26 February 2014

My Nothing Hour

When I'm at home, I have a tendency to mooch between 2pm and 3pm.  It's my 'nothing hour' where I am at my least productive.  After a busy morning and then a quick lunch, all my 'get up and go' suddenly gets up and goes.  I suppose I'm also clock watching until the school run.

I wonder if it's a seasonal thing or the natural ebb and flow of daily energy levels?

Do you have a 'nothing hour'?

Today at 2pm, I decided to pick up my camera and set myself the challenge of finding six things to share with you.  Six simple things that are giving me pleasure today.  First outside …

Number 1.  Aah, my wonderful Hellebores.  I have a large tumble of them this year.  Without fail, they're the first plant to flower in the garden and they seem to thrive on neglect.  Quite camera shy though with their pretty downturned faces.

That's better.

This is the first year I've not picked any.  They seem to pop their clogs within 24 hours if I take them inside.

Number 2 is my spring bulbs.  Green shoots are appearing and my bulbs are all sprouting.  I am a great one for popping bulbs here and there, in random places, at random times of the year.  It's always a nice surprise when they grow.

I overwintered these mini daffodils in the garage, sort of accidentally, and they're already flowering.

See how this little chap is craning his slender neck to reach the shaft of sunlight.  Sweet.

Number 3 is not very photogenic and keeps steaming up my camera lens but is my homemade chicken stock.  It's been cooking nearly all day and is now cooling on the side in the kitchen.  It's delicious aroma has spread throughout the entire house.  I adore the smell of homemade stock.  We're having a leek and parmesan risotto for supper tonight.

Please bear with me for number 4 but I've opted for a photograph of my ensuite bathroom to represent the housework I've done today.  (Cleaning bathrooms is one of my least favourite chores in the world and I get feelings of both pleasure and self-satisfaction knowing that I don't have to do it again for a little while!)

The pretty shadows on my lounge wall will have to be my number 5.

Oh look.  Yes, that's definitely my number 6 pleasure.  My spring stripes, sitting there, all neatly rolled up, patiently waiting …  See how I'm sticking to my sewing-in-ends-as-I-go resolution too?

After the glimpse in my last post, I completed quite a few more rows but wasn't thrilled with the colours.  Something was bugging me.  It wasn't looking soft enough.  I ended up unravelling it and taking out a strong orangey/coral stripe and, feeling happier, carrying on.  I'm now wondering if that blue/green is jumping out too much?  What about the purple?  Oh poo bags.

I'm over-thinking it now, aren't I?  Let me lie it down on my bed for a better look.

No, that's definitely much better.  Much more springlike.  Hey, look at this photo, wheeeeeeee ...

There.  My six simple pleasures.  As it happens, today's 'nothing hour' turned into a very pleasurable hour indeed.



  1. You're lucky to have a nothing hour. I love Hellebores and that yellow in your bathroom is very cheery.

  2. I always seem to have a slump in energy levels between 3pm - 4pm. I tend to have a sit down with a coffee and a bit of chocolate and that perks me up again otherwise I could be snoozing in the armchair!

  3. Hi Heather love your post and thank you for sharing your 6 things. I love your blanket but really I wondered if you would like to come and make my bathroom sparkle. I think it's fine to have a downtime hour I bet you don't stop once the boys are home from school - you need a battery recharge x

  4. I am in awe of your photography skill, those pictures are nothing short of stunning. So glad I popped by, so much delicious eye candy. The spring stripes are yummy!

    1. Thank you so much! I don't think of myself as having a photography skill, I just get terribly pleased when a picture turns out how I'd envisaged. Such a lovely comment, thanks again. x

  5. I think that is a very productive nothing hour! I love proper risotto and well done for making the stock. I love that deep green colour in the blanket. in fact I bought some today and promptly dropped that colour which was my absolute favourite in the gutter as I was putting them in the car! I had to go back and buy another ball as well as coming home and putting it through the washing machine. Fingers crossed it will have survived.

  6. I was always the same when doing the school run. You don't want to start anything new when you'll have to go out soon. Your hellebores are pretty. Have you tried floating the flowers in a bowl of water. They last quite a few days and look lovely.

