1 July 2014

Blog Hop And Stuff

I'm late, I'm late ...

When the delightful Sandra from Cherry Heart asked me some time ago if I'd join the Blog Hop, I thought "why not?"  Now that I am actually sitting down in front of my laptop, I've gone a little blank.

You see, we've had a tottering time with relatives over the last couple of weeks or so.  I'm not going to go into detail because I'm sure you have your own troubles but, honestly, it's been one thing after another and I'm worn out.  Sorry to sound a bit downbeat and like I'm making excuses but, hey, I guess we can't all be sparkly all of the time can we?

Anyway, back to the Blog Hop.  I was extremely flattered to be tagged by Sandra.  I admire her hugely and her blog is genuinely one of my all time favourites.  It's not just her wonderful crochet creations (I've told her to insure those magic hands of hers) but her self discipline and generosity of spirit too.  She is one of the most prolific bloggers in Blogland and yet I can't think of one single occasion when she hasn't made time to respond to an email or comment I've left on her blog.  She puts a lot of us bloggers to shame *hangs head*.

I've had quite a few new followers as a result of Sandra's kind words so, to each one of you, a big squeezy hug "hello" and a promise that I'm not always such a grumpalump!

In accordance with the Blog Hop 'rules', I am to answer the following questions:-

What am I working on?

At this very moment, not a lot!  My hook has lain idle for a few days.  I haven't felt emotionally serene enough to crochet which is silly really because we all know that …

(How cool is that badge?  I received it as part of my recent giveaway win from Kate - proper 'thank you' post to follow.)

Waiting patiently in my 'works in progress' basket is my Spring Stripes blanket.

(Oldish photo - it's actually slightly bigger and slightly dustier now!)

I am also part way through making a cross stitch on single crochet cushion.  What can I say?  I absolutely love embellishing crochet with cross stitch and embroidery.

However, (and I'm quite excited about this bit) I haven't been totally idle, I've been pretty busy starting to write my own patterns.  Some are at the sketchy coloured pencil stage and have yet to be properly translated into crochet and some are at the prototype stage, needing just a few tweaks.  I plan to release them towards the end of summer.  I think they're very 'me' so they may or may not be your cup of tea but I'm super proud of them.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Eep!  This question gave me the dithers when I first read it.  I'm finding it quite hard to say something that doesn't sound like I have delusions of grandeur.  I think it's very hard to be different these days - almost everything has been done before.  I suppose I like to think that I've adapted my craft to suit me.  I rarely follow patterns; I crochet the things I visualise, the things I like.

I learnt to crochet four years ago.  This was my first creation.

If I had to cite something that makes me ever so slightly different from the majority of others in my genre, I guess it would have to be the fact that I'm not a granny square crocheter.  I'm not the biggest fan of holey crochet.  Don't hate me!  I much prefer the fluidity and neatness of a 'close knit' look.  Does that make sense?

Why do I create what I do?

Ummmm, because I enjoy it.  As I said before, I get an enormous sense of satisfaction and pleasure when I manage to create something that closely resembles the idea or vision that I originally had in my head.  If I'm being completely honest, I also get a huge thrill when you say nice things about something I've made too!  I'm only human! ;-)

If I've made a scarf and I wear it out shopping and a stranger compliments me on it, to say "I made it" is the best feeling ever!  Priceless.

I also get terribly inspired by you imaginative lot.  Really I do.  Sometimes I feel my head is about to burst with little bits of ideas, each gleaned from a picture here, or a description there.

How does my writing process work?

Sometimes I wish I was a little more structured in my writing process and style.  I should love each post to take you on a cleverly written and thought-provoking journey but sadly I don't think that's my style.

More often than not, I sit down in front of a blank screen and just type.  There is rarely anything planned about the way I write blog posts.  That said, I have to be in the mood.  If I'm not, I simply cannot do it.  I suppose I sort of imagine that you and I are having a cup of coffee and I just chat.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not blasé - I do proof read each post afterwards - I am an unashamed perfectionist and a bit of a spelling and grammar fiend.

