28 July 2011

A Lovely Time But Oh How I Missed My Own Bed ...

Como estas?

We're back from sunny southern Spain.  Boy, it was HOT.  You know, 'sweat pouring from every orifice and hurl yourself into the sea at every opportunity' hot!  We spent most of the time on the beach at Fuengirola, sunbathing, shell-seeking and swimming ...

We managed a few lovely jaunts around the historical parts of bougainvillea-draped Marbella ...

... showy Puerto Banus, holiday home to the rich and famous, (where I had a 'to die for' beef carpaccio, rocket and parmesan lunch) ...

and pretty Benalmadena ...

Other than the odd exception, we have been on a fish, water and wine diet!

I think I have Omega 3 and Rioja in equal quantities coursing through my veins!

I chickened out of taking my crochet in my hand luggage on the plane though it seems the general consensus is that plastic hooks are permitted.

I managed a little hooky at 'balcony time' (post-beach and shower, pre-going out for supper) ...

(I have, since this photo, done a lot more so will show you in my next post.)

Oh, and read these two books ...


I thoroughly enjoyed both (the title and cover of the Catherine Alliott book are misleading - they make it look a lot more frivolous than it actually is) and would highly recommend them as holiday reads.

So that's our holiday in a nutshell.  Two long and wonderfully relaxy weeks.

Here I am, back in Blogland, tanned with peeling boobs (didn't pack my inhibitions!), absolutely streaming with a snotty cold (bloody air conditioning on planes), skint, and soooooo looking forward to catching up with you all and your doings.

Before I potter off, a huge ♥THANK YOU♥ to the gorgeous Cuckoo for bestowing this on me ...

... in my absence.  I love your blog Cuckoo (and I did look out for you at Malaga airport!) so am completely delighted!

I know a lot of people already have this award but I should like to pass it on to Cathy at Pink Green if she'll accept it.  Cathy's was the very first blog I ever read and it inspired me to make the switch from lurking to blogging.  Trust me, trawl her archives, they're so moreish.

See you all soon.



  1. Wow, looks like you had a great time. :D

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. i like the look of those reads.
    hope you cold and,ahem, your peeling boobs are better soon xxx

  3. Trying hard not to think of you peely boobs and fishy insides.......hee hee.

    May have to come over for lots of advice re to do/not do the dog thing, if that's okay?

    Glad you are back bonny Heather.


  4. Beautiful photos- and I loved major pettigrews last stand, was the sweetest book!!

  5. Glad you had a good time. I've wandered round that marina at Benalmadena. V posh! Must look out those books xxx

  6. Fab hol photos and oh just look at that lovely hooky blanket. What wool did you use and pattern, I would love love love to make one :-)

  7. I LOVE to see images of food - holiday food is even better. How delicious those little fish look. As does you crochet! Welcome back.

  8. Just found your blog and am in love with it! Love your writing style. Definitely a follower! Have a great weekend! Lx

  9. Welcome back, Heather. Your photos are gorgeous, really special. It looks like you had a wonderful time - though I know that kind of heat can sometimes feel tooooo HOT!! I can remember coming out of an air conditioned supermarket in Spain once and feeling the outside air was like a grill! Nice to enjoy it for a while though! I love all the colours you captured in your pix, the crochet looks lovely, and I must check out those books.
    Helen x

  10. Looks like a wonderful holiday Heather, very relaxing! Love all your holiday photos, could just fancy a few weeks in the Med myself - sigh - maybe next year!
    Diet sounded excellent to me!
    Crochet is looking so pretty, look foward to seeing the next picx.
    Have just finshed reading One day in May myself funnily enough - thoroughy enjoyed it and agree with your comment on the cover and title.
    Enjoy the long summer hols - thats the beauty of an early hol, you've still got weeks ahead!
    Gill xx

  11. Great photos, looks like you had a brilliant time.
    I've read both those books and they are great reads.
    Michelle x

  12. Hello - welcome back. Am green with envy looking at your holiday photos - and am also completely LOVING the hooky project - gorge colours, looking forward to seeing more of it soon.
    Emily x

  13. Oooo I am envious. We went to Majorca in May and you've made me feel holiday-sick (if there's such a term!).
    I love that holiday feeling. Sand, bare toes, crochet!!

    Fish, water and wine? Bliss.

    Have a good weekend xx

  14. Peeling bazookas? Well! At least that means your boobies actually stay on your chest when you lie down. Unlike mine which slip down between my arms and creep under my back and would therefore never see any sunshine!!

    We are off in a week. I thought we were going this week but fortunately I got it wrong as I forgot to get Wilf a passport! I arrived yesterday. What a silly moo!

    Thank you for refering to me as gorgeous! That was kind of you. I'll tell you what is gorgeous, your crochet. Delish. What yarn is it?


  15. Welcome home sweet cheeks. Missed your update in my Blog Following thingy, so I checked in on you as thought you must be home by now!
    So glad you have had a lush time. I could NEVER go topless now. I am a FF cup (was a B on my wedding day) and would eclipse the entire beach!!!
    It all looks very very perfect, hope the peeling baps sort themselves out.
    x x x

  16. Hi there, I'm new to your blog but had a lot of fun sharing your vacation with you! :-) We're off on a camping trip in our 28 foot "caravan" in a week or 2.. waiting for the mosquitoes to die down! Here in Oregon.. Teresa

  17. Looks and sounds like you had a fab holiday! Glad you had a good time, but it is always nice to come home I find! Thank you for the award and the very kind words!
    Cathy XX

  18. hello! well Im glad I stopped by your blog today - your holiday snaps have cheered up a very stormy and torrentially rainy day here! How lovely it looks, sounds like you had a glorious time! Love the look of that ripple there too, smashing colours!
    Love Julia x x x

  19. Looks like you had loads of fun and relaxation! But I agree. Home's bed is always best ;-)

  20. oooh, adding stripy blanket to list of crochet wanna makes (so far not finished blanket # 1 but terribly ambitious!!!)
    boobs out you say? totally green with envy. if I got mine out on the beach they would be lying next to me like a couple of pals and I would have white patches on the top of my arms!
    fianlly got your blog on my sidebar - now I won't miss a thing...had forgotten how much I liked it over here!
    fee x


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