9 November 2011

Little Owl

Do you like my little owl?

I bought him from Marks and Spencer this morning.  I couldn't not.  Look at that little flat face.

Blondie Daughter (just turned 10) is "not sure whether or not" she believes in Father Christmas.  "Well, if you don't mind, I shall keep leaving him a mince pie and glass of Baileys" I say, "because I absolutely do."  She really, really wants to believe but her friends keep telling her otherwise.  Big displays in shops emblazoned with 'Stocking Filler' signs don't help my cause.  Just a thought.


7 November 2011

Frustrated ...

Dearie me, how is it November already?

I do hope you're all well and embracing the nip in the air.

My dear old laptop has been having some trouble.  Truth be told, it is getting on a bit and has been struggling doing it's normal laptoppy-type things.  I'm a little frustrated but empathetic - I turn the big 4-0 next month and, to be honest, I don't always function as seamlessly as I used to! ;-)

Whilst my laptop undergoes a thorough tinkering of the technical kind, I shall be resigned to snatching the odd half hour on D's iPad to keep up with your doings but am unable to post properly.  I have lots to show and tell so, wind in the right direction, will be back very soon ...