28 February 2011

Optimistic ...

Well this won't do.  It won't do at all.  My 'February 2011' blog folder is looking very sparce so I thought I'd slip in a quickie before we march optimistically into March! ;-)

I did actually compose a post on Friday entitled 'The Half Term Horrids' which opened with a large photograph of a puddle.  Well, it depressed me so much, I thought I'd spare you and deleted it, choosing to wait until the stresses and strains of last week abated.  Said stresses - only ickle ones - were not all directly linked to it being half term but just happened to fall in one badly-timed heap which was half term.


Look at me, I've not even asked if you had a nice week/weekend.  Did you?

As lovely as it is to have the children at home and a week off from routine, it's just as lovely to send them back to school isn't it?!

I didn't get much chance for 'creating' last week.

One of my many ongoing projects is crocheting a ripple lap blanket which is proving to be so easy to pick up and put down as the opportunity arises because it doesn't need too much thinking about ...

(I don't know if you can see my sparkly hairgrip in the top righthand corner of the photograph?  Well, it's my stitch marker!  I'm such a girl!)

It's not progressing terribly fast but I'm not too worried.  Ooh, maybe it could be for my first grandchild?!!!!

Talking of projects, I have several more lined up since buying myself this super book ...

I know there are quite a few people out there in Blogland wanting or beginning to learn to crochet so I do thoroughly recommend it.  The book opens with some of the clearest stitch instructions and diagrams I have ever come across.

I wonder if I can whizz up that jaunty hat before the warmer weather comes?

Here's hoping March is filled with sunshine and smiles.

Hugs and kisses, Hx


  1. Yep, the routine beckons now schools' are back. School run for another 6 weeks!!
    Love the colours on your crochet. I'm a beginner and that book looks great so may have to add it to my virtual basket!

  2. I too found last week to be incredibly depressing. The Bears were not too bad considering being cooped up as the weather was just so crap....but you are right.....today has been GREAT with them back at school!

    Your ripple is awesome, such beautiful colours. Mine is taking forever too....I stupidly made it so big, and the colours are quite autumny so I am not in the mood for it at the moment. I need colour on these dark days!

    The book looks good, might have to nip across to Amazon!

    Have a great evening!!!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Lovely pics, Heather. I can't wait to see the completed ripple. I'm scared of ripples! The book looks great too. Lynda xxx

  4. your blanket looks lovely, and the colours are so gorgous. i wish i knew how to do it. your book looks exciting too i have just started with a friend and the stitches do look confusing at times.xx helen x x

  5. I love your pictures in this post - the colours are just delicious! Your ripple blanket is gorgeous and that book looks so lovely, especially the bag! I must try and make some time this year to learn to crochet, there are so many lovely things to make. Hope you have a sunny week. Helen x

  6. Half term here wasn't too bad - I shall miss the boys when they return to school tomorrow.

    I've seen that book - my friend has that and she brought it to S&B last week. I really must learn to crochet this year.

  7. Your blanket is beautiful, the colours are so perfect! And that book looks brilliant - if only I could crochet! xxx

  8. I'm Vicki's friend who has that book! Isn't it gorgeous?

  9. That book looks GOOD! I think I might have to indulge in that one. Your ripple reminds me of sorbets. Delicious.

  10. That's exactly what I think I'd do! I'd be too embarrassed to leave the house in state, which seems silly. :-) I posted your prize yesterday (although won't go until Monday) so you should receive it on Tuesday or Wednesday. :-)

  11. I certainly feel optimistic now that I have read your post! I am now itching to delve into the marvelous book you featured.

    The colors in your ripple ghan remind me of the gentle, frolicsome beauty of spring time fancies. Must be a treat to work on that right now!


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