10 June 2011

Can't Be Bothered ...

Hormones dictate that I'm having an 'everything is too much effort' day today.  No point in fighting it.  It's Friday, the world won't stop turning if I mooch for a while now will it?!

Yesterday I had a little more energy and decided on a spontaneous shopping trip into town.  Want to see what I bought?

I just love the colour combination of these Primark beads.  They go perfectly with my new White Stuff dress ...

(Note smudge of white gloss paint near my thumb - it won't seem to come off!)

Better view of the dress.  It's quite shapeless but in a flattering way, believe it or not, particularly perfect for those 'can't be bothered to hold my tummy in' days! ;-)

Prettiest and softest pyjamas from Primark.  Perfect for those 'can't be bothered to get dressed' days.

Also from Primark, a lovely floral ruched top for a 'can be bothered' day.

Citronella tealights in gorgeous rainbow colours.  Perfect for those 'can't be bothered with bugs' days!

Rosy socks ...

and, finally, when you can't be bothered to make much effort with supper ...

M&S' edible flower salad.  Sigh, summer on a plate!

It's hard work all this 'not being bothered' business, but such fun!

Have a gorgeous weekend.



  1. I love your buys :) All of them - sort of things I'd buy for me :)

    BTW (1) I have the same ring you are wearing on your thumb and (2) can I peak something under those bracelets??

  2. Gorgeous purchases, especially the PJs. I nearly bought the same top today when I was in Primark but settled for a dress instead. I may have to go back and check out the PJs - I missed that section!
    Cathy XX

  3. Oh my! I'm loving the Primark top! I really love it. I wish people wouldn't keep showing lovely things from Primark on their blogs as I don't have one nearby! Pah! xxx

  4. Love all the buys, we don't have primark here but we have penneys i think their the same co. Great shopping to be had :). I think the pretty top is my fav. Have a sweet & restful weekend

  5. Loving all of it. Those bracelets were made to go with the dress!

  6. Fabulous buys - I really love the colours of the bracelets. Primark can be so good. I kind of worry about buying stuff from there sometimes, thinking about the alleged third-world "sweatshop" labour, but at the same time I think that this may be the only wage for a poor family and I shouldn't stop this income. Hopefully I make up for it from all the stuff I buy at Oxfam! xx

  7. Ooooh loving the buys!!!!!!

    I hadn't had a Primark visit for ages, so, I dropped off all the kids and booked it there. Was in there barely a minute before my phone rang and it was the nursery asking for me to go pick up Baby Bear as he seemed ill. Arrrrgggghhhhh. All the bits I got were from the walk from the back of the shop to the front to leave (just happened to pay for it as there wasn't a queue instead of putting it all back!!!!).

    The bugger was, was that I got to the nursery picked him up and as soon as he got home he was fine. How annoying! Need to go back to get a proper looksie!!!!!! ha ha!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend enjoying all your buys!!!!!

    Vanessa xxx

  8. Oh such beautiful buys, all of them! I know the can't be bothered feeling...today's been one of those days. Hope you perk up soon! x

  9. Was going to type "can't be bothered to leave a comment" lol but I'm only joking!! Love the dress and the bangles were made for it, the top is so pretty. Might just have to get some of those citronella candles didn't know they come in such nice colours, Lucey x

  10. P S I forgot to say I love your silver rings, they're very summery, Lucey x

  11. Oh my god I LOVE your purchases Heather. STUNNING!!!!! The dress is wonderful and you've done well with the accessories.
    Have a fab weekend.
    Go with the hormones, never battle
    xx x x

  12. Very pretty bracelets, such soft colours. I do have a Primark near me and I am sure I'm due a trip there soon ;o) Need a pick me up with all this changeable weather the past few weeks, what happened to our heatwave summer eh! Lolo xx

  13. Oh I know just where you're coming from. I hate my hormones too.

    Fabulous purchases though, love the bangles. Just goes to show that even on those can't be bothered days, you can still look pretty. And if you look pretty, you feel pretty and all of a sudden you can be bothered to do stuff.

    OK, I'll shut up now as I'm starting to ramble ;)

    Have a fab weekend x

  14. A lovely 'can't be bothered' post! lol! Fabulous buys, the beads look so pretty with that dress!

  15. Well Im glad you could be bothered to shop else we'd have missed out on all this! What a haul of loveliness!! Primark has such lovely stuff - must visit again soon as both you and Coco rose found such pretty things recently.
    Those pretty jimmys are meant to be mine!!!! - i love them!
    Hope you have a great weekend, enjoy all these wonderful buys!
    Gill xx

  16. Blog jumping has just landed me here, what a lovely blog you have!
    Enjoyed looking at your purchases, I love White Stuff, it's my favourite clothes shop.

  17. Yes, I completely know what you mean about 'can't be bothered' days, however I must say you have been very productive these are all gorgeous buys and very cheery colours and patterns! Primark do have some lovely stuff sometimes don't they and they are great for PJs - those ones are lovely. Enjoy your new goodies! Sarah x

  18. Hi there - I've just found your blog, and I'm a new follower! I love all those gorgeous things you've bought! Your rings are lovely too! :o)

  19. You did well! Love the colours of everything. Your jamas and socks are sooo me, would love those. Also love the top for your 'can be bothered' days!

    Most intriguing is the M&S edible flower salad. How have I missed this? It looks A.Mazing. As soon as I get paid I'm hotfooting it into town. Currently living out of the freezer which is depressing with a capital D.

    Nicki xx

  20. Hmmmm I too have missed that M + S salad!
    Oh, just realised as I type that that I clearly haven't spent enough time in the salad aisle!!! Note to self....
    fee x

  21. Ooooh, what a haul of treasures - congrats! Love the look of that pastel-striped, crocheted loveliness underneath those tea lights - what is it?
    Thank you for visiting me, it's lovely to make new bloddies!
    Emily x

  22. Waitrose do little pots of edible flowers. Genius!

    I intended to do a Primark swoop, but couldn't face it in the end...maybe tomorrow.

    That crochet looks heavenly. I'm very into my pastels right now.


  23. I love all your new treats, the bracelets do look perfect with the dress, and I love all the pretty prints!
    Thanks so much for the yarn idea too, I will have a look at that one for my crochet stash collecting! Have a happy day.
    Helen x

  24. Adore the floral ruched top. I want one too!


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