8 August 2011

Spanish Ripples ♥

(Warning - this post contains excessive amounts of colour!)

Remember the glimpse of something hooky in my last post?

Well ... those few coloursome ripples became my Spanish Ripple Cushion!!!

Come and see ...

I took, on holiday, a bag of my favourite Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK and set about making ripples following Lucy at Attic 24's Neat Ripple Pattern.  What a thoroughly soothing pattern it is too once you get into the rhythm.  Sitting on the sun-drenched balcony, overlooking the Mediterranean, a glass of wine to hand (seriously), I rippled my way through first one side and then the other.

Lucy actually backed her cushion with a thrifted sweater so I had to call on my own rusty initiative when it came to joining my two crocheted sides together.

After a few aborted attempts at one thing or another (and some really FILTHY words), I ended up double crocheting up the sides of each (two sets of two for each colour and four at each corner) and creating a sort of half ripple (combination of doubles, half trebles and trebles) along the bottom and top to 'straighten' the edges.  This was then followed by trebling all the way around ...

I then joined the two panels together by creating a double crochet seam ...

I'm soooo happy with how it looks.

The finished product?  Ta-doodly-da ...

My Spanish Ripple Cushion!  Do you like it?

It's so wonderfully squashy and, if I bury my face in it, I can still smell the factor 15 ... aaaahhhh.

Happy days.



  1. LOVE IT! Love the ripples, the colours and it together in all its glory! well done you!


  2. Love it. Love the colours. Jeez, I wish I could crochet... tried once and there were a few choice words thrown out. Crocheting hook now resides in the bottom of my sew bag...Lx

  3. Like it? I love it! You clever thing! XXXXX

  4. wowza its beautiful- you're so very talented x

  5. Its beautiful, the colours are so pretty.

  6. I love it!
    A great way to join the sides

  7. I did an Attic 24 rippled baby blanket for a friend... its a good pattern isn't it...
    that cushion looks wonderful... love the edging... and the colours are scrumptious! xx

  8. Love it! Beautiful in every way - colours and rippliness!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous!! Every colour sits together perfectly. Well done!

  10. Truly gorgeous! Well done, and just think of all those lovely memories attached to that cushion :-)

  11. that's beautiful!!! i'm working on a blanket at moment using the same ripple pattern and love the rhythm of it...

  12. Oooh, it's lovely!! I have an Attic24 ripple blanket on the go too, it's such a nice pattern....

    S x

  13. Wow! That is beautiful, makes me want to pick my crochet hook up :) x

  14. Wowsers! This is just gorgeous.
    I have the same pattern bookmarked for a 'one day...' project.
    Beautiful colour combos too.

  15. Love it :) Rippling is something I want to learn next in my crochet learning journey.

    Yes my hooks did come from ebay probably the same seller as you - think there was only one.

  16. Hi Heather

    Gorgeous cushion!
    Thanks for your comment over on my blog, it did indeed help :)

    Kayleigh x

  17. That is absolutely beautiful! :)
    Helen x

  18. proper cushion envy going on here...fee x

  19. Dear Heather,
    can you believe that I'm crocheting a blanket with same colors?? More than that, in the same sequence of colors?? As my blanket (in the same ripple stich...) your cushios is lovely!!! Adorable!
    P.S. I can show some pics of my blanket, if you like..

  20. Wow!! What a beauty! Love it. Gorgeous colours and you've done a fab job of joining the front and side, looks perfect. Did you just crochet the cushion pad in for good or can you get it out via a zip/button?

    I am going to have a go at this pattern soon, I think we are united in our love for mindlessly crocheting long lengths... I'm in the middle of my holiday crochet - trebling every spare minute I get!

    Very impressed you managed it with a glass of wine on the go too!

    Nicki xx

  21. Oh my goodness, this ripple cushion is so beautiful!! I love the colours and I think the way you finished it and joined the back and front together is really impressive - beautifully done!
    Helen x

  22. Oh! Stunning! How fabulous it is.

  23. That's lovely. I'd love to be able to crochet.

  24. Oh! Bloody lovely, bloody lovely. Bloody. Lovely. lovely. Sigh.......yarn envy. I'm as green eyed as your new scarf you're working on.


  25. hi,just found you through Cuckoo s blog,I LOVE the ripple cushion and seriously want one!I dont think Im up to ripple yet,looks too complicated.I ve joined your blog and am going for a nosey around now,love julie.x

  26. Que lindo que ficou.
    Acabei de fazer minha primeira manta ripple, venha ver e me seguir.

  27. This is amazing and lovely. Your blog is a pleasure to browse and see.


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