18 September 2013

Too Old To Twerk

I've done something silly.  I've hurt my back.  Right across the top of my *whispers* bottom.

I think I overdid things a little last week - weeding, carpet and sofa cleaning, frenzied paintwork scrubbing, blah blah blah.  With hindsight, I should have spent the weekend taking it easy and giving my poor muscles a break but I've never been one to shirk a challenge.  Particularly when it comes from my children and is laced with slight mockery.  That challenge?  To twerk!  Oh yes, if Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles can do it (feel free to Google for videos if you so fancy), then so can I!!!

Anyway, I did a pretty good job of twerking even if I do say so myself and there was an undeniable appalled impressed expression on the Blondies' faces as I gyrated my booty.  However ... fast forward three days and here I am, still as stiff as a board and in a lot of discomfort.  Bugger.

Monday I was almost immobile.  Yesterday and today a little better.

Hey-ho.  I've prescribed myself another reasonably gentle day, some of it in a semi-horizontal position, in my favourite place.

I love my bedroom.  It's my mismatched sanctuary.  Thank goodness D is so easy going - he's perfectly happy to sleep in a sea of feminine bits and bobs.  The only time he gets cranky is when an errant crochet hook (or worse, pair of scissors) works it's way under the bed covers and stabs him awake! 

Have I ever shown you my little portable bamboo bed table?  If you're like me and your bed is not just for sleeping, do consider getting one - they're inexpensive and readily available on Amazon.  Everybody in the house borrows mine.  It's perfect for laptops (stops them getting too hot) and crafty projects, not to mention lazy Sunday breakfasts.

I made the cover for that cushion you can see there.  It's lovely and firm and has been doing a super job of supporting my poor back.  The fabrics I used are all a linen-mix, hence the creases.  Sewing doesn't come terribly naturally to me; I'm very slow but I think I'm reasonably neat.  I fell in love with the turquoise rose print the second I saw it.

My little woolly hot water bottle has also been earning it's keep.  Nicki (Homebird) and I did a little Christmas swap last year and this was one of the gorgeous handmade things she sent.  Isn't it lush?  I'm sure she'll be delighted to learn it's been balancing prettily on my derriere for the last few days!!!

We have two pictures in the bedroom.  This one is my favourite.  I bought it last Christmas from a dear little art gallery cum coffee shop in Mevagissey, Cornwall.  I lie in bed and gaze at it and, if I concentrate hard enough, I really can hear the call of the seagulls and the clanking of the fishing boats.

The other picture hangs directly above our bed.  It's a Katie Daisy print.  Gosh, I love her designs.

In fact, I also have a Katie Daisy postcard pinned to my mirror.  Just a little affirmation if I ever need it!

We have an egg-yolk yellow bathroom, just off the bedroom.  I designed the little stained glass window above the door and a local lady made it for me, some years ago.  This is what I can see from my prone position on the bed if the bathroom door is wide open.  In fact, it's where D and I have some of our loveliest chats - one of us in the bath and the other in bed.

Then, of course, there is our wonderful bed.  D's parents bought it for us about sixteen years ago.  I think we're on our second mattress.  It's sooooo comfy.

I don't love, love our lampshades.  They're wobbly and slightly irritating.  They're fine for now though.

So a slightly random meander around my bedroom today but really an excuse to pop by, wave and say "hello" to you.



  1. Oh dear, hope your back's better soon ... at least you've got a lovely bedroom to convalesce in though!

    Love Claire xxx

  2. Hope your poorly back mends very swiftly, but I have to say it was lovely having an excuse to nose around your beautiful boudoir. I can see why you're happy to spend lots of time in there, with it having such a nice ambience. The bedding, cushion, stained glass, pictures and all the other accents are wonderful. It definitely looks like a happy place x

  3. Oops sorry to hear you have hurt your back you Twerk!!!
    How on earth have I not found you before?? super duper blog...love your cushion too..
    bestest to you and your back today
    daisy j xxx

    1. Aren't I just?! I'm so glad you found me - pop the kettle on, I'll be round to you shortly! x

  4. Ouch....perhaps Twerking should have a health warning! Thanks for those little snippets, love your seaside picture....oh and that lovely splash of yellow! :) x

  5. Okay.....am I THAT old that I have no idea what twerking is? Sounds exhausting though! Good excuse to have a rest up for a few days though I reckon, so I might have to google it and give it a go! That would be a sight! Love love love your Cornwall art. I would move to Cornwall in a heartbeat if I could. Loves a bit of Katie Daisy too I do!

