9 May 2011

From The Ridiculous To The Sublime!

Hello friends.  I do hope I find you well.

Do you like my rose?  It's sitting in an Ikea 'milk bottle' on the mantelpiece.  As I walk past the lounge, I find myself popping my head in and gazing at it.  A bit naughty really, but I cut it from my patio rose tree which only has eight flowers in bloom so far - I couldn't resist bringing some of it's prettiness inside.

The blondies both started at their new schools last Wednesday and seem to be settling in so well.  At the end of the first day, Blondie daughter came out beaming from ear to ear and arm-in-arm with her new best friend, which delighted me enormously.  Blondie son is still finding his feet a little with his school - it's large and modern (I think he's gotten lost a couple of times) but he says he is enjoying it.  Both were very chirpy this morning which I think can only be a good sign!!

Anyway, I wanted a little chat about crochet and yarn if that's okay?

It's funny, before I stepped over the threshold of Blogland, I had absolutely zero interest in crochet at all.  To me, it was something done by old ladies with itchy oatmeal wool.  Two of the very first blogs I encountered were Lucy's rainbow world at Attic 24 (synonymous with crochet, say no more) and Vanessa's Coco Rose Textiles.  Both were creating such crocheted gorgeousness I NEEDED to learn!  Vanessa had not long taught herself to crochet and was extremely encouraging.  That was the beginning of last year.  I did teach myself but, since then, I've been a bit like a child in a sweetie shop.  There are so many beautiful colours of yarn, so many pretty things I wanted to make, I think I got myself into a bit of a pickle.  I would buy the odd couple of balls of yarn here and a few more there; I would start a project, lose interest or run out of yarn and completely forget what I was using and where I got it from.  I had little baskets or bags of 'works in progress' dotted around the house.  All this is quite unlike me in some ways.  I am meticulously organised when it comes to my jewellery beads and findings ...

Anyway, enough was enough so, last week, I had a jolly ruthless sort out.  I've unravelled a fair few 'WIPs' I know I will never finish, I've gifted a few odd balls of yarn to Blondie daughter and neatly categorised the rest!!

This, I have decided dear friends, is where my little old blog will come in extremely useful!!!  One thing Lucy does on her blog which I absolutely love is to include the details of each crochet project.  That way, she has a permanent 'crochet log' to which she can refer.  Also, of course, you may well see a particular yarn in a particular colourway that inspires you too.

So, here goes ...

Project 1 : Crocheted Striped Blanket

Started : May 2011

Hook Size : Starting Row 5mm, Remaining Rows 4.5mm

Stitches In A Row : 200

Pattern : None, random!

Yarn :  Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk dk and Cashmere Merino Silk dk from here.

Colours : (top row, left to right) 158 Ladybug, 122 Honey Bunny, 195 Puzzle, 194 Seesaw Blue, (bottom row, left to right) 048 Cheeky, 130 Fleur, 103 Jelly, 125 Bathtub.

Don't you think it's a good idea?

Right, I'm off to catalogue my knicker drawer now ...

Have a lovely evening.


Ooh, I've just realised this is my 100th post!!!  I think I can feel a little giveaway coming on! :-)


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous rose! I am patiently waiting for mine to come out.

    Do you know, I have realised that I have to be super organised when it comes to yarn and projects. I don't know why, but I have started so many WIP's in this last 5 months. My problem is that I take the hooks out of one project to start another, then, when I go back to a project I forget which size hook I used. Duhhhhhh muppet me! I keep all my projects now in separate bags, make sure I keep all the yarn labels and make a note what hook I use! My head is all over the place! I like the idea of making a note of it all on your blog . I need to be organised like that...........still have a way to go though!!!!!!! ha ha!

    Have a great evening!!!!!!


  2. I'm glad to hear that the children are settling in well, i meant to write a comment before to say we too had moved our children from private to state school both settled really well and are having a great time!! I'm sure with you and your hubby being so positive behind them they're do just fab!!!
    as for the crochet i'm not quite as organised as you but am a newbie i know where you are coming from with regards to buying wool for a project i am doing a sample blanket of Attic 24's ripple stripe as we speak using some wool that i have in my box,i'm just too chicken to actually make a decision about which yarn to buy and which colours. that said your yarn and colours look gorgeous and I can feel a trip to the wool shop coming on very soon!!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing those colours turn into something lovely :)

    I think children are more up for change than we realise.

    Walk away from the hairdye - you'll become a slave to it - trust me its not worth it.

  4. Oooh Heather, do you fancy coming over to mine and sorting out my craft room?? I am in awe of your organisation. My yarn stash is in such a mess that I'm really scared to look in it. I think doing a crochet log (a clog ;-)) on your blog is a great idea. I can't wait to see what that gorgeous Sublime yarn (one of my favourites!) turns into. xx

  5. Oooo, what lovely yarn. I use Ravelry to organise and keep track of my crochet projects. I often can't remember what size hook I used for something and have to log on to Ravelry to remind myself. Great source of inspiration and free patterns too.

  6. OOOOH Happy 100! I love your organisation, I am usually very organised too but since doing a bedroom swap I am in chaos!!

    The wool really is beautiful! I think it may well come under the label of extremely strokable! Lol!

    I will leave you to rifle through your drawers! enjoy! lol!

  7. Sublime indeed bonny Heather!
    Glad your Blondies are doing OK, I bet you've had a butterfly tummy up til now. Big sighs!!!


  8. Loving your work Heather.
    Can't wait to see some WIP.
    Glad the blondies are getting on well at school.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  9. Looks like a great idea to me. Loving all those scrumptious spring colors! So happy to see you at Tangled Happy. Thanks for your nice comment. :)

  10. Gorgeous rose! Glad to hear the children are settling in well.

  11. What a beautiful pink rose, and such delicious yarn colours, I love them. So glad to hear the children are settling in to their new schools. Have a happy week. Helen x

  12. I want to see the daisy on your wrist!! you've given me a new 'maybe want' now!!! xx

  13. You go girl, can't wait to see the stages of your creation :-) So glad you little ones are settling in OK, it must make you feel so much better about it all. xxx

  14. I think it's a very good idea! I'm loving the wool.

    I'm glad the little ones have settled into their new schools.
    The rose is beautiful.

    Lou xxx

  15. Lovely colurs! Cant wait to see the yarn when it is made into someting faB!
    Glad the Blondies are settling well xxx

  16. That yarn is delicious, I so wish I could master the art of crochet.
    So pleased the blondies are settling in well at school!

    B xxx

  17. Very good! You are now officially a curator of the knicker draw! tee hee, Thanks for the good wishes. Have a lovely weekend,

    Sarah x


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