15 January 2012

Just A Normal Sunday Afternoon ...

D's making bread, following a recipe in his Great British Bake Off book ...

Blondie daughter is playing with new toys of the Moshi variety ...

... and reclaiming old and far-too-small ones ...

Blondie son is doing his homework ...

and I'm playing with crochet ...

... oh, and writing up my first crochet tutorial ...

... should be ready for tomorrow!

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday.



  1. sounds like a great weekend is being had ;0) i love the smell of freshly baked bread, nom nom nom xx
    thank you for your kind comments much appreciated xx

  2. Sounds like the perfect Sunday afternoon! I can't wait to see what the crochet tutorial is for - I may be coming out of my crochet slump!! XX

  3. Oh now that sounds like a right relaxing Sunday and far nicer than ours! Which consisted of cleaning for flipping useless viewers again!!! Looking forward to reading your tutorial :)

    Jo x x x

  4. everyone loves a tutorial!

    like the feel of this post heather...have a lovely rest of Sunday and a good new week
    fee ♥

  5. I love that moshi monster picture. My boys love them

  6. Happy Sunday!
    Sounds like you have had a lovely relaxing day and I bet that bread turned out well! x

  7. Happy Sunday to you! There is nothing like the smell of fresh bread.

    Lou x x x

  8. Sounds like a lovely Sunday afternoon, you gotta love the smell of freshly baked bread wafting around the house!
    Looking forward to seeing your tutorial.

    Ashley xxx

  9. Sounds like you are having a perfect weekend. Looking forward to seeing your crochet tutorial.
    Carol xx

  10. Sounds like a very relaxing sunday,hope you enjoyed.Love Jill xx

  11. I have been baking with my daughter this afternoon, lovely cosy activity for a chilly afternoon!

    Cant wait to see the tutorial...

    BTW Im doing a birthday giveaway (hence the cakes!!) on my little blog, it would be lovely if you joined in!


  12. arghhhh Moshi monsters I am finding them everywhere including in my shoes ! not funny when you have a one year old ramming all he can get his hands on in his mouth . love the look of that blanket i do wish i could crochet !!!

  13. Sundays are great, aren't they? So nice to get a chance to step back a bit and appreciate the small, domestic things for a change.
    Looking forward to the tutorial - how exciting to have something new to try out!
    Emily x

  14. Oh Heather what a picture of domestic bliss! I loved watching the Great British Bake-Off on telly - we just had season 1 here in NZ - so I can imagine your baking is simply devine. What a cosy, yummy thing to do on a weekend. Becks x

  15. Hi Heather I loved all your pictures of your Sunday. The crochet looks so pretty....and I am now wondering why I haven't got a pink mixing bowl??
    Helen x


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