21 February 2014

A Very Welcome Break

It's been half term this week.  While the boys have been whizzing down snow-covered slopes in the French Alps, us girls have been home alone.

It's been a much needed battery recharge.  I think the first couple of months after Christmas are always hard work - it's dark when we get up in the mornings, the weather is cold and grotty, we're lacking Vitamin D, there seems to be a constant barrage of germs to fight off, we're tired, blah blah blah - so I think this has been a very welcome break indeed.

We've had such a lovely time, my girl and me; we've been shopping, we've watched soppy films, we've cleansed our pores and painted our nails, we've been to the hairdressers, spent whole days in our pyjamas and we've eaten our favourite foods.

I've had plenty of delicious opportunity to play in my craft room too.  I seem to have amassed quite a bit of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino over time so it's been promoted to a shelf of it's own, on my bookcase.  Don't those colours make you want to squeak with pleasure?

In fact, all those pretty colours sitting there together, inspired me to start work on some Spring stripes.

I'm getting a lot of wear out of my coral ribbed wrist warmers but can't drive in them without my hands slipping all over the steering wheel.  Do you remember my Posy Cosy?  Well, I've made myself a pair of wristycuffs (see what I did there?!) using the same cross stitched design, in a lovely denim blue Baby Cashmerino.  There's no thumb hole which frees up my hands, perfect for driving.  I'm so thrilled with them.

Oh, and I've sewn a little rose on to some simple M&S slippers.  (Don't tell D, he has a pair of trousers that have been waiting for a button for aaages!)

Since you and I last spoke, D and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary.  He bought me some beautiful flowers.  Aren't I lucky?  I had exactly the same pale pink gerberas and roses in my wedding bouquet but, between you and me, *whispers* I think that was more luck than judgement on D's part!

Right, I'm going to make another cup of tea and then spend the rest of the afternoon catching up with what you've been up to.  Aaah, bliss ...

Have a truly lovely weekend, my friends.



  1. That's one good thing about this wet and cold winter weather, there's no excuse needed to cosy up and do lots of lovely girly things indoors!
    Sounds like you have had a great time with your daughter,and a bit of time to play around with some crochet - your yarns look so pretty together, and how could you not start another pretty project!?
    Loving the little gloves, clever idea.
    Enjoy the rest of the half-term Heather
    Gill xx

  2. How lovely to hear all your news. Loving your makes! I just got a shed so I'm hoping I'll soon have pretty shelves of yarn. Big hugs xxx

  3. Beautiful post again! That yarn is gorgeous and so wonderful and smooth to work with, every stripe is such a pleasure I bet, the colours are stunning as are your 'wristy cuffs' what a fab idea. The flowers are lovely, gerberas are my favourite flower, and that Jug! I love it x

  4. Oh I could do with a battery recharge. No girls here to pamper with, just stinky boys......and yes, why do they eat so much, where does it all go? Love your shelf of heaven, such gorgeous shades to stare at. Loving your wristycuffs too, might have to knick that idea!It doesn't matter how many pairs of wrist warmers I have, I can never find a pair when I want them......so, obviously I need more!

    Glad you managed to have a lovely girly week.

    Have a super weekend my friend xxxxxxxx

  5. Oh I know exactly what you mean, this week has been such a welcome and relaxing break for us too, just what was needed and I've loved it. That shelf of yarn certainly is most cheering and delightful though, fantastic to have that to look at on these gloomy grey days! Love the wristycuffs too, so adorable!

    S x

    PS happy anniversary!

  6. Hello Heather
    Missed you ! So glad you've had a heavenly girly week, there's nothing better.
    I love that you have a special wool shelf and I agree the colours look good enough to eat.
    Enjoy your weekend
    Kate x

  7. That sounds like such a blissful week: I think I need to send my own boys away for a bit! Enjoy the rest of your 'time off' and playing with your beautiful yarn colours!

    Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld

  8. How absolutely wonderful your bouquet is and what a lovely thoughtful hubby 'remembering'! I just love those sorbet colours and am sure the blanket with be gorgeous. And of course you needed slipper flowers to match your leisurewear attire on your mother and daughter days.

  9. We've had a similar restful, girly half term here, too. Your sentiments about grotty winter rings so true, particularly this year as well, it's been such a struggle to stay upbeat...but your shelf of pretty yarn is a very happy sight indeed...as is what you're crocheting with it! And your little pink rose on your slipper...and that pretty pink bouquet, nothing lifts my spirits like *pink*! Enjoy the rest of your girl time, and thank you for popping over to mine! Chrissie x

  10. Hi Heather, sounds like a fab week. How lovely you have a girly to share such sweet moments with.
    Your crochet is all wonderfully pretty and your flowers are divine.
    Thanks for your lovely comment over at mine.
    Jacquie x

  11. beautiful flowers and yarn and love that little flower on your slipper! Happy Anniversary!!!

  12. Those flowers make me think of marshmallows,candy floss and strawberry ice cream. Love them all x

  13. Your space here is always like a ray of sunshine Heather, certainly brightening up my world when I visit! Beautiful photos as always, and I'm seriously salivating at the cashmerino. I really must order some, as I've seen so many gorgeous projects made with it. Just as well I don't live near you as there may be some fistycuffs over those wristycuffs! So cute. Sending my best wishes for many more happy years with your beloved x

  14. Beautiful spring colours, don't they make you feel instantly cheerful?

  15. Oh yes, I'm squeaking alright; love those yarns and colours and the stripes are looking so yummy! Congrats on 16 years wedded bliss and I'm wishing you many many more - and what gorgeous flowers. So nice that you and your daughter have been having such lovely times together. Loving those little wristycuffs - how sweet and cosy! Joy x

  16. What wonderful girly days you've been having with your daughter! Such wonderful flowers for your wedding anniversary ... Ah romanticism still exists! Perfect! I love those new wrist warmers. Have a beautiful weekend.

  17. Love the colours and love the stripes. Happy Anniversary! Sarah xo

  18. Beautiful, that sounds like a really wonderful week.

  19. Sounds like a lovely time :) Beautiful photos too, they make me sigh with happiness :)

  20. Delicious colours here, spring time is just around the corner me thinks! :) x

  21. Hi sweetie....Happy Anniversary to you and D!! I remember the day very well :) Glad you and C have had a lovely girly week, sounds idyllic, and I adore those beautiful yarns, such gorgeous colours. Fab 'wristycuffs' too, just perfect for driving.
    Caroline xx

  22. All so very lovely, especially the little rose added to your slippers - very cute! Hope that you have lots of fun with all your different coloured yarns, your blanket is looking lovely!! xx

  23. Another beautiful post to get me through our dreay New England weather (aka mud season). My daughter and I have a similar girls' weekend coming up in April.

  24. Sounds like you have had a lovely time with your girl! I adore your 'wristycuffs' they are just gorgeous and the cross stitch is amazing. I have some baby Cashmerino in the same denim shade in my stash, you are inspiring me to make something pretty with it....
    Marianne x

  25. There's nothing like a week of girliness, it's so good for the soul. Lovely colours on the baby cashmerino shelf, looks like a project-in-waiting and the 'wristycuffs' are adorable. Congratulations on your 16th anniversary. Have a good week.
    Jane x

  26. Sounds lovely Heather!! Love being with my girls doing girly things too. My half term week hasn't been that relaxing as I am really busy at the moment with Uni but I will hopefully catch up with sleep at Easter, which is when I will be able to take some time off. I really need it.... (and the weather doesn't help, does it?)
    Your mittens are really lovely, you may have just inspired me....
    Have a great rest of the week! I'm going to try to finish an essay and move onto the next!!
    Pati x


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