Sometimes the pictures come first and I tailor what I write around them and sometimes, like today, the photos have to fit in with the words.  As my love for photography continues to grow and grow, it's invariably the former.

My blog writing process has only one very strict rule and that is to never, ever, ever press 'publish' when I've had a glass of wine! ;-)

There!  That's me.  I do hope I have properly fulfilled my brief and not talked too much twaddle.

Now I am supposed to nominate a couple of other blogs so that you can 'hop over' for a look see.  Having been so preoccupied, I haven't done my preparation homework and prearranged anything with anybody.  Sorry Sandra.  What I will do though is provide links to a few of my favourite blogs I think you might enjoy if you don't know them already.  They are:-

Ladybird Diaries
Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse
Sew Sweet Violet

Happy hopping my friends!



  1. Hello Heather, thank you for sharing your answers. when you said you weren't a fan of granny-squares and prefer crochet rows it hit me that yes, that is your style! I also know what you mean about having to be in the mood to blog, if I'm feeling down or stressed I would just moan the whole way through and make everyone else miserable, so I try to avoid it when I feel like that.
    Looking forward to your new pattern designs, take care, Sam xxxx

    1. Hey lovely Sam, my fellow nominee! Sometimes it's so hard to know how much information to divulge on your blog, don't you think? I'm very much a 'heart of my sleeve' kind of person so it's extremely hard not to hint at the grotty stuff. I do try and be mindful of the people who are reading though - like you, I don't want anyone to feel like they have a black cloud over their heads every time they visit my blog! I'm now going to hot foot it over to your blog and read your Blog Hop post! xx

  2. Hi Heather

    Congratulations on your win from kate from the other winner of Kates giveaway. Aren't the gifts she sent lovely. I have already christened my cup and saucer and my bookmark has been in use already. I'm keeping everything else till a later date.

    Enjoy your blog hopping.


  3. I also love the colors you use in your work!!! Very ice creamy colors!!! "i made it..." is absolutely the most gratifying thing in the world!!! Have a great week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  4. What? What is this "no granny square" business?? Can we still be friends? ;-)

    You have such a unique style and voice and I love your blog. Your humour just bubbles over and I'd so like to meet you one day! I love your makes; your palate and pattern choices are very much your own. I covet your spring stripes blanket. When I've finished my current granny square one (it's awfully holey) I am tempted to start something striped, ripply or zigzag-y. Not sure yet. I'll add it to the long, loooong WIPs in my head list. xx

    1. One day you and I will meet, we'll consume wine, we'll crochet stripes and we'll laugh until we wee a little bit. I just know it. xx

  5. Hi Heather, I just wanted to say a quick 'hello' and to say I adore your blog! It is the first blog I really discovered and has remained my favourite for many years now! Love your use of colours and am always very excited by new patterns you kindly share!

    Love and Peace

    Lisa x

    1. Your comment absolutely made my day, Lisa. Thank you so much, you're an angel. x

  6. Well I'm afraid, that for now at least!, I am a granny square crocheter! However, I have a love of the not granny square too!! It is very interesting to read a bit more about you and to see what you are working on, I really like your blanket, and love the colours that you have chosen, it is indeed very spring like! xx

    1. Thank you Amy. Have a super rest-of-the-week petal. x

  7. Sorry you have been having a difficult time with looking after relatives - sometimes everything seems to happen at once on all fronts and it can be very exhausting. Hope things ease up a bit in the next little while. I know what you mean about holey crochet - needs judicious deployment in my book! Like you I love the evenness of close crochet stitches making a smooth opaque fabric. Thank you so much for the mention - I feel very flattered! Looking forward very much to meeting your patterns planned for later in the summer. Take care and don't overdo it looking after everybody. So easy to do. E xx

