18 July 2013

A Little Bit In Love With Lima (And Some Playful Wrist Warmers)

I think I'm quite late to the Drops party.

I was shopping around my new favourite yarn website (consistently superb delivery service - my own unbiased opinion) for an inexpensive wool-mix yarn and came across Drops Lima in the loveliest muted shades.

DROPS Lima is a 4 strands sport yarn, and a continuation of our great success and bestseller DROPS Nepal. The fibers are untreated, which means that they are only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to the dyeing. This highlights the fibers’ natural properties, while it provides also a better shape and texture quality.

Lima can be used with advantage for outdoor garments like classic Norwegian sweaters and sportswear, that are usually knitted tight for good shape stability. This hard wearing and durable wool quality is combined with the lovely and comfortable properties that the alpaca is known for. A sport yarn with a little bit more luxury!

DROPS Lima contains mixed colours, this means the wool is manufactured by carding the colours together before spinning, which gives it a mixed effect.

"Well that looks nice" I thought.  (Though let's face it, there's nothing quite like being able to poke, fondle and bury your face in yarn to really tell.)
"£2.00 a ball?" I thought.
"Why not?" I thought and ordered a ball in each of my five favourite colours.

Why not indeed?  It's lush and I'm a little bit in love with it.

I was dying to have a 'play' so naturally selected my namesake first (Heather) and, it being one of the hottest days of the year, decided to make a pair of easy wrist warmers!!!

I opted for a simple rib effect which is just plain old double crochet (US single crochet) worked in the back loops only.  The rib stitch gives quite a lot of stretch to the crochet which I like for wrist warmers - rather than looking too 'tubey', they will stretch with the contours of your hand and wrist.

Anyway, if you're interested, I simply crocheted two identical rectangles (one for each wrist warmer) just like this ...

Edited to add : I think the heat got to my brain when I was adding the details to this picture! Firstly, I've used US terminology for some reason (?) and secondly, I actually double crocheted (in back loops only) 18, chained 8, skipped 8 and double crocheted (blo) 4.  Sorry.

... and then, bringing the first row up to meet the final row on each one, double crocheted them together.  You could of course slip stitch or sew them - whichever takes your fancy.

Rather frustratingly there wasn't quite enough yarn in one ball to complete the pair so I did have to order another.  However, I figure they cost about £2.50 in total to make.

You could wear them plain or have a little fun decorating them.  I was rummaging through my button drawer and came across a little packet of floral Cath Kidston badges.  Ooh pretty.

Then, because I was in a slightly playful mood, I selected a ball of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and made a little frill along the joining seam - just three half trebles (US half doubles) in each stitch.

What do you think?

I may crochet a frill on the other one, maybe in a different colour, but I may not.



  1. Oooh how lovely. Glad to see that good weather doesn't stop play ! Katex

  2. Either way they are simply devine! and what lovely hands you have, perfect for modelling your new project. Thank you for sharing how you went about making them x

  3. I couldn't get over the price of the drops yarn. Did have to order over £25 to get that free postage though.....

  4. Gorgeous colour, if you do another frill how about green? Wish I could crochet.

  5. I prefer them without the frill,lovely colour but I personally would add thumbs,its just my own preference but I cant stand wearing them without thumbs.

  6. Wow I love the colours of your wool. They are my favourite! I love your wrist warmer too : )

    Gemma x

  7. The yarn looks and sounds very beautiful, I will make a note of it! Your wrist warmers are gorgeous, such a pretty shade, and the little frill is adorable, and the cute floral badges are inspired!
    Helen x

  8. Ooo I blimmin love these!
    Am bookmarking this now for an autumn project.
    Have a great week
    Sarah x

  9. Oh Heather, these are so cute!! I love the frill on it. The price of that yarn is really good considering they are not synthetic and it seems really soft. I will have to pop round the yarn website to have a look. I recently bought some cotton yarn from the yvestown shop (check the great blog) as they had a summer sale of 30% and the prices were also a great bargain.
    At the moment it is so hot that I am not able to do any wooly stuff. For this summer I am planning to continue with a paper piecing hexagon fabric project that I started last summer and I will crochet more of your great bunting with cotton. Love the pics of you with your new glasses in your previous post, especially the one where you are winking! Have a nice weekend! I am trying to study at the moment and it is soo hot that it is not easy to concentrate (hence I'm here....he,he...) Pati x

  10. Ha ha, I'm late to the Drop party too. What were we saying on I the other day?! Just working with some Safran for the first time. I like it though. Lima looks lovely and soft and snuggly, and I love your pattern. One to try... but when it's cooler I think! :)

    S x

  11. ooh they are a beauty. I love Drops too - and their patterns.
    And you can never ever have too many wrist warmers...fee x

  12. Wow these are lovely, I think I'm a little in love with that yarn too, such wonderful colours. Note to self I must no buy anymore yarn ;)
    Clare x

  13. Hi Heather! I love your wrist warmers! I'm glad I'm not the only one doing some unseasonal crafting! I'm knitting socks! We're bonkers...the pair of us. Big hugs to you xxxx

  14. Oh my word!!!! Very spooky! We're quite often spooky though, you and I! Have you noticed? Maybe we were separated at birth! xxxxx

  15. I am in love with the same website and bought some lima a few weeks ago I also love the Drops Paris which is a 100% cotton and a crazy price of £1.25 - I just ordered a load more today. Hope you have a fun holiday and love your friends apple brooch - so talented.
    Sue x

  16. That yarn looks gorgeous, I love the soft muted colours you have chosen. Your writs warmers are so lovely, I like them with the little frill and CK badge, so pretty. Thank you for sharing how you made them.
    M x

  17. I love these. I keep hearing about Drops yarn but still haven't bought any - I'm trying to work my way through my current stash before buying any more. I need to exercise some self discipline! They actually look easy enough for me to make too. x

  18. These are TOO DARN CUTE!!!!!

  19. Love the wrist warmers, I'm glad I'm not the only one still crocheting woollies, with this weather you can never tell when you will need them, I'm in the middle of a scarf!! Love reading your blog, k x

  20. Love these, the frill especially! I must try the Lima, to date I've only used Drops alpaca yarns.

  21. Love the colour ans the frilly edge on these... I too have been woolly things making in the heatwave. Though I live in scottish countryside so will be winter in about a week hehe x

  22. I just love your simple, but prettily effective, wrist warmers. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern! They've come just in time for the cooler temperatures! Love the ruffle and the colours you chose! Ruffles in different colours would be really fun!

  23. Hi! I love your wrist warmers. Very sweet, and I love the frill and the pretty, flowery, brooch-like thing. Its so lovely, but I can't remember the word. I have trouble getting patterns for warmers to fit higher up on the arm. I need mine to reach just below the elbow, and the tops simply don't stretch. I believe your technique will make a lovely upper cuff, or entire fingerless glove! Problem solved! Thank you! One small question regarding sc and dc and the patterns actual construction. It looks to me like you used UK dc, US sc as the stitch, blo of course. Have I gotten it right? Ooh! Can't wait to make a pair that WILL stretch to fit!

    1. Hi Maschelle. I do hope you come back here to check if I've replied - I can't reply directly to your comment. Yes, I have used UK dc (US sc) in the back loops. I'm pretty sure this pattern will be perfect for you - it does have a lovely stretch. x

  24. I love them ! Am making them as well, and put a link to your blog on mine ! Thank you for the pattern !


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