18 December 2013

Nearly There ...

I thought I'd pop in quickly and say "helloooo".

A week to go!

After a very iffy start to the month, I think I might just go so far as to say that I'm feeling surprisingly organised!  Of course, now that I've made such a smug public declaration, something is bound to go wrong!

I just love this bit.  You know, when most of the major preparations are done and the pace starts to slow down a little.  Other than the food, all that really remains is the wrapping (hate that bit) and delivering (love that bit) of presents.

I've even done most of my pre-Christmas clean.  Not just a waft around with a duster while humming to "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day" but a PROPER tops-of-cupboards and move-furniture clean.  I've also had a ruthless yarn sort-out.  I took a large carrier bag full to a local charity shop where an elderly lady customer immediately pounced on it's contents as if it were treasure!

We bought our Christmas tree last weekend from a local farm and it's sitting twinkling in the corner of the lounge.  I let my daughter decorate it.  Honestly, I didn't intervene at all.  Well, perhaps once when she put two baubles of the same colour on neighbouring branches (which I'm sure was just to test me!).

I also couldn't resist buying a large bunch of holly which is now looking so pretty in a festive jug.  It's decked in some beautiful handmade decorations which my lovely friend Cuckoo has just sent.

In non-Christmassy news, I've treated myself to a new book.  Do you see it in the second-to-last photo?  It's the third one I have now from the Japanese Pretty Crochet Color Goods series (bought here) and it's completely and utterly gorgeous.  My mind is positively whirring with inspiration and ideas.  I'm hoping for lots of relaxing hooky-time over the next week or two.  More on that next time.

I hope to be back once more before the 'big day' so, until then, a very happy pre-Christmas to you all.



  1. Very festive pics. I've brought wrapped and even delivered some Xmas Presents. Done most of the food shopping just the last minute bits to get. Tins of sweets staying firmly shut as my son and I have already finished one tin.House still needs a good clean but don't enjoy that bit......

  2. Lovely and inspiring pictures Heather... this year I have been so disorganised for Christmas...oh God! but I think that little by little I am getting there.
    I love decorating the house for Christmas, it feels so cozy.
    That Japanese book looks very pretty indeed... I have my look on another one by the same seller and I think that if my "Santa" doesn't get it for me, I will...(he,he)... Those books are addictive, aren't they? they are so pretty!
    I may catch up with you in your next post, but in case I don't, I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous 2014!!! All the best to you all, Pati x

  3. Oooh hello Heather, I always get really excited when I see that you have a new post and todays one is just as lovely as ever !
    Such lovely pictures, I really love the jug of holly, so simple, so gorgeous !
    I'm glad you're feeling on top of it all - I'm not quite at that stage just yet but sure I will be soon !! Positive mental attitude all the way ....
    Enjoy the next few days of getting ready,
    Kate x

  4. I think I might leave my 'proper' clean until after Christmas.......;) love the colours here, enjoy the steadier pace! :) x

  5. Well it sounds like you are incredibly organised - I'm in that half way dither of having done lots of bits and pieces but not put them altogether yet - and as for a big clean isn't that what Spring is for?! Lovely festive pictures but I especially like your felt flower brooch (mind you the cardigan is nice as well, and the scarf ...!) Looking forward to seeing more from the book x Jane

  6. Well done for being so well organised Heather - everything is looking sooooo good at your place and your pics are absolutely stunning! What camera do you use to get such beauties please? Your new book looks and sounds very exciting - it's always wonderful to have fresh inspiration and urges to get going on new projects isn't it! Hugs, Joy xo

    1. Thank you, Joy. My camera is a Canon EOS 1100D - I think it's supposed to be the ideal 'first digital SLR'. It has a couple of lenses with it (an 18-55mm if that means anything to you) and a larger, more menacing one that is still glaring at me from it's box!!! x

  7. Lovely pictures, I love your brooch soo much so pretty and all the decoration, good to here you are so organised, we've not even got the tree up here eek! enjoy the next week
    Clare xx

  8. Gosh you are organised Missy! Your house is looking beautifully festive :)
    Very intrigued to see what you make from your new crochet book....
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Love Caroline xxx

  9. Good to hear how organised you are - sadly unlike myself! I'm thinking of postponing Christmas until I am ready - maybe June/July time! Lovely pictures, like the ones you see in the magazines, you know the ones you flick through them and buy it for the photos...
    Jille xx

    1. Gosh, Jille! Your comment has made my day - what you don't know is that I probably take about ten photos for every one you see here and, even then, I'm super critical!!! I'm pinching myself about being organised, trust me, I know I've forgotten something major ..! x

  10. Beautiful photos of your decorations. Glad to hear you are organised and I'm with you on the present wrapping, not my favourite job.
    Anne xx

  11. Exciting isn't it? I made sure to do the wrapping early, so I'm in the clear now and can enjoy the last bits. Gosh I'm so envious of your cleaning job - I was planning on giving the dry mop a bit of a fling around the house and call it a day!
    Merry Christmas!

    Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld

  12. Sounds wonderful, nicely organised so that you can enjoy yourself. Even the cleaning done? You deserve a reward for that, surely? Lovely pictures again and that little heart decoration with the deer on is sooo cute. Where did you ever find him?

    S x

    1. Nicki (Homebird) sent him to me as part of a Christmas swap we did last year, Sandra. He's from Greengate. Isn't he gorgeous?! x

  13. Beautiful colours in your pictures. I would have pounced on that wool as well, treasure indeed! The new book looks good, I shall look forward to seeing what you make from it.

  14. What a gorgeous series of photos, Heather. I like the look of that book, and the yarn. Lovely colours. I am full of last-minute rushing right now but when we go down to my parents' I'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Sort of. xx


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