foot ;)

  13. Oh dear, that looks nasty.
    I hope it heals soon and your bump on your head better soon. Have a lovely weekend.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  14. Just found your blog, really enjoying it. Love your photos, and so know the feeling of stepping on lego! I have 3 dinky boys so will have lego around for a while yet!

  15. Kids!! I once broke a toe when I tripped over my kids mini-trampoline!

    Hope your poorly arm doesnt get in the way of crafting!


  16. oh my word such lovely post ;0)
    im a follower but not sure why your not showing in my profile when you post?...oh well im here now hehe...Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog- sorry to see that nasty sore arm!
    oh my the amound of times i slip or fall on sophias things everywhere- i think id be great in an olympic style obstacle race! hehe
    I hope it mends though huni and not too painful.
    Love the pink cow! wow! love it!
    and all the treats and treasures!

    lucky girly you are ;0)xxxx

  17. Ouch!! Poor you, what a big bruise. Hope it soon feels better. I loved the pictures of all your treats! Have a good week and hope the boys toys will be whisked tidily away for you from now on?!
    Helen x

  18. Ouch that looks painful.
    Love the cow print, brilliant!
    Congrats on the Stylish Blogger award, very well deserved!!!
    And a swap and a wonderful giveaway collection - love the heart!
    So not all bad then!
    Hope arm gets better quickly - by the way the primula photos are lovely!
    Gill x


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