5 June 2014

Checking In

Things have been a little busy around here of late.  Mostly nice things.  The calendar is looking a bit chock-a-block with places to go and things to remember.  My grandmother used to hate empty spaces in her diary.  She'd rather spend the morning with somebody she didn't like than have nothing arranged.  I am exactly the opposite.  I get a little panicky if there is too much going on.  I rely on those empty spaces to catch up on chores and mentally regroup.  My mantra, at the moment, (and said in a slightly shrieky voice) is

"if it's not on the calendar, I won't remember it!"

However, this weekend, D and I are going to Southwold to mark our first kiss anniversary.  He was my boss at the time.  He'd offered me a lift home from work and kindly stopped at my friend Caroline's so I could deliver her birthday present on the way.  When we finally arrived at my house, he turned off the car engine and turned around to face me.  He told me that he "couldn't eat, couldn't sleep and couldn't concentrate on anything" for thinking about me.  Then he kissed me.  I'd wanted him to for so long that I nearly passed out.  I think I forgot to breathe.  That was twenty one years ago.  Soppy buggers, aren't we?  I haven't been to Southwold before and am so looking forward to it.

Poo.  I think my stocks are going over.  They're smelling a bit ripe.  They're still so pretty though, I can put up with a slight pong for a while.

Anyway, I wanted to check in with you, it having been a wee while since last time.  Thank you so much for being here.  I know I err on the side of pants when it comes to answering comments.  Please do take it as a given that I read and appreciate every single one.  I do try and respond to any questions you might ask but the odd one does slip through the net.  Sorry about that.  :-(

I'll be back in a few days to tell you about my weekend (well, perhaps not all about it) so, until then …

Toodle pip you lush lot.



  1. Not sloppy at all it's so nice to hear of couples still loving each other as much now as they did they day they met. It's a rare thing these days. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hope you have a wonderfully romantic weekend! I think you'll like Southwold, just add sunshine!
    Gill xx

  3. That's so lovely Heather, and not soppy at all ! Have a fantastic weekend away, enjoy every minute. Completely with you on the whole calendar thing, and it absolutely has to be a written one where everything is there for you to see, can't be doing with teensy tiny calendars on phones.
    Loving the stripes ... pretty, pretty, pretty.
    Kate x

  4. What a thing to hear from your love, it would be sure to melt any heart. Have a wonderful time in Southwold, we live just up the road from there and can guarantee you'll have a great time.

    I loved your wrap thimgumejig really beautiful. X

  5. Awww, that is so lovely, I don't think its soppy at all. I love your blanket and agree totally about blank spaces int eh diary being for me, all me! I love being with friends and being sociable but I need personal time to recharge my batteries. Look forward to the censored reports of your weekend!

  6. I think it is fantastically sweet. I know Pokey and I celebrate our special anniversaries - our first date, our engagement, etc. Funny thing is, we don't celebrate our wedding day anniversary because we always seem to have a terrible row that day. We always celebrate the first day we woke up married. I hope you have a beautiful time on your getaway and never stop celebrating your special anniversaries.

  7. Dear Heather. Wow what a knight on a white horse to sweep you off your feet. THAT is fantastic! The courage he most have collected... I wish you a fabulous get away and a fabulous 21 year kiss! Love your stripy WiP... If I remember it right you can't stand purple... Well, saying that, without purple in this fresh creation it wouldn't have been the same. It captured my eye instantly in my blog roll. I just had to check it out. Pastels are popular but this one sticks out from the crowd. Different and delicious. I want to eat it.
    I've never been a packed calendar kind of girl but my calendar seem full without even trying... I really need the gaps (the few that there are), the empty spaces to sit and just stare for a while. Soak it all in. Catch up and take a deep breath. I wouldn't for the world change an empty space for a social event. I would just sit and long for some "blank space on my own" during that coffee get together. So take care of your empty spaces.
    My Rose Valley

  8. Oh, that's such a lovely story. Enjoy your romantic weekend!

  9. This blog entry is lovely, the photos are really good.
    This reminds me of the time I was following my now husband in his car and he stopped at the side of the road unexpectedly and got out of his car, I carried on past him but then turned round, parked up and ran over to him and we kissed at the side of the busy road at rush hour. I still get a little flutter on that road 17 years later.
    We went to Southwold last year and despite it being windy enough to rip of your hat and tangle your hair at the beach it was lovely in town. There are some lovely galleries and tea shops. Have a great time.
    Finally, in our house, if it's not on the calendar it is not happening. It is the only way I have found to bring some order out of the chaos.

  10. It sounds like we are in a similar situation my dear! Too busy, busy around here these days too. I'm like you, I need plenty of space to fill with odd jobs, pottering and thinking. Anyway, I love your romantic tale and I hope you have a wonderful break together!


    PS Adore your crochet too, those colours - umm perfection!

  11. Happy 'Kissiversary'.
    Lovely romantic story.

  12. Have the best weekend! And happy First Kiss Anniversary :)

  13. Aaaah how romantic... I'm a sucker for romantic stories :-)
    Especially the ones where the boss sweeps his employee off her feet (yes, you guessed it right, me too... 12 years ago, that first kiss, and now married for 10 years...)
    Have a lovely weekend !!!!

  14. Have a lovely time in Southwold Heather! I have to say you sound a bit giddy about it! (Fab romantic story x

  15. Aw, what a lovely story! Enjoy your weekend away ;-)

  16. How sweet of you to share your story Heather - I so love hearing about those times, being a romantic at heart; I hope your anniversary is wonderful and the weather is the best! I'm loving your stripy crochet - it's always so nice to know I will see 'soft and gentle' when I visit your lovely blog, thank you! xoJoy

  17. Oh that's so romantic!! Made me smile. Have a lovely weekend together. Sarah xo

  18. Oh what a lovely story Heather - glad to see other romantic folks in the world! We celebrate special anniversaries like this, too. Have a wonderful weekend! Chrissie xxx

  19. Oh how sweet that you still celebrate such a special date, and thank you for sharing it with us. It made me smile.
    My hubby and I still remember our first date (28yrs this yr). I recently found an old diary I had kept from 1986, and I laughed and laughed and some of the things I had written, but most importantly it was the year that we first met - priceless memories. We need to keep them alive, so well done you for keeping up with your 'first kiss' anniversary.
    B x

  20. I hope that by the time you read this you will have had a wonderful weekend away together. Very romantic indeed!! We celebrate our engagement anniversary which is a similar thing and I think that it is lovely that you celebrate in this way as well! Happy Anniversary!! xx

  21. Oh how romantic! Your story of how you and your husband got together made my toes tingle! Enjoy Southwold, it really is lovely there. I love your pastel crochet, very sweet. Sam xxx

  22. Have a wonderful weekend!! Pati x

  23. I don't cope well with busy. I loathe a full calendar and I admire women that just spend their days rushing from commitment to commitment and being happy with it! I need a breather every other day!

    I hope that you had a lovely first kiss anniversary and have a super week ahead

    Vanessa xxx

  24. That is sooooo totally romantic! xx Happy anniversary x

  25. Heather you always make me laugh! Lovely story about how you got together with your man. Twenty years, wow. I don't cope at all well with being too busy and crave an empty day - like you, I need to re-group and feel that I've got my head straight. x


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