  7. An excellent way to spend an hour. Love the sparkly bathroom - how satisfying. I'm glad its not just me then that killed my hellebores, I thought I'd just bring a few in to enjoy and the next day they looked so sad ! Going to leave the rest where they belong ♥
    Gorgeous, gorgeous spring stripes. Colours are perfect.
    Have a good rest of week,
    Kate x

  8. I have a similar nothing hour, at the same time of day - before the school run, like the calm before the storm! ;-) My hellebores are doing wonderfully, too - I thought they might not make it after the constant drowning this winter! Such lovely photos you've shared, my fave is that beautiful candy-coloured blanket, soft and pretty and lovely! You are over-thinking it, the colours are fab. Chrissie x

  9. Loved this post, Spring has Sprung here too, and nothing better than home made chicken stock.
    Clare x

  10. Well they are 6 gorgeous things, those flowers are stunning and such great photos and your bathroom is so cool(and clean) I would be happy to if my bathroom ever looked like that lol x

  11. Oh yes, I know that hour well. When the kids were little that was still nap time and I'd give my tired bones a well earned rest and sit down. Now, I flit pointlessly from thing to thing, unable to settle as I'm clockwatching for the school run. You put your hour to good use today! Gorgeous photos, full of the promise of spring. x

  12. What a lovely idea for a post. And those stripes are gorgeous! Perfect spring colour here :)

  13. Yes it is the body's natural ebb and flow or circadian rhythm, very important to listen to your body, especially when it is telling you to crochet!!
    Your blog and your crochet is beautiful, such lovely spring colours.

  14. Well, if I don't keep busy that can often turn into my 'desperately trying to stay awake' hour, so I generally try to find something to do. I like your way of spending it though, lovely pleasures indeed!

    S x

  15. SNAP! My'nothing' hour is exactly the same as yours, and it's for the same reason - school run. I always feel as though it's not worth starting something in case I can't finish it.
    I have to say your en-suite is gleaming, so obviously that was a very productive and well done job!
    Kind regards,
    B x

  16. A lovely post, Heather. Your photos are a delight and the colours of your new blanket are perfect and so spring like. The hour before school pick up used to be exactly the same for me, you don't want to get too involved in a crafty project when you have to break off! Your idea of how to spend that time here was a wonderful one!
    Helen xox

  17. I've really enjoyed this post, thank you! It really resonates with me, as that is my 'nothing' hour too. For me, it's the before school clock watching that seems to get to me and stop me from doing anything! What a waste! I love the crochet - the colours are perfect! X

  18. Me too - 2 'til 3 is my 'me time' now. I work my socks off in the morning getting the house straight, and now rather than watching the clock before the school run I indulge in an episode of 'Desperate Housewives' courtesy of Sky On Demand! I'm 2 series in and hooked. P.S. how lovely to have a bath in your en-suite. I have a tiny shower cubicle, nowhere near as relaxing...X

  19. that was definitely an hour well spent....lovely!

  20. What a lovely way to spend your hour!! I love the softness of your scarf and how the colours blend together.
    I usually study whilst my little one is having a siesta and before the school pick up. I find that the house is very peaceful at that point.
    Have a lovely rest of the week. By the way, your flowery bowl is very pretty, what a nice find!!
    Pati x

  21. Your stripy blanket is lovely, the colours are perfect - try not to think about it anymore and go for it, it's going to be gorgeous. I don't mind cleaning the bathroom, it's the shower that I hate, but it's immensely satisfying when it's done. Leek and parmesan risotto sounds yummy. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane x

  22. What a great way to get yourself going for that hour, and your pics are lovely! The flower blooms are beautiful, the stripey blanket is, to my mind, perfect, and I hope you enjoyed the risotto - can't beat home made stock! Joy x

  23. The stripes are beautiful! I admire you for taking the ones out that you didn't like because that's never fun but it's really lovely just as it is. Definitely gets my vote :-)

  24. Loving the candy coloured stripes, just beautiful Heather!
    Your hellebores are gorgeous!
    Enjoy the coming of Spring!
    Gill xx


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