6 June 2011

Such A Lovely Time ♥

Oh, we had the loveliest little break away, D and I.

We travelled in style, top down all the way!  The weather was glorious.

Byfords was absolutely charming.  It's a boutique-style hotel with a restaurant and a deli.

Byfords sits in the middle of Holt and is absolutely surrounded by gift and antique shops.

Our favourite place was the Antiques Emporium (thanks for the tip Top Chelsea Girl!).  It was like a tardis - room after room stuffed to the rafters with vintage-everything.  If only our boot space wasn't limited, I'd have ended up bringing home chimney pots for the garden, a Lloyd Loom chair, a dresser-full of crockery and an armful of linens but I was more than happy to settle for my Sylvac spaniel ...

Note to self, return to Holt next year in a pick-up truck! ;-)

So, in a nutshell, we ate, drank, shopped, chatted, drank, laughed, ate, shopped and ate some more!

It was soooo good to spend some quality time together.

I came back home slightly more chubsy and definitely a little bit more in love with my gorgeous husband!

Before I go, I haven't forgotten my 100 post giveaway ... news to follow shortly.  In the meantime, guess what came in the post today ..?


I've only had a quick flick through so far but, without spoiling your pleasure, it looks every bit as good as the first issue!

Speak soon.



  1. Looks like a wonderful time was had :o)
    Had my MM today too, can't wait for peace and quiet later to really savour it!

    B xxx

  2. This is such a lovely romantic post! What a perfect break for you both!

    ps, hoping that while you came home slightly chubbier, his wallet came home very slimmed down with all those gorgeous shops to browse! lol!

  3. gorgeous! everything is gorgeous! x

  4. Glad you had such a perfect time! Cx

  5. So glad you enjoyed yourselves here in Norfolk and love the Spaniel. x

  6. That looks as if it was a fab little break away and one good for the soul :) My Mollie Makes arrived today but I'm saving opening it untilt eh girls go back to school tomorrow so I can enjoy it in complete peace with a cuppa! Bliss :)I love your Sylvac spaniel....so cute! I bet it was happy to come home with you :)

    Jo x

  7. Aw, looks like a lovely break away you had there! Sorry it has taken me so long to meander over here after you left such a lovely comment on my blog :) I am regretting not visiting sooner now, what a gorgeous blog you have! Can't wait to sit down to do some serious reading :)

  8. Ah so glad you had a lush break away! Looks like a fabby place.

    MM landed on my doorstep earlier but I haven't been able to properly devour it as I'm doing blog admin...gosh it takes up so much time!!!!

  9. Oooooh looks like a gorgeous place to visit! Glad you managed to have a great weekend with hubster. Sometimes, a break away like that does you the world of good! Nothing like recharging the batteries!


  10. You guys certainly had great fun on that break away. Byfords looks a very cozy and comfortable place to stay at.

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  11. That sounds like a perfect break in a wonderful place! It all looks so lovely in your photos - glad you had such a great time.
    Helen x

  12. Wow, how fab was your break! It looked just perfect. I've just blogged about craft porn I've recently been buying but I'm just going to have to add Molly Makes to it, I think xxx

  13. Wow what a stunning place! It is so important to go away on little weekend jaunts together isn't it? I once knew a mum who said she would never go away without her children because "I didn't have kids to just go off with my husband".....right!!!!
    I think it is really important. In fact earlier my husband and I were planning our next one away. He wants quiet remote Scotland. I want somewhere buzzing and vibrant. Oh dear!!!
    Lots of love
    x x x

  14. oo looks like a lovely place.. i think just getting away from the kids somtimes is wonderful!!..
    pics are gorgeous!

  15. Hmmmm - looks like my kind of break! (my Hmmmm may have sounded a little bitter...it wasn't meant!)
    Hope you enjoyed a little poke round at mine - off to do the same and find out what I've missed while away (WITH all boys, although still considerably chubbier and in love with OH)

    We celebrate our time together with a weekend away each year (only 4 weeks to go) and, much as I love our time with the boys, I relish that time together.

    fee x
    ps car envy


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