9 December 2013

Testing 1,2,3

Birthday roses taken with my new birthday camera.

Do they look nice and clear on your screen?

My Canon IXUS point and shoot has served me very well for the last few years but I was starting to get a bit frustrated with it's limitations so D bought me my very first DSLR.  I do love that man.*

Blimey it's complicated though!

I've stroked it a lot.  That I can manage.

I've attached it's strap.

I've found the on/off switch.

I'm not sure whether I will ever truly understand which aperture to use, ISO sensitivity and shutter speeds, but I'm a determined little sausage.

Here's hoping you can teach a 42 year old dog new tricks!


*Incidentally, we've just realised that we have been together for exactly half my life!


  1. Well those photos are magnificent!
    Have fun ..... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    love jooles xxx

  2. Happy Birthday. The roses look beautiful on screen. I have only got a basic camera and would love a new one. My daughter has a SLR and went to classes to know how to use it fully.. So good luck.

    1. Thanks Rosezeeta, I am tempted to do just the same! x

  3. Happy birthday. Your roses look spiffing. Enjoy your new toy too. X

  4. Lovely photos :) Google is your friend for learning how to use an SLR. I got one for my birthday in April and whilst I'm no where near expert status, I have at least stopped needing to use the automatic mode lol

    1. Haha, funnily enough, I'm just reading through the Digital SLR Photography For Dummies website as we speak!!! x

  5. Hi Heather
    Happy Birthday !
    I'm sure you'll be doing all sorts of clever tricks soon whilst standing on your head and singing Christmas Carols at the same time ! How exciting to have a new toy to play with. Have fun,
    Kate x

  6. Happy Birthday, the Roses are beautiful. x

  7. Happy Birthday me old fruit!
    Your roses are beautiful and so is your photography....looks like you've got the hang of it already :)
    Hope you're having a fab day.
    Love Caroline xxx

  8. I still use my little old canon ixus 65!!!
    Happy Birthday my lovely!

  9. They are beautiful, Happy Birthday Mrs Pink Milk (I'd love a new camera but scared I'd never be able to use it!) :) x

  10. Happy belated birthday greetings love. Sorry I failed to pop out a chubby bairn from my even chubbier loins that day. Would have been great!
    Wow those pics are so stunning, I can smell the scent from here.
    Glad you had a wonderful day. x x x

  11. Beautiful photos! I have an Olympus which can be used manually, but I must admit I use the auto setting. One of these days I will sit down and read the manual and play around with it!

  12. Well these photos are crystal clear and the flowers are lovely. Happy birthday! Enjoy your new toy. xx

  13. Beautifully sharp and clear pics Heather - gorgeous roses - and Happy Birthday to you m'dear! I wish you the very best with learning all about your new baby - is it a little bit scary? Hugs, Joy x

  14. By the look of those roses.... the camera looks very promising, Heather!!
    Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a great one!
    Pati xx

  15. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes my lovely. Boooooootiful photos too. I don't have a clue about DSLR cameras either. I just point and shoot and hope for the best. For some reason, I cannot retain aperture knowledge no matter how many people try and teach me, but from the looks of your pics, you will do just fine!


  16. belated happy birthday!! I too have a DSLR and a year later am still on auto!! MUST read the manual.
    Fee xxxx

  17. Happy Birthday Heather! Love your photos xxxx

  18. Happy birthday!! Your photos are beautiful :)

    Lluisa xx

  19. Have fun with your new "toy"! So far the pictures look great:)

    Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld

  20. Happy Birthday! Your photos look wonderful! Enjoy your new camera :)
    Helen x

  21. Beautiful pictures indeed! Good luck with the DSLR, I hope you enjoy it. I find the semi-automatic setting are my friends. I can change a few things and it works out the rest for me - prefect! I still have to keep re-learning stuff though. I wanted to try some long shutter speed photos of the Christmas tree the other day - had to look it up! ;)

    S x

  22. Happy birthday, I too have a new camera but I'm really struggling with it, please can you share what you learn I'm hopeless and if these shots are you just starting out I know you will be fantastic.

  23. Happy Birthday! Your photos are gorgeous.
    Marianne xx

  24. Happy happy belated birthday gorgeous x x x x

  25. Hi Heather,

    I just wanted to say that I hope that you and your family have a SUPER Christmas and New Year, and I look forward to popping back here in 2014!

    Take care my friend

    Vanessa xxx

  26. Gorgeous roses, the photos are brilliant! Happy Belated Birthday Heather, looks like you're getting the hang of your pressie!
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family Heather, if you don't get a chance to post again before - it's getting scarily close now, and not a mince pie made yet here!
    Gill xx

  27. A belated Happy Birthday Heather :) Fabulous pics!

    One of the best ways to learn about a new camera is to buy the appropriate For Dummies title. I know what I'm doing photographically speaking but I've bought one for my new camera any way.

    What make and model camera do you have now ... we need to know these things ;)

  28. Congratulations on your birthday and your camera theatre are lots if great tutorials on the internet I'm still very much learning with my camera xx

  29. a determined little sausage!! :) made my day, that did.

    knew nothing myself when i landed my first dslr, years back. slow and steady, slow and steady. and snap snap snap! enjoy!!


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