24 June 2011

Things I'm Loving ... And A Couple I'm Not ...

So loving my patio rose bush (blooms aplenty - more luck than judgement), particularly with the forget-me-not blue fence in the background ...

Ditto my profusion of marguerite daisies (seriously, there are gazillions of them) ...

Apparently, their unopened flowerbuds can be pickled and used like capers.

Still completely in love with the mindless 'up and downness' of my dear old crocheted blanket ...

(Please tell me it's growing) ...

But hate it when there's not ... quite ... enough ... yarn ... to last the row ...

Love 'less is more' crochet and lavender ...

... and mastering slightly more complicated patterns ...

Adore these african flowers (superb pattern here).

(whispers now in case Mr Purse Strings is listening) Love love loving new dress ... 

Not loving the fact that it is from Marks and Sparks so there is a distinct possibility of bumping into an 80 year old woman wearing the same one!

Really loving this tangle of sweet peas on the kitchen table and it's heavenly fragrance ...

And always loving this snuggable, huggable, kissable snout ...

But definitely not loving the chocolate-coloured spaniel hair and gubbins wafting along the floor like tumbleweed when there's a through draught ...

Hope your weekend is full of things you love.



  1. loving all the colours in that blanket!!!

    Im glad I found your blog ^_^



  2. What a lovely post! Your blanket is divine1 xxx

  3. Ooooh, love the crochet!! And the doggy!!

    My sweet peas aren't anywhere near flowering yet!! I had three plants last year (my first ones) and this year I planted 36!!

    S x

  4. Love your blog lol
    Have a great weekend
    Pene x

  5. The smell of sweet peas is one of my favourite ever scents. Lush. Simply lush.
    I LOVE that dress, what gorgeous colours. Bit like your roses against the blue fence. I now insist you take a pic of you in said dress with fence and roses all in view and I bet you will be camouflaged!!!
    Have an amazing weekend, and seriously, thanks again for my package today.
    After a few mad days, it was just the tonic!
    x x

  6. Hiya!
    Love this blog post, and just noticed you have the same CK duvet set that I have been blogging about - not sure if I should buy the duvet!!
    Your crochet is amazing, I am in awe!
    P.S pets are great, but the hair on the floor is blummin annoying!

  7. Ooooh, what a lovely post! Esp love the gorge colours with the roses and the fence; and those African flowers are lovely (hmmmmm....am now thinking they could be perfect for my next blanket...)
    Have a great weekend
    Emily x

  8. Lovely post. Crochet, how you do taunt me with your colourful stitchy loveliness. ONE day I will master you!

  9. Lovey blankie. Will grow and grow and be all-encompassing soon.
    Great photos of garden too.

  10. Lovely photos. Loving the blue fence.

  11. What a CUTE pup!! He's so furry. I love it!! The blanket you're crocheting is lovely...it makes me think of candy. Great colors.

  12. What lovely things! The African Flowers are gorgeous - I have a bit of a thing for African Flowers... I'm currently making a runner out of them! (http://dinkidots.blogspot.com/2011/06/runner.html)
    You stripy blanket is looking fab as well!

  13. Awesome flowers and patterns. It is such best collection and looks very beautiful. I like flower pattern, I sure it took a month for totally completing.
    sell my car

  14. Lol! We have tumbleweed dogs hair too. (Double quantities now!)
    Love that dress - it looks more Joules than M&S.
    And I really, really love those daisies and roses.

  15. How happy am I for coming across your blog! your crocheting is beautiful and such lovely color combinations. Pure happiness!

    Have a loveliest of weekends x

  16. What a fun post and your blog is beautiful. I came over from Helen Phillips and will definitely be back for another look.

  17. I've got to go back and have another look. It's ALL so lovely....

    Sigh, I wish I had each and everyone of those things in my house. Yes I'm including the dog hair tumbleweed too because if I had that then I'd have the creator of it too, oh sweet little face, soft ears, happy eyes. ♥♥♥♥


  18. Hi Heather, I'm loving all your crochet and your flowers are so pretty :0)
    Jacquie x

  19. I'm going to have a go at those african flowers, they look so pretty. I love how colourful and bright your photos are. Do you have a good camera or do you just take them on especially bright days? I can't get good photos at all.

    I love the lavender too, it looks so beautiful and simple on the dresser there.

    Glad I made you giggle with my 'pretending to be the cleaner' story. Can't believe I got myself in such a pickle. That'll learn me! Ha!

    Nicki xx (I'm only just getting over the disappointment of not winning your amazing giveaway!)

  20. This is a great blog - I love your "loves" and the photos are just gorgeous. Have a happy day! xx

  21. Your blanket is coming along famously! I love all the colours! Whispering back...I love your dress! Cx

  22. Gorgeous crochet, dog and dress! Your blanket is lovely - really pretty colours. I can sympathise about the dog hair - especially in the moulting season, which for a labrador seems to be most of the year!
    The curry was at Feast India on Melton Rd btw - you should go if you haven't already. It's amazing!

  23. ahh lovely pics, your stripey blanket is so pretty,and your dog :) so cute...we too have dog hair tumbleweeds :):):)
    have a lovely day x x x x x x x

  24. I love all your pretty and colourful pictures - the rose is so beautiful and your stripey crochet blanket and big crochet flowers look really gorgeous!
    Helen x

  25. Your post is pure eye candy!
    Love this post,your garden photos are wonderful, especially your beautiful pink rose against the blue fence.
    Also loving your crochet you clever girl! The colours in the blanket are so pretty.
    Beautiful dog - but i know what you mean about the hair "tumbleweed" although in this house its cat hair as our dog being a poodle doesnt moult!
    have a great weekend!
    Gill xx

  26. Hello! Found my way over here through Bunny Mummy. What a nice place to visit! :D Beautiful pictures. Adore the flowers against the blue wall. Will spend more time over here browsing around, checking out every little dusty corner. You make lovely crochet creations. Happy to have found you.

  27. Ooh. I love your crochet blanket. I am new to the crochet scene, trying out some baby shoes and granny squares, but definitely being more of a knitter. Your blanket did just make me want to go to a yarn shop (Not allowed- HAVE to use up some of my stash first!) and get out my crochet hook. Must finish my four knitting projects on the go first....

  28. Your bed linen is gorgeous, I love it :) xx

  29. HAHAHA! I call them tumble weeds too =P I have three cavvies.

    That blanket is gorgeous! Wishing I had fewer beautiful neices and nephews to crochet for ;)

  30. What a beautiful post! The blanket is looking lovely, and I love the thought of sweet peas on the table. I'm still waiting for mine to flower! xxx

  31. Have fun in Spain! Loved catching up on all the colorful crochet you have been doing. Eye candy of the best flavor!


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