13 August 2014

This Week

I've been faffing around with my blog.  For some reason, which still escapes me, I joined Google+ last week and have been trying to extricate myself ever since.  I don't like it at all.  Lovely, lovely Gill emailed me to let me know that she couldn't leave a comment on my last blog post as she wasn't signed up with Google.  I won't bore you with the details but I think (several cups of strong coffee and a lot of filthy words later) I have sorted it.  If you did leave a comment on my Zakynthos post, it may have vanished from my blog but I can still see it via Google.  Aargh!  The equally lovely Amy also sent me a message saying that her computer was struggling to load my photographs.  From hereon my picture file sizes will be smaller so I do hope that helps.

Gill and Amy, thank you so much.

In other slightly technical news, I've just set up a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/pinkmilkblog) and am back on Instagram (as pinkmilk42).  If either of those are your thing, do pop by and say "hello".

I had the second of my beginners' knitting lessons this week.  Oh, I'm so enjoying them.  There are only five of us in the class and it's so lovely and relaxed.  We were taught how to cast on and do knit stitch last week.  This week it was casting off and purl stitch.  Can I just say, I LOVE purl stitch.  Is that odd?  Is it stocking stitch that is knit one row, purl one row?  That's my favourite.  As you can see from the top two pictures, I've got a long way to go but I'm chuffed to bits so far.  I can't ever imagine preferring knitting to crochet though.  I have to keep doing bits of crochet here and there in between my knitting practise or I start feeling strangely disloyal!

I'm just about to start packing again.  I know.  We're off to stay with some friends in Cornwall for a few days.  I'm really looking forward to it but the weather is so irritating at the moment, don't you think?  It's glorious sunshine one minute and high winds and torrential rain the next.  At this rate, we'll have to take everything from winter woollies to shorts and tees.  Sigh.  I even found myself craving mashed potato the other day so I made a Beef Bourguignon.  That must be the ultimate winter dish, surely?

Before I go, I wanted to show you my two recent purchases.  Personally, I'm not at all keen on some of the new Cath Kidston designs but those colourful ditsy prints?  Oh yes.  Most definitely my cup of tea.  My new bum bag* will be the very first thing I pack for Cornwall without a doubt.


*I think a bum bag is known as a fanny pack in American.  *titter*


  1. Glad you got your google probs sorted - they can be quite annoying, can't they? And well done on the knitting, keep it up and have fun with it. Enjoy Cornwall & hope the sun shines for you!

  2. I'm with you on Google Plus - it seems overly complicated, I don't get it! I nearly 'moved over' (?) but thought better of it, and it sounds like that was a good idea. Love your bum bag - I've been saying for years that bum bags should come back, they are just so handy and practical - I'm very excited to see such a pretty one!
    Maria x

  3. Ooh get you Missis with your very clever knitting !! I am so impressed, its so neat and beautifully tensioned, and you have even learnt a kind of baskety stitch - beyond clever !
    Have already whizzed over and liked your FB page - v excited about that.
    Kate xxx

  4. Snigger......I guess 'bum bag' would seem a better choice! Lovely to find you on IG and off now to Facebook. Have a good time in Cornwall, we're off to Norfolk and have the same packing problem...I am thinking positive thoughts for sunny weather. Sarah xo

  5. Great progress with your knitting. I'm totally with you on Google+ too.

  6. Well done on the knitting!!!! But I proudly call myself a "Happy Hooker"!!! I like to knit but I LOVE to crochet!!! Love your matching cup!!!! Have a great and happy weekend!!!
    AMarie xxx

  7. Hi Heather! I really enjoyed reading your adventures in Zakynthos, it does look like a beautiful place indeed. We had a glorious week in Corwall and really loved that part of the uk. I am now in Spain chilling at my parents and having a nice time , a lovely time but it does feel that the summer is going very fast, doesn't it? Am thinking about the idea of starting a blog in the autumn but am not sure whether I should take the plunge..... I will pop round to see your new page. Your knitting progress is great. It is in my to do list for the winter.... Pati xx

  8. I absolutely love the different words we use for things! Aren't diapers called nappies where you live?

  9. i had to chucklel....i feel disloyal to knitting when I even look at a crochet hook!!! and that computer techy stuff.....EEEEEP! good luck!!! (lovely photos....me? I especially love the knitting ones!!!!)

  10. I hope that you have a great time away! The comments and photos all seem to be working, which is good because that new cup that you have is lovely!!! xx

  11. Your knitting looks fantastic! I adore your new mug...I feel a little trip to CK coming on. Hope you have a lovely time away.
    Marianne x

  12. Yay! I can comment again!
    Lovely post, clever you learning to knit, I wouldn't have a clue. Love the new Cath Kidston print.....must have a look at the latest designs too - this one you have is very Libertyish.
    I won't say have a good trip Heather as I can see that you have from your latest post!
    Gill xx

  13. How's the knitting going? I think that's what I need to do, join a class. It's just start and stop for me. I find if I spend a few hours knitting then my tension is fine, but if I leave it and come back to it, then it's recognisably all over the place for a bit. I have never had that with crochet, I guess because the weave is not so compact, but that irritates me so much, that I put it down and just leave it. It grows so slowly too. I think I am just too impatient to be a knitter, but I do like so many designs and want to be able to knit them. I'm with you on Cath's new range. Just not so keen. I only like one thing, which is not a bad thing, the pennies stay in my pocket. xxx


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