13 May 2014

Ten Random Things


Inspired by Annie, my ….

Ten Random Things

1.  I absolutely love to laugh.  You know, really helplessly laugh.  It's true what they say, it's far better than any medicine.  I develop huge crushes on people I find funny.

2.  I eat far too many cheese and Marmite toasties.  (Jo, it's totally your fault.)

3.  I have clicky hips and am pretty sure I'll need a replacement before the age of fifty.

4.  When I was at the supermarket last week, a lady tapped me on the shoulder to tell me that my skirt was caught up on my bag and my knickers were showing.

5.  I tell my children that I love them every day.

6.  My meal hell would be goats' cheese for starter, lamb for main course and bread and butter pudding for dessert.  Or trifle.  Bleurgh!

7.  I get overwhelming feelings about things.  Like perceptions that I don't know what to do with.  I have always been convinced that nature holds the cure to all illnesses.  I feel there is a lot of untapped potential in plant life under the sea.  It does, after all, cover 75% of the earth's surface.  They mentioned on the news quite recently that this very research was beginning to be undertaken and I nearly wet myself with excitement and relief.  I want the benefits of Lycopene to be investigated further.  Oh, and I haven't worn an underwired bra in years - I'm not happy with how much pressure they put on lymph glands.

8.  I can't put the volume on the television on anything other than an even number or one ending in 5.  My son seems to have inherited this peculiar quirk.

9.  I'm quite good at mimicking people's voices and accents.

10.  I absolutely adore my husband but if Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs knocked on my door and asked me to run away with him, I'd be sorely tempted!



  1. I want to add to my random things now!

  2. Brilliant Heather, I like your 10 random things very much! Some made me laugh, some made me think.
    Gill xx

  3. I love your randoms! I like the volume to be on an even number too, but most of our things now don't see to have numbers so I just have to guess! xx

  4. Yes, the tv volume has to be on an even number ALWAYS.

  5. Hi, I love this type of thing, probably because I am very nosey and I love people. I was amazed to see your number 8 - my daughter (who's 13) is emphatic about this too. I have no idea where it comes from but I'll let her know she's in good company! Xx

  6. I love all these posts of ramdom things today!!
    Your number 4 made me laugh out loud!!! How funny....
    This thing about the tv volume is quite quirky, isn't it? My dad does something similar but I thought it was just him....
    I preferred Ricky Wilson before, when he was a bit chubbier... when I saw him in the Voice I didn't recognise him!! What a metamorphosis!!
    Have a lovely evening Heather!! Pati x

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  8. Loving all the randoms today. Sooo with you on the laughing and the cheese and marmite but the TV remote ? Now that is very random !
    Would have to be Robbie Williams for me, I definitely will meet him one day, just hasn't quite happened yet.
    I've already done my randoms ( http://justpootling.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/things-some-random-some-not.html ) but would quite like to do them all over again ! Doesn't it give you brilliant little insigts into those mental pictures we've all formed ?
    Feel like I've had a lovely chat with you today Heather x
    Kate x

  9. The best random list! Oh, you make me giggle! I want to have a dinner party where we all mimic accents and voices and laugh really hard. I won't serve lamb...Chrissie x

    1. Ooh yes Chrissie, sounds perfect. Tell me when and I'll be there! x

  10. I do No 8 too and drive my family mad ..... If they turn the volume up they always put it on an odd number just to see my over-reaction ...

    No 6 would be my meal heaven ...

    Love Claire xxx

  11. Very entertaining Heather - and did you have a good laugh as a result of number 4? I wonder how many people looked and said nothing before the kind lady informed you .. .. ..
    I also believe that nature holds the cure to all ailments - only wish we could find suitable (available) ones without spending a fortune!
    Great randoms and I hope you have many good laughs today! Joy xo

  12. I'm loving these 'random things posts', there's always something to make me smile, like your No 4! Sorry, but I had to giggle. Completely agree on No 1 and No 5 and No 6, except trifle, which after about 35 years of dislike, I now love!

    S x

  13. That was my first thought!!! Thankfully I was wearing my pretty strawberry knickers and not my seen-better-days comfy ones! ;-) x

  14. I am completely gobsmacked by the volume thing and that so many people do the same thing?? In my house I'm just glad when my ears stop ringing after turning it down. I love your laughter comment, I also love to laugh like that. Partly it takes me back to school, when you know you shouldn't be laughing but your shoulders are shaking and tears are running down your face. I once laughed like that on a training course and had to leave the room to compose myself as the trainer started getting stern. Hearty side splitting, tummy jiggling, cheek aching laughter really is the best medicine.
    Good one!

  15. I'm loving these random things post, your worst meal would be my ideal meal but it would have to end with the trifle. I can't stand bread & butter pudding, It should be banned.

  16. Hahaha!! Love these!! I'm with you on the starter and main course, though i don't think I've ever had bread and butter pudding and I am quite partial to a trifle (though there has to be sponge pieces in it!!LOL) Laughter is one of my favourite things and I especially love that laughter where you can't speak or make any sound except random squeaks and the tears roll down your face.

  17. Loved reading your ten random things, Heather....funny and thoughtful! I do lots of these too, and agree about the meal although I quite like trifle! Number 4 hasn't happened to me so far...at least not that I am aware of!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!
    Helen xox

  18. Brilliant! And yes I do that with the volume too. But my meal from hell would include Marmite ... eugh ... think of the effect bread and butter pudding has on you and then multiply by ten. There, I've outed myself, I'm a Marmite loather ;)

    PS I might have to fight you for Ricky Wilson!

  19. Ditto number one, laughing is a powerful anti depressant and reliever of anxiety I always think! I love a good belly laugh. I love your list, it's quirky like you and makes me like you even more. I want to drink wine with you and get a bit pissed and hear you tell me your under the sea theories, that would be fab. ;-)

    But Heather - Ricky Wilson? How could you?! I lost respect for him when he lost all that weight and got his teeth done and his lashes darkened. He looked better before. xx


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