29 August 2011

When All Around You Are Losing Theirs ... Crochet!

Well, I won't lie, it's been a difficult summer.

Whilst my reason for having a blog is still a little fuzzy around the edges, I know here is not the place to elaborate fully.  I will stress though that my little family and I are all well.  We have been taught a lesson in life and now face a slightly different future to the one we had envisaged.  I'm not a great one for telling all, to my detriment I think.  Maybe I will one day; I'm so very tired of taking everyone's shit on the chin.

Suffice to say, my blog - and yours - continue to give me an enormous amount of pleasure.  Thank you so much.

Anyway, onto brighter things ..!  I've done far less in the garden than I'd hoped this summer.  It's looking very definitely tatty.  I've neglected the dead-heading and my watering has been a tad sporadic.  Hey ho, there's always next year!

Thank heavens for supermarket flowers to bring the outside in ...

How pretty are these asters?

They're sitting in the kitchen in all their pinkness and the joy they've given far exceeds the £2.99 price tag!  It's true what they say, "I'd rather have flowers on my table than diamonds around my neck".

There's been definite therapeutic hooky action.  A little iPhone cosy (the colours in the photos look a little washed out, sorry) in Sirdar Smiley Stripes and half-trebles 'in the round' which took less than an hour ...

I've also dipped my toe in the Pinterest puddle!  I'm exercising a little caution at the mo, it has the potential to be quite addictive me thinks!  Completely in love and inspired by a new-to-me blog and this pattern, a glimpse of my current scarf work in progress ...

The yellow frill is taking FOREVER.  Each stitch has three, four or five trebles in it.

I'm going to cover it in little clutches of brightly-coloured roses.

The green is a new Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo shade called 'Groovy Green' and I think it is possibly one of the most gorgeous yarn colours I've ever come across.

We've actually had a lovely relaxing bank holiday weekend despite the awful weather ...

We've been shopping - the nice browsy kind with the odd school necessity thrown in - and D treated me to a new Pip Studio towel ...

My kind Mum In Law took us out for a wonderful Sunday lunch yesterday, we've watched films and pottered.

(Ooh, I've just had to break off to peer through the window ... our next door neighbours have just come home from hospital with their brand new baby!!!  Sooooo sweet.)

Where was I?  Ah yes, I've also been going through some of my photos.  My little laptop is positively groaning under the pressure of so many of them.  I took this of D on our holiday in Spain ...

I just love it.  He's so engrossed in his book, he barely takes his eyes off it to slug his beer and certainly doesn't notice me taking a picture.  Plus he is wearing his new glasses.  It's still quite a novelty to see him in them ... is it normal to fancy your hubby like mad in specs?

The Blondies are back to school on Thursday and, to be quite honest, we're all looking forward to the return of routine.

Anyway, a little chatty catch-up and a hint of an explanation as to why I've been a little elusive.

Hope you've all had a super bank holiday weekend and that August has treated you kindly.  Here's to a serene September ...



  1. Hope you are ok Heather. Your phone case is fab and your scarf looks pretty great too. Your crochet always looks so perfect!

    I have admired all things Pip, I nearly gave in and bought the towels but in John Lewis the bath ones were £32 each! I settled on a mug and tea towell instead!

    Take care


  2. So sorry to hear you've been having a tough time with something, Heather. Your post today is lovely - so many gorgeous colourful photos. Asters are so delicious, especially that shade of pink. I love all your crochet, it is sooo inspiring!
    Hope you have a good week
    Helen x

  3. Those flowers are GORGEOUS! Hope things are looking up for you, as long as you are all healthy other stuff can be dealt with. x

  4. Hi Heather, love those Asters.....gorgeous. Your crochet is looking so pretty and I'm envious of your pip studio...fabulous things , very pretty .
    Hope the return to school goes OK. Mine are not back till next week.
    Jacquie x

  5. Ah my lovely, I've certainly missed you and wondered where you were, although we should never be slaves to the blog.
    I am currently too tired up with other stuff to do as many posts as I used to.
    Hope you are ok though and I think never divulge too much personal stuff on your blog.
    Love your flowers and adore the crochet. Something I just don't have time for either!!! Maybe when I retire.....I get time to do about a row - but admittedly that takes an age.
    Much love
    x x
    x x xx x

  6. I hope you are ok and that life settles for you soon - not nice when it throws a curve ball your way :-( Glad to see you find solace in crochet - gorgeous eye candy for us to look at. xxx

  7. Glad to see you! Sending a hug and positive thoughts! Life it sometimes a real B*tch but you are blessed with a beautiful family AND you can crochet too! What more can a gal ask for! ;-) xx

  8. I am very glad to see you back! You have missed MUCHLY!! The iphone cover is fab...a must-try I think! Cx

  9. Oh, I CANNOT wait for school to begin- I long for the routine again (and I know that 2 weeks in I will be cursing it!)
    Love your iPhone cosies- such pretty colours!
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  10. Hope things will look up for you as we move into the autumn...

    Lovely pics by the way!


  11. Glad that you and the family are well. That's the main thing. Otherwise I hope the autumn and winter are much better seasons for you. xxx

  12. Glasses. My husband has a pair that make him look so UGLY!! Fortunately he has a nice pair that make him look Ralph Lauren advert, if I squint and look out of the corner of my eye.

    I don't like to hear of your testing times. What I mean is I'm sad to hear you are still having a tough period. But good old crochet to the rescue hey! I did wonder if that sirdar striper hooked up into defined stripes or not.

    Ooooh I love rainbows. They remind me of my Darren, gone ten years now, I can hardly believe it. Rainbows, magical.

    Chin up, wipe off the shit and keep on smiling that gorgeous smile of yours.


  13. Sorry to hear you've had a rough time. Hope things all turn out for the best.
    Love those pink asters, so cheery!
    Loving all your hooky cleverness, that scarf does look a challenge, but so pretty.
    Lovely Pip studio towel, and hunky hubby ;) - handsome as well as generous!
    I know what you mean about hubbys and glasses - mine looks sexier in his reading glasses too (especially when he peers over them)!
    Gill xx

  14. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the iPhone cozy. Now, if I just had an iPhone...

    The little rose is fab, can't quite figure out how you made it. It looks like a chain stitch wound round and round. Good job!


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