7 February 2012

The One In Which I Give You A Looksee ...

Phase one of 'room swap' is just about done.

Blondie Daughter has given me permission to invite you in to her new blue room for a quick peek ...

I love this picture.  It's a rainbow fairy BD drew when she was six.

Floppy, bedecked in crochet scarf, strongly approves of his new home ...

I found these Ikea mirror tiles in a charity shop basket for £1 a few years ago.  I lovingly prised
the bloody things them off the wall, cleaned them up and have reapplied them.  (Go on, put your hands up, who would have painted AROUND them?!) ...

(I had an overwhelming sense of deja vu when I took the photograph on the left so had a rummage through my blog pictures of two years ago and found the right hand picture!)

I've left conversation to a minimum for this post.  I'm terribly one-track minded and devoid of witty repartee when I'm in the midst of a project.  Such things as meals, laundry, snow and chat serve only to distract.

I do however have a story of a little mouse to share with you very soon.


PS.  Be sure to stride confidently along the icy pavements - it's ALWAYS the teeterers who go base over apex!


  1. I find staying just the coherent side of pissed keeps me upright!!! Ha ha! ;o)

    I love that shade of blue and I wouldn't mind having BD's bedlinen for myself but Mr C will have no girlie stuff in our bedroom, I have told him a real man would let me have florals and chintz and he said he didn't care! Humpf.


  2. I really love your outfit on the left-hand photo. REALLY love it. What exactly are you wearing please? The long top, slouchy jumper and long necklace are sooo right up my street. You clearly don't show us enough pics of yourself. Probably a good job, I'm likely to get a crush on you :)

    BD's room looks so fresh and pretty - love the linen! Although I do feel cold just looking at the electric fan... It's blinking freezing in our house!

    Nicki xx

  3. The comment about painting around the mirrors made me chuckle as I quite sure my OH would paint around, if I let him that is! :) x

  4. Such a cute bedroom, would quite like it for myself!And oooops yep, I am known to paint round things, drives Q mad it does.....you are a lady to be reckoned with in the decorating sense..........hope she's pleased with her room.
    nattie x

  5. I think I might move into Blondie's room, the colour is fab. I like both of your outfits....

    I can't wait for the mouse story.....

    Lou xxx

  6. What lovely bed linen and blue, blue walls. No ice here after a pathetic amount of snow on Saturday. x

  7. What a pretty room - wonder how long it will be tidy? Is your craftroom next?

  8. The blue walls and gorgeous bedlinen go together perfectly. Bet she loves it.

  9. Love the room. Please please tell me how to put a line through words x x

  10. Such a beautiful room, love the colour and the furniture :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  11. What a lovely room. Wish I had a space like that. Loving the bedding too. Right, better go tidy up now before the husband gets home. Don't want him to think i've just been drinking tea and daydreaming all day!


  12. Lovely room, blue is a nice change to pink and the room still looks girlie and pretty! Love the rainbow fairy what a clever BD! I always fall on my bum in the snow! I'm not a teeterer, I just have poor balance lol!!! I carry those spikes that go over your boots they are great untill you walk on normal pavement then you feel like your walking in rugby boots!

  13. Gorgeous room - I love the shade of blue and the bedlinen is so pretty. I would have painted around the mirrors and then been cross with myself, but when I'm decorating I hate it so much I just want to get it over and done with the quickest way possible!! I love your outfit btw - a very lovely combination. I'm headed your way over half term so if there are any local shops where one can pick up such fashion treasures please let me know! XX

  14. Mmm, all looks lovely and fresh! Lucky daughter.
    Thanks for the icy tip. Been there, done that, ouch!

  15. Loving the new look room :D

    Not so sure about the striding confidently ... that and flat soled boots was always the way I tackled ice, until last year when a patch I didn't see sent my base over my apex and about six feet down the road, bouncing my head against the ground behind it. I'd not have travelled so far if I'd been teetering! Go safely, however you go :D

  16. The room is looking so beautiful! Really gorgeous!

  17. Your daughter's new bedroom looks absolutely gorgeous! I love it all! Such a pretty shade of blue for the walls, and how sweet everything looks put together, I'm sure she loves it!
    have a happy week.
    Helen x

  18. Gorgeous shade of blue, the room looks lovely!
    Loving that floral clock too!
    I hope your daughter loves her new room!

    Gill xx

  19. Lucky lady, gorgeous blue walls, white furniture and pink bed linen, I'm very jealous x x

  20. Really pretty. Love the bed linen. Just wondering how I can swap our rooms round, now the girls are not here much! xx

  21. Ohhh it's all so pretty . The blue sets everything off perfectly and I LOVE the clock :0)
    Jacquie x

  22. Thank you for the icy pavement advice! The combination of blue and pink is absolutely stunning! Pink flower garlands, beautiful drawing from your daughter and that BLUE! Well done! A total success story of a bedroom.


  23. OMG it is delightful! I just love the contrast of the blue walls with all the pretty pink things - gorgeous! Becks x

  24. Hello, Heather! This room is so beautiful!
    And I’m passing on to your blog “The Versatile Blogger” award if you wish it. Take a look here: http://olgasoleil.blogspot.com/2012/02/one-more-award.html
    Have a nice day!
    Olga ☼

  25. So pretty, I love the bedding x and your advice about teeterers made me laugh,I am like a constipated chicken walking on the slippy stuff....hmm I'll leave you with that lovely thought x have a good weekend x x x

  26. Hi ,thankyou for your lovely comments over at my blog,i wish i did have some elves to help!!
    Your posts always make me smile ,your very funny and the bedroom is gorgeous ,i love the colours and my daughter loves the bedding ,lovely lovely blog always a joy to read xxx


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