4 July 2014

Toodle Pip For A Bit

Ever so occasionally, someone bursts - or rather, pootles - onto the blog scene and you instantly like the cut of their jib.  Do you know what I mean?  Exactly a year ago, I popped over to thank a new follower, Kate, for a lovely comment she'd left for me.  She'd just published her first crochet post on her own brand new blog, Just Pootling.  One look at that blanket, and the fact she made me laugh, and I was smitten!

Kate held a giveaway to celebrate her first bloggiversary recently and I won!

It was a little like Christmas when the parcel arrived.  I leapt on each item like an excited child.  Look at those gorgeous wash cloths!  And the yarn!  And a Tulip Etimo crochet hook - my favourite!

Thank you again Kate.  I'm so extremely glad you're here in Blogland.

* * *

A Little Happy Place is a fairly new-to-me blog and it's a joy.  Sarah recently published an absolutely super patchwork bag tutorial which I bookmarked instantly - it's one of the best sewing tutorials I've ever come across.  Up for grabs was the actual bag she made.  I was tickled pink to win that too!

Sarah also has a fabulous online fabric shop and the darling girl kindly included a few extras.

* * *

Right-o.  I'm having a bloglet break for a month.  Just to regroup and stuff.  We may squeeze in a beach holiday too!

I'll be back in August.  Pinky promise.

As always, thank you so much for your kindness.  Look after your little selves.



  1. Have a great holiday - we'll miss you over here in Blogland !

  2. TTFN for now lovely Heather - but I'm only letting you go if you absolutely cross your heart promise you will be back in all your pink milk loveliness in exactly one months time !
    Have a super summer break, and SO happy you loved your goodies,
    Kate xx

  3. Hi Heather

    Fellow winner from Just Pootling here. Aren't those goodies lovely. The cup and saucer has been getting a lot of use especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night. My book mark has also been put into use. Everything else is waiting in the wings. Well I don't want to be using everything at once do I. I'm also loving the buttons you won as part of your other giveaway prize. I'm thinking I might have to visit this ladies online shop and get me some of those. In the meanwhile have a great time on your blog break and see you in August.


  4. Have a super July! Look forward to checking back in with you in August.
    Peace and Love
    Lisa x

  5. Kate and Sarah really are such lovely bloggers aren't they! What lovely things you received from them both. You can pop Kate's crochet supplies into Sarah's bag to take around with you! I hope that you enjoy your bloggy break and that whatever you get up to or not is all wonderful!! xx

  6. What wonderful wins Heather, you are rightly happy! I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday and look forward to your return, xoJoy

  7. Hi Heather :-) What happy prizes you have received from two lovely bloggers. Happy holidays to you, Tracey xxx

  8. Have a lovely holiday and blog break, such wonderful blog candy too
    Clare x

  9. I hope you have a delicious holiday full of things that make you smile. We'll be waiting...

  10. How lucky are you to have won such gorgeous giveaways! Lovely things!
    Have a lovely little bloggy break my dear, and enjoy your holiday!
    Gill xx

  11. What wonderful giveaways!!! You're a lucky girl!!!! Hope you have a fab fun filled happy holiday!!!
    AMarie xxx

  12. Aww Heather, thank you so much for your very kind words, I'm thrilled that your happy with your little tote and what good luck to win Kate's Giveaway too..... enjoy your break and look forward to hearing all about it when you get back! Sarah xo

  13. Hello! I've just found your blog via The Quince Tree, where Sue very kindly accepted my invitation to join the blog hop.

    I'm looking forward to having a look around (but can't crochet - yet - so will no doubt get a bit envious!)

    Sarah x

  14. You are one lucky lady!! Have a wonderful summer, Heather! Pati xx

  15. Have a great break! Just discovered your blog and am in love. :) It's such a happy place (even if the men in your family would rather watch football :-)).

  16. Hope you have a lovely holiday :-) x

  17. Hello lovely. Here I am, back from my hols from knitsofacto, and you're off on your own little break. Hope you're having fun x

  18. Hi there, I have read you blog before, and thought I had added you, but turns out I didnt - tsk. Anyway, what a lovely post, I am a fan of Kate's Just Pootling too :) Her giveaway parcel is lovely, and I especially love the badge :)


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