    Hope (apart from your poor back) you are well and all good in your neck of the woods!

    Take care lovely H

    Vanessa xxx

    1. I'd give twerking a miss if I were you V - it's a sort of provocative dance craze thing (give me Whigfield's Saturday Night any day!!!) Love that you're around xx

  6. I think I share your tastes in most things. Skirts, cushions with stripy backs, colourful houses rising cheerfully over the sea, duvet covers. And, oddly enough, I *also* hurt my back a few days ago, planting bulbs. Am I you? But I don't have a bamboo bed table nor had ever heard of them. Thinks: should I get one?

    Get well soon!

    1. You may well be Mise - are you about to have a cheeky but comforting fried egg sandwich for lunch? If yes, then you most certainly are me!

      Thinks: definitely.

      You too. x

  7. Really Sorry to hear about your back! Hopefully a few more days and you'll be as right as rain.

    I love your bedroom. It's actually quite similar to mine. The bed table looks so handy. Must add that to my 'wanties' list : )

    Gemma xxx


  8. I hope your back gets better very soon, I did mine in gardening a while back and it took a couple of months to get back to normal and no twerking was even involved lol. Love your room x

  9. Hello Heather I'm sorry about your poor back and hope it soon feels better. I have sometimes hurt mine usually from lifting something too heavy, or gardening......once you do it it takes ages to stop hurting. Your bedroom looks like a real sanctuary to recover in! Love the pretty cushion and artwork.
    I'm just going to look up what twerking is now :)
    Take care,
    Helen x

  10. You room looks like a very pretty sanctuary, love your cushions. I hope your back improves soon, I injure my SI joints last Christmas although I wasn't twerking at the time. So can sympathise. Feel better.
    Clare x

  11. Never have I heard of twerking, but thought it was working and using twitter at the same time.......oh dear...............
    Poor you with your back. I have suffered terribly with mine and am waiting for it to flare up again. So you have my sympathy.
    Loving your bedroom, such a happy sunny colour.
    that bed table....is it a wooden breakfast tray? I have two identical ones from John Lewis which were a wedding present.

  12. Pressed Send too soon. Gah.
    Anyway my lovely, lovely to read your blog post, too quiet in Blogland thanks to stinky IG.
    Rest up, off to make a roast lamb dinner. Starving!
    x x x x

  13. Hi Heather
    I chuckled as I read your post because I love that you are still busy even when lying in bed ! All looks very gorgeous in your little sanctuary, bedrooms are the best place in the world aren't they. Definitely got to get me one of those tables !!
    Hope your back gets better really really quickly , especially as Yarndale is fast approaching ♥ .
    Kate x

  14. Hi I've just found your lovely blog so am now a stalker eer I mean follower. So sorry to hear of the back problem, so easily done when we need to show these young whipper snappers that we're still down and groovy with it, in it.

    Love your blog, wicked sense of humour, don't you always find that when you're laid up you can think of a million things that need doing lol. I am having to rest and like you I love being in my bedroom, its a place of sanctuary for me.

    Don't rush the back, if its any comfort I've probably got a rear end three times the size of yours and definitely no twerking for me think I'd end up in traction lol.

    Take care

    Peg xx

  15. Oh no, poor you!! Hope you get better soon!
    Your bedroom looks very pretty and cozy. The artwork is beautiful too. One day I definitely have to visit Cornwall as it is one of these places in the UK that we've never been.
    The weather is getting so cold here that any excuse is good to get under the covers....
    Have a nice evening.... I can't wait for the kids to be in bed, light up some candles and crochet a bit.
    Pati x

  16. So sorry to hear about your back and hope you soon feel much better again. But such a lovely (lying low) activity whilst incapacitated to let us have a peek at all your gorgeous things surrounding you, thank you, I so enjoyed seeing it all and love everything, including your sweet bedside lamps, even with the wobble!
    Joy x

  17. Where are the photos of you performing said twerk? You should know by now 'pictures or it didn't happen'. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling rubbish. Take it easy for a while and be good to yourself. I can just see you there under your bed table crocheting away.

    I love your bedroom. I'm a fan of mismatch, it is much more interesting than having everything matching. Our bedroom is mismatched too, by design.

