9 July 2011

♥ Adios ♥

It's been a while, how are you?

What to tell you?  Hmmm.  Well, like a lot of fellow bloggers, we have been struck down with endoftermitis.  A stressful disease which is basically caused by schools shoehorning about 73 different events in the last two weeks of term!!

On reflection though, the Blondies have settled in to their new schools seamlessly and, oh, does that do my heart good.  I'm sooo glad we moved them when we did.  We now approach the summer holidays with lots of new friends to arrange playdates with and we know what to expect come September.

Despite being frantic since we last spoke, I've very little of interest to report.  I've had a fabulous night out with D and a couple of friends (danced 'til 1:00am which I've not done in ages).  I've bumped my car (was actually sitting in my car near school - engine off - crocheting, hadn't put the handbrake on properly and rolled part way down a very steep hill into my daughter's teacher's car!  Luckily very little damage was done other than a slight tattering of my nerves!)  I've had a lovely crafty friend for coffee and gossip.  Oh and I've been getting upto date with my washing.  Why?  Because we're off to Spain for a couple of weeks on Monday!!!

I've treated myself to a few new balls of yarn and have a holiday hooky project in mind.  By the way, does anyone know if I'll get this through customs and onto the plane?

I mean, seriously, you can do more damage to a person with a pencil.  To highlight my point, I stabbed D with my hook, "OWWWWWW, WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?"  Oops.

I'll leave you with a burst of colour from my 2011 archives ...

... and bid you a fond farewell for now and leave you with my heartfelt wishes for a wonderfully happy and healthy few weeks.

(You might recognise sunbathing monkey from my sidebar; it's a bit of a holiday joke that never gets old!)

Kisses, Hxxx

PS.  Apologies for close-up of my bottom! ;-)


  1. hi, my mother just went to America and was ok with plastic crochet hooks
    hope u enjoy your holiday

  2. Ha! Miss Sixty jeans and a crochet hook - busting the myth that only old ladies crochet. Love it!

    Have a fab holiday, I will try not to be jealous that you are heading off for sun, sand, tapas and wine...

    Come back and tell us what crochet project you're starting.

    Nicki xx

  3. We're off to spain just as you get back, we'll have to hi five in the airport (Malaga?)

    Email the airports you will be travelling to and from and email the airline. When I was cabin crew knitting needles and hooks were allowed on at the discretion of airport security. But 911 has happened since so I've been advised that you'd need to get permission in writing. They'll only throw it with glee in the bin. Such a bore! You'd get away with a plastic hook.

    Do you accept bloggy awards?


  4. I took a plastic crochet hook through customs no probs. Nice bum by the way lol :-)

  5. Have a lovely break - sending hugs to you all for a fab Summer xxx

  6. I was removing my husband's work overalls from the washing machine and out came a - hacksaw blade. Remarkable as he'd brought them home in hand luggage from England to Spain! I think you'll be fine with plastic. Gill

  7. Ooh have a gorgeous holiday darling!!!! Bring back some more sun for us, I am a worshipper of it and will definitely end up like that old woman in There's Something About Mary. Probably with her boobs too!!!!!!!
    Going to wear my red ring and hair slide tomorrow!! Ohhhhhhh can't wait!
    Hope all lovely at your end and yes I am sick of all the school stuff now.
    Loads of love
    Gem xx

  8. Award for you at mine wether you want it or not! Actually you've probably already had it but do have it again. Think of it as seconds ;oD


  9. I went to USA at Ester and took a metal hook through with no problem at all. I also took a Clover thread cutter, which was fantatic and would definitely recommend. Have a wonderful holiday

  10. First off, I want a pair of Miss Sixty jeans! Second, I traveled recently with a crochet hook and no problem.

    Third, I just found your blog through CountryRose's giveaway comments, and I love it!

    You are now a resident of my google reader!

    Sam (NotYourGramsAfghan.blogspot.com)


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