21 September 2013

What A Gorgeous Bird

When my dear sweet bloggy friend, Ali, offered to knit me the Little Owl Knits' Sweet Robin Wristees after I'd wistfully pinned them to my "If I Ever Learn To Knit" Pinterest board, I couldn't order the pattern or wool fast enough!


How clever is she?

How lucky am I?

I am well and truly smitten.

Thank you too to all of you for your lovely, lovely comments - my back feels a lot better.  I shall be twerking again in no time ... ;-)



  1. Ooh, they're lovely. What a lucky girl! I've got those on the todo list too, must get around to it.

    S x

  2. They are lovely! You must linger as you shake hands with strangers, to make sure they notice. Would matching leg-warmers complete the look?

  3. They are wonderful, how kind of her! :) x

  4. Gosh they are beautiful...you lucky girl :)
    So glad you back is feeling better.
    Love Caroline xxx

  5. How lovely for Ali to knit them up for you, and a wonderful job she's done with them too - they're quite beautiful! Glad to hear your back has improved.
    Joy x

  6. They are lovely and so wonderful!

  7. Hi Heather
    Really beautiful - I can see why you're smitten ! Lets hope for a chilly Autumn weekend at Yarndale and you can wear them all the time.
    Kate x

  8. Oh my gosh they are stunning x

  9. Oh my goodness, what a lovely friend Ali is........
    I bought this pattern about 2 years ago as I simply adore Red Robins and love wearing wrist warmers, But as yet haven't knitted them up.......I must crack on and get knitting.
    Enjoy wearing them......

    Claire :)

  10. what a lovely present so kind. They are so cute.

  11. OMG well jealous! Might have to break into your house and sneak these babies out! Night visions...check......snack pack (I get very peckish on my travels!).....check.....crochet hook (well, ya never know!)...check. See you soon! V xxxxx

    1. Haha, you muppet!!! Listen, first whiff of Chanel No 5 and I'm putting the kettle on! xx

  12. Ooh, very pretty Heather and the colours are gorgeous too...how lovely of Ali to make them for you!
    Happy New Week!
    Susan x

  13. They are very very sweet!! You lucky girl!!
    Pati x

  14. Gosh Ali is a clever and talented wotsit. They are truly a thing of beauty! Such a kind and lovely thing to do x x x

  15. How very lovely of your friend. I would be proud to wear those mitts but know they are sadly way beyond my limited knitting skills. They look fab on, very quirky and in very gorgeous muted colours too. x

  16. Awwwww, they are lovely.
    Lucky gal.
    I am resorting to cutting up an old jumper to make myself a pair as my knitting skills are rather remedial, to say the least!
    Have a great week,
    Sarah x

  17. I pinned these, too!!! and queued them on rav!!! and gushed over them! only....I have yet to knit them. Lucky you. Think I'll get out my needles....bye!

  18. You've done some flippin amazing creations. I'm in awe. Would love to be able to knit like you. And FYI, we are locals. I'm on the outskirts of Leicester too x


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