    I hope you feel better soon gorgeous. xxx

    p.s. I saw your robin wristies today! Jammy Pudding did good! I might even have a go at mine after seeing those.

  18. Hi Heather! Oh you did make me laugh! I'm so glad that you have such fun in your house! Jenny thinks it's hysterical when i dance or sing so i do it on purpose but i just dont think she could cope with me twerking....even if i could! I want to try now! Hope your back is soon better! Love your bedroom chick. Are you Yarndaling on Sunday? If you are shall we try to say hello? Xxxxx

  19. Hi Heather! Oh you did make me laugh! I'm so glad that you have such fun in your house! Jenny thinks it's hysterical when i dance or sing so i do it on purpose but i just dont think she could cope with me twerking....even if i could! I want to try now! Hope your back is soon better! Love your bedroom chick. Are you Yarndaling on Sunday? If you are shall we try to say hello? Xxxxx

  20. I have a similar pain, though I did not get mine through twerking! Had physio yesterday and she has prescribed yoga and walking. Though I have to say it feels worse today than it did before I saw her ... Hope you recover really quickly!

  21. You have great taste. I love that huge framed print, really nice. Hope your back gets better!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  22. Hi Heather! When I envisioned the looks on your kid's faces, I had to giggle :D about the twerking...but I truly hope you're feeling better soon. I loved the little peeks of your beautiful bedroom. Your cushion is so pretty and so is the artwork you have hanging ... and I love the stained glass piece above the bathroom door. You really have very lovely taste! xo

  23. Hello Heather, I do hope your back heals quickly.. What a very lovely bedroom to view while you are recuperating.. I really love that most beautiful picture of St. Ives..too...If I ever come to the UK this is one area I would love to see with my own eyes.. The other print is very lovely too. Take care. Hugs Judy

  24. Thank you so much for the lovely "House Beautiful" tour! I love it all. My hubby slumbers in a totally femmed up boudoir as well :))) He couldn't give a hoot. As long as WE are happy so are THEY! I am so sorry about your back though and am praying it is getting better quickly! I have a lot of back issues due to RA so I truly do "feel your pain".
    I am always just tickled pink whenever I see you have a new post. I just love, love, love your glorious blog :))))
    Stay down and heal up and show us any and all creative things that emerge from your down time :)

    1. What a lovely thing to say, thanks so much Danette. You've made my day. x

  25. Hi sweetie,

    So sorry to hear that you've hurt your back, but that did make me chuckle....I think we may need a little photo of you attempting said twerk though....hee hee!!

    Your bedroom is gorgeous and so girly! I remember when you had your stained glass window made all those years ago and it still looks beautiful :)

    Love Caroline xxx

    PS. Lovely to hear that S is at the same school as H! Did you know they take a couple of lessons together? x

    1. Yes, I did know Caroline! I asked him if he'd said "hi" but he grunted a sentence which included the word "embarrassing"! Obviously gets that from D's side of the family!!! Hope she's settling in well and enjoying it. xx

  26. I'm not even sure the human body was meant to be able to do that! I know mine wasn't!! In fact I once spent three weeks in agony after merely getting hula hooping wrong. I was advised at the time by a health pro that limbo causes fewer injuries ... just in case that's of any help :)

    Feel better x

  27. I think I can safely say that I wouldn't be any good at twerking. I never could go that jiggy hip/butt thing! Anyway, it's obviously too dangerous so I shan't attempt it ;) You're bedroom look beautifully inviting, no wonder you want to spend plenty of time in it. I find myself the same way these days, the bed is such a cozy place to be!

    S x

  28. Such lovely things in this post! I really like your floral cushion, it looks so pretty with the strip of lace on it and such a cosy looking hot water bottle.
    I had never heard of tweaking before! Just looked it up...I don't think it's something I will be trying!
    Have a great weekend.
    Marianne x

  29. Oh gosh H I've only just seen this when I just popped over to catch up with your blog. I've not been dipping into blogland much recently. I do so hope this finds you not in so much pain with your back today. It really is a shitter. Back pain is the one of the many pits in life. Fingers crossed you're on the mend and not trying to complete a home spring clean Olympic medal!

    Much love,

    Jo x x x

  30. Lovely bedroom. And the stain glass above your bedroom is just gorgeous. Love your design. Hope your back is feeling much better. I haven't been able to write much on my blog as we are moving but love to see what my lovely blogging friends are up to. Get better soon, :)


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