21 February 2012

Spring Colours

Half term last week already seems like a distant memory.

Necessities like hair cuts, library visits and new school shoe shopping mixed with indulgent slow pottering mornings.  It was just lovely (she says misty-eyed, selectively forgetting the bickering, the mess and the doubled supermarket bill!)

One dry and bright day, the Blondies and I decided to catch the bus into town.  I thought it would be a bit more fun than driving and parking.  £11!!!  We only live about 2 miles away from the city centre.  I used to be able to catch the bus for 32p return.  And, no, that's not old money!  Honestly, no wonder people are reluctant to use public transport.

It just so happens that we alighted right outside Primark so we popped in for a browse.

I remember both Vanessa and Jane blogging about the Pip Studio-lookalike towels and tea-towels, so I was dying to have a look.  Too pretty and reasonable to resist, a couple did come home with us.  Look what else we bought ...

Candles for £1.50 each.  Aren't the tins gorgeous?  They smell lovely too.

We also picked up these canvasses for Blondie Daughter's bedroom ...

Oh I do love a little shopping spree.


D and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary on Valentines' Day.  I cooked D's favourite supper (pasta with smoked salmon in garlic, cream and white wine liberally scattered with toasted pine nuts) and he supplied the bottle of Sancerre and flowers.  We sat cuddled up on the sofa afterwards and reminisced our way through our wedding photos.


I absolutely love this time of year.  Spring is lurking just around the corner.  I so want to throw open the windows and watch pretty bedding flapping on the washing line.

I'm still loving my tulips.  Indulgent or not, as soon as one bunch goes over, I buy another.  Particularly now I have my new Greengate jug ...

I managed to win it on Ebay for less than a third of it's retail price - RESULT! - it was an unwanted Christmas gift apparently (ehhh?)

The crochet you may have glimpsed in my last post is progressing slowly.  It's another cushion cover; this time a rectangle just over twice the length of my cushion which will fasten envelope style.  Well, that's the plan.  I'm having a love affair with double crochet (US single) at the moment and always adore these Sublime Cashmere Merino colours.

Have a lovely, colourful day.



  1. Such gorgeous spring colours in this post...I love it! It's all very inspiring. Love, love, love your Greengate jug....how on earth can anyone not want a Greengate gift for Christmas!!!? My brain can't compute that. Love the colours you're using for your cushion cover too and what a great idea to make an envelope style cover....I think I'm going to have to have a go at that as well *adds another project to the crochet list* :D

    Jo x x x

  2. O wow! I noticed the canvases in Primark last time I was in and yesterday they had the bedding in the window with a floral union jack cushion! I love those candles in tins, so cute. Beautiful jug too, loving the polka dots x

  3. Flipping LUSH!!!!!! How much were those canvasses in Primark? I love them. Happy Anniversary to you both, 14 years! That's wonderful.
    Well don on winning the jug, how DO people get rid of such lush things?
    Lovely colours, making me feel all warm and sunny.
    x x x

  4. Great buys from Primark sweetie :) love your crocheting and the jug of tulips is just gorgeous!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Oooh I'm feeling all "spring-like" after reading your post! :-) I love your jug but even more I love the colours of your cushion? Which colours are they? Absolutely gorgeous. Must checkout the tea towels in Primark as I am planning a new crocheted bag which will need lining with something pretty :-)

  6. Happy Anniversary, love your flowers, jug and cushion cover!!
    All so beautiful!

  7. Hi Heather,

    Thanks so much for your comment over on my blog :) so glad you popped over - I have seen your icon/comments on other people's blogs and I've always meant to come over and say hello but never have until now, you know how it is! Anyway, am loving your greengate bargain, if I'd have known, I'd have been bidding against you (though I always lose ebay bidding wars no matter how much I bid)! Gorgeous tulips, and I love your stripey cushion too, it's going to look fabulous when it's finished :) Jenny x

  8. How can anyone not like a greengate jug! :-/ don’t you just love good old Primark at the mo...

    Happy Anniversary......
    I love the look of your blanket!

    Lou xxx

  9. I love your shopping finds - what treasure's and so pretty! Oh I wish we had primark downunder! Your anniversary sounds like it was magical (and so yummy!), congratulations hon! Becks x

  10. I love your new purchases, all bright and airy and set for spring.
    Anne xx

  11. Primark? Really truly? I never see anything nice in ours but then I do tend to rush in and out with a single focus. I shall have to explore, and there is a very good cupcake shop handily close to it.

    And I do think it's jolly unfair to show those glorious colours when I've just spent a small fortune (don't tell Mr DC) on Rowan Handknit cotton which is destined to go the same way as yours. Delicious.

    Belated Happy Anniversary!

  12. Oooooh such a yummy post! Firstly.....fab Greengate bargain find! I keep going back to primark. It's a big store but I think they no my name after the last couple of weeks. I'm such a sucker for pretty....and if it's cheap pretty, well i'm a gonner!

    Gorgeous crochet too. Lovely colour combo, will look awesome all finished and plumpy!

    Have a super wednesday!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. The primark stuff is fabulous isn't it!!! love your purchases!

  14. Thank you for the sidebar mention! Mwah!


  15. Such joy to behold! A lovely cheerful post. Just what I needed after a relatively hectic day. Our half-term starts next week. Here in France there are three separate zones which are on holiday on staggered dates. We are last and I can assure you that since early January it has been a very long haul.

    Ho hum. I must stop rabbiting on. Have a lovely weekend.


    ps I don't know if you are aware or not I am having a giveaway. One of the gifts is from the French paper artist Miss Clara and it's really beautiful. I thought I should let you know.

  16. What a terrible price for the bus fare! No incentive for people to leave their cars at home.
    You got some great buys there - I love the pretty candles!

    The Greengate jug looks lovely with the tulips - so springlike, and sounds like you got another bargain.

    Lovely cheerful post, thankyou!

  17. Lovely, pretty tins and your Greengate jug is a wonderful find..Lovely colours in your crochet too...I am a real fan of Sublime yarns!....xx
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  18. Such a gorgeous cushion cover to round off a great post of lovely treats!
    Primark can serve up some winning stuff every now and then, can't it?!
    Good on you!

  19. I can't believe anyone would not want that glorious jug! Lucky you.

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  20. The colours for your cushion are gorgous - your crochet is very neat :) Love the Primark finds x

    Leah xxx

  21. Unwanted Greengate? An oxymoron surely? How lucky you were. That jug is on my wish list. I love the table cloth and, of course, the crochet. Ahhhhhhhhh.


  22. We are new bloggers and reallly enjoy the array of pinks in your photographs! The crochet is very fun. We have some crochet flowers that we've made into pins. They make cute decorations. Very lively post!

  23. what a beautiful site you have!! just happened upon it ... love your photos to bits!


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