13 July 2013

School's Out For Summer

Well, we made it!

School's officially out for summer and, gosh, does it feel good!

Blondie Daughter went off yesterday morning clutching, amongst other things, two apple brooches; one for each of her Year 6 teachers.  (Handmade by my lovely talented pal Ali and currently for sale in her new Etsy shop.)

Blondie Son refused point blank to even take a card for his Year 9 teacher.  Honestly, you'd think I'd suggested he propose to her.  Aren't 14 year old boys funny?

Ooh, I do love the summer holidays.  I love not having to get up and pack lunches at 6:30am.  I love the break from the school run.  I love that the afternoons feel so much longer.  I love the ceremonial dumping of hanging-by-a-thread school shoes and seen-better-days uniform.

However.  Years of experience have taught me that, in three or four weeks time, after hearing "I'm sooo bored" several hundred times and refereeing endless squabbles, I will be sorely tempted to drop both children back at school whether it's open or not!!!

Haven't we had the most glorious weather here in the UK this week?  It looks set to continue for a little while which is fabulous news.  Historically, the beginning of the school holidays heralds grey skies and rain.  I think we only managed a couple of alfresco meals last year.

Our little garden is looking lovely and colourful at the moment.  (Any droplets of water you see are from the watering can and not rain!)

I was precariously close to this bee as it went about it's buzzy business on my dahlias.  Anything for a photo though!

I'm thrilled with my Nasturtiums.  I grew them from seed and, at one point, did wonder if they were ever actually going to flower.  Only this last week have the long tendrils appeared bearing a rainbow of flowers.  Their petals are edible (quite hot and peppery) and delicious in salads, not to mention startlingly pretty.

My accidental strawberries - they appeared from a crack in the wall and are all the sweeter for thriving despite neglect!

It's been a delight to potter around in a pretty dress, squirt of perfume and not a lot else!

I've barely picked up a crochet hook this week.  After-school parties, trips and awards ceremonies have eaten in to my precious early evening crochet time.  I have been giving some thought to what to take away on holiday though.  I want a nice portable hooky project to get my teeth into.

I'll leave you with a handful of my recent Instagram pictures ...

This week also saw me collect my very first pair of glasses.  Rather than lament the gradual failing of my faculties at the age of 41 years old, I've decided to embrace my new specs appeal! ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Love the new glasses, they really suit you!

    I love the start of the hols too, but my last child left school this year ... Going to college soon, so still got that holiday feeling! I'm a childminder and don't mind n the school hols, so they start for me next Friday ... No pay until September

    Hope you have fun in the sun this weekend

    Claire xx

  2. Hi Heather! You look so cute in those new glasses of yours! I like both pairs. :) My guys are all done with school, so there's never anymore getting up at 6:30 for breakfast and sandwich making...but you know, I miss those days now...That little apple pin is darling, and your flower pics are really beautiful! Happy summer break sweetie! xo :)

  3. Love the speccy pics ... those glasses really suit you :)

    Here's hoping there's plenty more fun in the sun in store!

  4. Dear Heather,

    I agree with everybody; those glasses look fabulous on you.

    May I just say how beautiful you flower pictures are? Happy, happy, glorious summer to you and your family.


  5. I love the school summer hols too, we stopped 2 weeks ago here. Lovely flowery pictures and your new glasses look great.
    M x

    1. Thanks so much. I've just had a peek at your lovely blog and become your newest follower! Your cushion looks gorgeous and I am completely smitten with your Ice Cream blanket. xx

  6. I am in the middle of photography lessons and your photos are amazing. Could you please help me get that in focus and blurred look at the same time idea .
    Have the happiest of summers x

    1. Thanks so much Linda. I think my photos are more luck than judgement I'm afraid. I take all my pictures with my little Canon Ixus 130 and use the 'macro' function on the close-ups. For every photo you see on my blog, I have probably taken at least six and simply chosen the best!!! I'm quite envious of your photography lessons - what a wonderful idea. xx

  7. I have so much to say!
    First of all, I am so glad I found your blog... I love it!
    I laughed when you said in a few weeks you'll be wanting to drop the kids off whether the school is opened or not! I'm not there yet, but I have been in past summers! I work full time at a school so I'm enjoying being off at the moment. You look fantastic in glasses! You're lucky it's your first pair, I swear I can't see anything! It's ridiculous, aging can be so cruel :) Your dress is gorgeous and love those bracelets!
    Last but not least, I adore your blue bedding, it's so feminine and beautiful!
    I look forward to following your blog!

    1. Thank you for your comment Tammy and all the lovely things you've said - I'm so delighted you found me!!!

      I'm lucky that my husband, D, is really very tolerant when it comes to sleeping surrounded by my pretty floral things. He only draws the line at a) vintage pillowcases on his side (they give him the heebie jeebies) and b) any crocheted garland hanging directly above his head just in case it falls down in the middle of the night and throttles him!!! xx

  8. Your schools are out nice and early. We have one more week to go here, I'm looking forward to it! Love the new glasses, especially the librarian like 'shhhh' pose! The garden is looking great too. It's amazing to be able to bask in the sun after all this time isn't it?

    S x

  9. I love the holidays for all the reasons you give, but we have one more week left before we break up here. I can't wait! The kids are very tired and grouchy. Your new glasses are fab, they really suit you. I'm off to find youon instagram now... x

  10. Cheers for the mention my love, was wondering why I've had so many visits to my shop. Just closed it for my jollies away glamping tomorrow.
    We are at the start of week three of the hols already and just as well we are off frolicking up the west coast or we would be very shortly getting onto the realms of boredom and irritation.
    Love your specs! You is rocking them m'dear!! xxx

  11. Your new specs are very trendy and you look lovely in them. It's so hard finding a pair that's just right for you. I am still looking! I've started taking pictures of myself on my phone just to get a better idea of whether or not they are right for me - the girl in specs savers must have thought I was bonkers!
    I have just dicovered your blog and it's a pleasure to read. Your little apple is very sweet. I made something of a similar theme for my daughter's teachers but they were painted. Had a total disaster last night when spraying them with lacquer to finsih them off - the ink bled from the pen I had used. Total novice mistake but non the less, I shall have to repaint them! Oh well, we learn from our mistakes! x

  12. Loving the new specs Heather, they really suit you! Dare I say you are looking more and more like your lovely Mum....:)
    I hope you are all well, and having a fab holiday so far.
    Caroline x x x

  13. OOOO pretty flip flops....Big hello from a new follower number 450 (howzat!!) can't think how i have missed finding you before now...Oh well i am here now and jolly glad about it too

    Bestest to you and yours

    Daisy j x

    Ps I managed to avoid glasses until my 45th year however just about to turn 50 and its like I have worn them forever..so nice to be able to thread a tiny needle again...Hurrah for specs....you look cool...D x

  14. How lovely to find your blog. I shall enjoy visiting often. Enjoy the summer, I'm looking forward to not having to rush about it the mornings, we still have one more week of term to go. Although ask me again in 6 weeks and I'm sure I'll be desperate for the morning routine again! Sarah xo

  15. Hi friend I love your blog always has nice things here, hugs ...



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