3 May 2011

4 Years ...

This is my baby girl ...

We bicker, she answers back, she is INCREDIBLY messy ...

but she is the light of my life.

She is 9 years old but still looks like a baby when she is fast asleep with her arms above her head and her cheeks flushed pink.

I adore her and couldn't begin to imagine life without her.

I'm not a perfect mummy.  I don't think any mummy is.

Four years ago, Madeleine McCann was snatched from her holiday apartment in Praia Da Luz in Portugal.

Madeleine will be 8 years old on 12th May.

Whatever your thoughts about the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, please spare a thought.  For her parents.  For her brother and sister.  Most importantly, for her.

Wherever you are Madeleine, I hope you're safe and being nurtured.  You're not forgotten sweetie.



  1. OMG is it really 4yrs since Maddie was lost? How awful. I truly hope that she is safe and that one day she will realise who she is and find her way home.

    Your daughter is lovely....

    S x

  2. Lovely post Heather - have to admit I do sometimes think about her, hope she is safe, and pray she gets home soon. Miss S is 9 too - so I know just where you are coming from. Particularly about the messy and answering back parts!! xx

  3. Now that I am a parent I can measure the amont of pain Maddie's parents. Your daughter is a cutie! xx

  4. A heart warming post!

    Your Daughter looks beautiful.

    I didn’t follow a pattern for my blanket, i've still got all the ends to sow in yet! :0(

    Lou xxx

  5. Your daughter really is a beauty - your post is beautiful and very poignant! xx

  6. Was just reading an article in today's paper about her and couldn't believe its four years ago. Every parent's worst nightmare! I have thought about it often since it happened. Lovely Blog btw.

  7. Thanks for your post, 'fabric fondle' lol! That really made me chuckle! xx


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