    1. You're so lovely Elizabeth, thank you. xx

  8. What a lovely post! I loved reading about your thought processes behind what you make, and have always loved your distinctive style and how it has developed - the neat double crochet makes in beautiful sugar coated almond colours always look gorgeous. Exciting to hear you are pattern planning too - the pattern you shared the other day was beautifully clear so I'm sure they will be brilliant. I must confess to being like you in preferring the satisfyingly neat dc rather than the traditional granny squares, despite the huge variety there are, although I like to try all sorts.
    Thank you for linking to me Heather - I'm most chuffed! I'm not clear though whether you mean for us to do as you have done to keep the Blog Hop going? Perhaps you could let us know, as I'd hate to be the reason for it to grind to a halt cos we didnt carry it on!
    Hope all is more settled on the relatives front now - sounds a very stressful time.
    Have a good rest of the week, and make some time for a bit of therapeutic crochet!
    Gill xx

  9. So sorry to hear you've been having family woes lately. They are never easy are they? But, I love your post and am very flattered by your absolutely lovely comments - you are always a sweetheart to me! Anyway, I;d loved reading your thoughts on crochet and creating and I adore those little rose bud mitts, they are the cutest. I'm also so excited to hear you'll be publishing your own patterns too - that's fantastic, I'll look forward to that!

    S x

  10. Interesting read. It is a tough question but I think your colours and the fact that you embellish your crochet makes you different. I find your colours lovely, relaxing and girlie without being twee. They are not colours I would normally choose but whenever I look at your creations I think 'I really want one of those'. And your photos are great. Enough to say I am a fan!

    1. Bless you Ali, thank you. I can't tell you how good it is to hear that - I know I edge dangerously close to twee on occasion - feel free to come and give me a slap if I do! x

  11. Thank you my lovely friend. xx

  12. Hi Heather, I really enjoyed this post...thank you! I really enjoyed finding out more about your crafting. I think you definitely do have a style and a gorgeous one at that! Your blog was one of the first I ever read, long before I started one of my own....you have been inspiring me for ages!
    Sorry you have some troubles going on, hope things improve soon. I am exactly the same, if I'm not in a good mood for any reason at all, I just don't want to blog. Thank you so much more mentioning my little blog, I am absolutely chuffed to bits!
    Marianne xx

    1. Thanks lovely Marianne, I'm completely flattered! That little scarf sitting there in your profile pic remains one of my absolute favourites so back at you!! xx

  13. Reposted

    Hi there. I am looking at your archives and love your spring blanket. I have 2 questions.

    What was the sttich?

    How many balls of each colour did you use?

    Thanks - Robyn

    1. Hi Robyn. My striped spring blanket is simply rows of half trebles (two rows of each of the ten colours). I haven't finished it yet but don't envisage it taking more than a 50g ball of each colour. Hope that helps! x

  14. Hi Heather. I really enjoyed reading this post...it's good to get a bit more of an insight to how you like to work. It's been fab to watch you develop this gorgeous style that's all yours. Your colour choices are delicious. All in all what I'm trying to say is...I'm a big fan. I hope the family worries have subsided now chick xxxx

    1. You're such a peach, Amanda, thank you. Do hope all is well with you. xx

  15. Oh Heather I love your crochet, I can not wait to see your patterns!! Hope things are getting a little better Sarah xo

  16. Hello lovely heather - I am so behind on leaving bloggy comments this week I just don't know where the time has gone ! I absolutely loved your blog hop post and reading all about what makes you tick. So many scrummy pictures too - and I'm very excited for the patterns ! I'm so with you on the holey crochet front - its all about the solid fabric with me too ♥
    Have a fab weekend, Kate xx

  17. Hello Heather :-) I really enjoyed reading your post and I love your photos, especially the one of your cup, saucer and blanket...beautiful! I always seem to go for bright colours so I really admire your pastel colour choices (big sigh - Lol!)
    Have a wonderfully relaxed and creative weekend so that you can find that much needed balance again :-)
    Tracey xxx

  18. Do you know, that's it....that's totally it. If there is one thing that makes your crochet so unique it's that you don't do grannies! It makes your work instantly recognisable! I love how you say you're not a fan of 'holey' crochet! It never registered with me before, but you don't ever do it do you! You know I think I knicked your rose cross stitch pattern the other day looking at your pics. I was searching pinterest for cross stitch patterns of different roses and i'm sure I did that one. I think it must have been your picture! Ah we are reaching the wrist warmer and scarf season, and although I have 100of both, there is always room for a few more!!!!!!! xxxxxx


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