5 January 2012

Parenting in 2012 ...

Me: "Right guys. What do you fancy doing today?"

Blondie Son: "I know.  How about I try and play Xbox for 10 hours straight without vomiting?"


There was a twinkle in his eye but I swear he meant it.



  1. I am sorry but that made me laugh out loud :-) x

  2. too too familiar for me I'm afraid.
    Me: 'anyone want to get out the paint by numbers?'


    Oh well, at least I get control of the TV dibber
    fee x

  3. My middle son's standard response to questions like that is: 'I want to poo on mummy's head'. Vomit? Poo? Maybe it's a boy thing...
    Emily x

  4. That did make me laugh!

    Lou x x x

  5. Lol - my five year old asked for the iPod to play games yesterday, while waiting for her dinner to cool down... 'Erm, no. You can talk to me." ...

  6. Just 10 hours - what a wimp ;) *joking*

    Am sure when my 2 returned to school on Wednesday their hands suffered from gadget withdrawl symptoms!! I think calculators had to become game controller substitutes!!

  7. Thats so funny my son is the same honestly he would only come off his xbox for food if he could xx

  8. I think your post title is really appropriate! It is a new day & age. Your newest follower, Laura

  9. Great post - made me laugh out loud and boy can I relate! My son is such a moaning myrtle somedays...

    Hang in there hon!

  10. I'm jealous, cannae do anything for a solid ten hours except sleep!
    My two are on the PS3 as I write, hogging the telly, AGAIN!! Back to school on Monday. Yay!!!

    P.s if that dog chasing deer thing had the owner shouting after it a lot, I saw it on something (9 out of 10 cats maybe?)and I did laugh and laugh, that bloke was funny.

  11. I have done that! Lol! I wish I had 10 hours sparre nowdays!
    I'm a bit late in popping over to wish a very Happy New Year to you and your family, I hope 2012 is kind to you and that you get all you could possibly wish for xxx

  12. Happy New Year! I laughed out loud - it touched a chord with me too. Ruth would spend every waking moment on some form of computer gadget if I let her!
    Btw, I am hoping my boredom with crochet is only temporary as I am half way through a blanket, but I think a change is as good as a rest, so I'm all for the knitting at the mo!! XX

  13. I'm laughing... and remember he'll grow out of it! ;-) Make that your mantra for the next few years. It works for me.



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