11 February 2012

Thank You x

Just thought I'd pop in to say a quick "hello".

I've spent most of the afternoon sitting on my beanbag crocheting.  I've now got stiff shoulders and my bum has gone to sleep.  Ah well.  It may not be the healthiest pastime but it sure is one of the most blissfully colourful.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, whatever you're doing.

I would like, before I go, to say a very big 'thank you' to Sally from Lavender Attic and Olga from There Where Is Soleil for my recent blog awards.  Seriously, I am tickled pink!  I'm supposed to pass it on to 15 newly-discovered blogs but permission to be a lazy lump and dedicate it to all the blogs I follow? :-)  It gets harder to think of seven interesting things so I'll indulge in a few basics:-

1.  I am 40 and loving it.
2.  I will have been married to D for 14 years on Valentines' Day.
3.  I have two children - a son of 13 and a daughter of 10.
4.  I am the eldest of four children, having three younger brothers.
5.  I am 5ft 6" with size 5.5 feet.
6.  I am one of the most unsporty people you will every meet, though I love to dance and can still almost do the splits!
7.  I am most definitely a home bird.

Thank you again girls.

See you soon.



  1. The simple answers are the best! Sometimes the things we choose to tell say most about us! Loving your snugglt pictures too!

  2. Great facts, lovely! I'm the same height and have the same size feet as you. Have a lovely weekend. Xx

  3. Brilliant facts Heather, and well done on your award.
    Love your style by the way, you always look really beachy and chilled out. And cosy!
    Glad you had such a relaxing weekend, its cold out there. Nice to snuggle indoors (I say this, but have been out ALL afternoon, visiting a funky indoor market and watching the waves crash in and enjoying a post of shopping).
    Nice to be back in the warm.
    Lots of love x xx

  4. Glad to hear 40 is good. Not long to go for me!
    Have agood weekend

  5. Such fab facts!
    I am so glad that there is someone else out there who is unsporty!! I can't stand the idea of going to the gym and all my friends seem to love it. I prefer a walk on the downs or a boogie any day!!

    BTW, love the colours on that crochet!
    What yarn are you using?- it looks really vibrant!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Loving that piece of hooky so far! What is it going to be? Can't wait to see!

  7. Hey Heather, what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.....love the yarn colours.

    Always interesting to read 5 facts about bloggers....like you I'm a home bird too.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

    Claire :}

  8. I'm not and never have been a sporty person either except for lovely long wwalks and the occasional bike ride!! Nice to read a few facts about you, Lucey x

  9. Lovely refreshing blog to read on this cold Sunday in February and beautiful colourful crochet too!

    I feel inspired to make an entry on my blog! julieeastbespokecurtains.blogspot.com

  10. Congratulations on your awards although you may not get the unsportiest person prize: that would go to me, I think.

    Beautiful yarn colours and a fabulous way to spend an afternoon in my opinion.

    Wishing you a lovely new week.


  11. Hello !!!

    I loved your blog...beautiful !!!

    I'll follow you!!!



  12. Heather you have such a lovely attitude to life (and to being 40 - me too). I've only just started following you, but your blog is gorgeous :-)

    Becks x

  13. Hi We share the same Christain name and I'm in my 40's with a boy and a girl of 26 and 17(Still my babies and always will be!)
    Just started following your lovely little blog. We have a puppy too a sproker spaniel called Benji Boo!

  14. Your crochet looks fab, and I need to know where your top is from - the fabric looks gorgeous. I've still got 2 days left in Leicestershire so if it is from somewhere local let me know asap!!!!! It's nice to get to know some more facts about you too, my friend! XXX

  15. Sitting all afternoon on a beanbag and crocheting sounds like the healthiest kind of pastime to me! I am intrigued to know what you are hooking...?


  16. Crocheting all afternoon - aaah that sounds just perfect. Even if it means a numb bum at the end of it! I love what you're working on - great colours. Have a fab week.

  17. Love the crotchet...something I have always wanted to try as I used to see my Great Aunt and her daughter do it all the time when I was growing up. I think I saw some steps on another post of your so I will check them out.

    Helen x

  18. Okay, so I love these, but what do you do with your pesky little tails from each row. I struggle with them.


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