10 August 2011


There are two new additions to the front of our fridge freezer.

A rainy day gift for me from Blondie Daughter ...

(Ahhh, if only it was real.)

And this hair ...

Me: "Why is there a hair attached to the fridge?"

BD: "I pulled it out of my head.  It's special and I want to keep it forever.  It's my very first brown hair!"

I felt a little sad.  I don't want to have to rename her Mousy Daughter.

We had lots of garlic mash for supper tonight.  It's a sad indictment of the British summer that I'm craving winter food in August.

Thank you so much for all your crochet cushion compliments.  You're lovely you are.



  1. Are you going to print some off! lol! And the garlic mash - yum!

  2. It was mash potato here tonight too, I was only thinking how awfully sad that I wanted winter food!

    B xx

  3. I know what you mean about the weather affecting your choices; of course mine took the form of red instead of zinfandel. Such a wino!!!
    p.s loved your cushion scrabble queen. xx

  4. The kids had loads of boiled spuds and veg with fish tonight. Total comfort food. I however am in denial and had Convent Garden's Summer Soup of lettuce and cucumber. The carton design was more exciting than the taste....
    x x x x

  5. Any more of that cash lying around?!! LOL! Cx

  6. Just eaten huge veggie feast here! I know what you mean about winter food! Lizzie

  7. Hang on! I missed this one.

    Garlic mash YU-UM! Shame I joined slimming world yesterday, no more flinging half a packet of butter in!

    Hmmmmm, fancy being delighted about a brown hair. I spend a fortune getting mine blonded.



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