4 March 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - February 2012

Better a little late than never, I have finally completed my Scavenger Hunt photos for February.  I must admit I did struggle a bit this month so one or two maybe a little tenuous!

5 inches!

(Couldn't resist including this photo - Bertie is SO not supposed to be on the sofa!)

The Champs Elysees.

TENUOUS ALERT ... Bellini's Madonna And Child featuring three cherubs.  The very nearest to Cupid I could get I'm afraid!!  I took this photo at The Louvre in December.

Our local park last Wednesday ... TENUOUS ALERT ... which also happened to be 29th February of this Leap Year!

The 'leaping' part of Leap Year!!  My son looking like Billy Elliot!

Fried egg on toast - yum!

Corfe Castle in Dorset.

Another view from our lounge window.  The sun was sinking in the sky and it's glow was catching the edges of the heavy clouds - stunning!

Gorgeous card!

My son's keyboard.

One of the treasured trains my son inherited from my late Father In Law, his grandfather.

Roll on March ...



  1. What is this scavenger hunt that everyone is doing, I don't understand it and must have missed something somewhere!
    Great pics though, love the pic of your man and Bertie!!!
    x x

  2. Thanks for your comment :)

    It was a challenging list wasn't it?! I really thought it would be my first scavenging fail but I did sort it all out in time!

    I think you're photos are great, well done!

  3. Great photos, I love all of them!

  4. In the sky is stunning and Bertie is soooo gorgeous!

  5. Is Bertie the dog or hubby??????

  6. Lovely photos. Am with Gem - what scavenger hunt is everyone doing? I'd like to take part next time.

    Hope you're having a happy weekend! Man, it's raining here today. Cats and dogs.

    Nicki xx

  7. Re your comment over at mine, I am shocked to the core. I didn't know Elspeth Thompson had died. Been meaning to email her since I was given the book to say it has brought me much happiness. I feel really sad now.
    She was a beautiful woman, inside and out.
    x x x xxx

  8. Black and White. Swoon! No wonder he still does it for you ;oD

    Strange question. Where are your sons shoes from? They are just the things I'd like my boys to llok dapper in. Love them. Mr C would too!

    My Mother in law was just looking over my shoulder and said "Ooooh That looked good" when I scrolled over your fried egg shot. What camera do you use? Great pics.


    1. I love your photos. Bertie is so cute and on the sofa with the master too! :) I love the one of your son leaping. Oh how I wish that I had the energy to leap like that.
      Have a great week,
      Anne xx

  9. These photos are gorgeous!!!
    Now I'm hungry for fried egg!

  10. A great group of photos, like your love and food shots.

  11. Great photos hon - my favourite ones are your very handsome young son (such style!) and darling Bertie having a snuggle with your hubby. Gorgeous! Becks xxx

  12. Lovely photos - the one of your hubby and Bertie is sooo cute. That dog so knows he's not meant to be there - you can tell by the look on his face! I fancy egg on toast for tea now! XX

  13. What a stunning collection of photos, Heather! I enjoyed each one of them, you did a great job! Hope the playground mother incident in the last post has resolved now...sending you big sympathetic hug there!
    Have a lovely sunny week.
    Helen x

  14. That picture of the sky is wonderful. And I love the dog on the sofa. We've given up trying to keep our lot off the sofas, we just throw big thick blankets over to protect the leather.

  15. Really enjoyed your lovely variety of photos ~ and like other commenters, I am in need of an egg on toast after looking at that shot! Your son radiates pure joy, and your dear ones on the sofa look so cozy! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog too, where, if you wish, you can now meet Quigley!


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