5 August 2014



Where ancient olive trees and heady jasmine grow and the sun's heat splits the dusty pavements.

Where the rugged coastline rises majestically from a sparkling sea.

Where the food is simple and fresh.

Where the inhabitants welcome you like nowhere I've ever experienced and make you feel beautiful.

Where I watched my two children put down their technology and unfurl like flowers in the sunshine.

Where I suddenly realised that my sulky sultry son might, just might, be a bit of a babe magnet.

Where we snorkelled in turquoise waters and gawped at loggerhead turtles.

Where our days started at 9am and ended at 3am.

Where I was taught how to make a 'slippery nipple' cocktail by a wonderful man with a glint in his eye.

Where long periods of lying prone, baking in the sun, afforded me the opportunity to unclutter my mind and put life into some sort of perspective.

Where we made such special friends it took my ribs three days to stop hurting from laughing and three days to stop weeping when we had to wave goodbye.

The.  Best.  Holiday.  Ever.



  1. Lucky you... That is such a superb region in Greece...
    From 5 yrs old until 25, I spent every summer holiday on an island nearby, Lefkas... (In total I have spent about 2 years of my life there...)
    We often visited Zakynthos by boat... I have traveled a lot since then, but those summer holidays with my parents, were the best !
    I even got a little "homesick" by looking at your photos...
    I predict you'll be going back ;-)))

    1. Oh Ingrid, you must go back. I didn't want to leave. x

  2. Oh, wow, it looks wonderful, it really does. I've never been. That sea! And, I have to say, your children are both beautiful, they really are. x

  3. Blimey, that looked like an awesome place. I bet you had a bad dose of the holiday blues when you got back. Your blondies are gorgeous and oh my word, will each be heartbreakers. I don't think my eldest two will ever want to bring any girlfriends home, they will be too embarrassed that we will show him up! cheek! xxx


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