22 June 2014

Black And White

Black and white.  Light and shade.  Good and bad.  Chaos and calm.

"If we never experience the chill of a dark winter, it is very unlikely that we will ever cherish the warmth of a bright summer's day."
Anthon St Maarten

Today my daughter was an angel.

Today my husband and son seemed to have lost interest in the World Cup.  (Can't think why!)

Today there has been no shouting.

Today there have been no deadlines, no must-dos and no ought-tos.

Today the sun was shining.

Kate, you're so right, it really does take a bad day to make a good day so much sweeter.

Yin and yang.

That's life I guess and what a funny old business it is.



  1. :) glad you had a better day x

  2. Perfect ! All is well in the land of Pink milk ♥
    Beautiful, beautiful daughter.
    Kate x

    1. Thanks so much Kate. A couple of silly little jealous girls at school have said some horrid things to my daughter recently and my assurances seem to fall on deaf ears because she thinks I'm biased - I told her what you said and she beamed! xx

  3. :)
    Hope the week goes smoothly too x

  4. Your daughter is so pretty and looks like a gorgeous young lady - kids can be so cruel to each other, and usually the basis of it all is their jealousy and feelings of inadequacy; I hope things are better for them soon.
    Sounds like the scene is set for a better week for you Heather, enjoy it, for things could flip back again in no time - that's life, haha! xoJoy

  5. Stunning black and white photos. And so glad to hear you had a lovely day.

  6. She really is breathtakingly beautiful!!!! And should not even bother with the other girls!!! They're just mean and soooo not worth her time!!!! Yip, there is always another day, a better day ( and without football!!! LOL!!!! Always better!!!!)
    AMarie xxx

  7. I hope that the good times keep coming, and I am glad that it has all quietened down and things are easier for you. xx

  8. Your daughter really is very pretty, it sad that is so hard to believe that as a teenager. Ruth

  9. Your daughter really is very pretty, it sad that is so hard to believe that as a teenager. Ruth

  10. Such a pretty picture of your daughter! So good to hear of a better day. Someone told me once that things change in 36 hours! How true it is for me!

  11. Absolutely. We need to bad to appreciate the good sometimes. Your daughter is beautiful, by the way. x

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  13. Your daughter is gorgeous, that top picture of her profile is particularly beautiful xxx


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